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[DDK Blogs]DUREF – Superhero Meal Event at Hospital Sungai Buloh

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Malaysia is experiencing the third wave of Covid-19 pandemic. In order to comply with  the guidelines, set by the government to curb the spread of Coronavirus, we as a  society need to recognize and appreciate the efforts and sacrifices shown by the  frontliners, especially to the medical staff who work day and night to provide the best  health services to us all.  

Therefore, DUREF took this opportunity to give appreciation and encouragement to  the frontliners at Sungai Buloh Hospital. On 19th December 2020, DUREF Team and  Jom Melantak Catering went to Sungai Buloh Hospital to give lunch packs to the  frontliners who work there. 

The efforts and responsibilities shown by the frontliners since the first day of COVID 19 infection in Malaysia can be traced from 25th January 2020. They are always willing  to sacrifice time with family, weekend time, even energy and financials given out of the  ordinary. We salute their efforts and thank them for their sacrifices. 

The purpose of this program is to give thanks to the frontliners who are working  tirelessly to protect the people during this pandemic. DUREF has collaborated with  Jom Melantak Catering in the preparation of these lunch packs. 

The food was prepared a day before the event to ensure that the food provided is  adequate and in the best quality. The DUREF Team also assisted in the lunch packs  preparation session. Each frontliner was given one lunch pack (rice, fried vegetables  & vanggey cooked chicken), mineral water & dessert. Furthermore, frontliners  received DDK merchandise for free during that day. 

On the day of the event, all volunteers were briefed in advance to ensure all programs  run smoothly. Everyone followed the SOP that were set to stop the transmission of  COVID-19. An hour-long journey was carried out to safely deliver the goods in good  condition. Distribution of lunch packs and also DDK merchandise was done in the main  lobby of Sungai Buloh Hospital.

The briefing was delivered by Dr Nursyahira Abdul Shahar (COVID Rescue Unit (CRU)  Sungai Buloh Hospital) and it was in compliance with the hospital policies. The process  of handing over the aid was done in a calm and careful manner. 

We highly appreciate the efforts of the volunteers, donors, caterers Jom Melantak and  volunteers who have worked together to make this program a success. Hopefully the  help provided can further lift the spirits and also be able to carve a smile to the  frontliners who have been Superheroes in fighting the spread of COVID-19 and also  to ensure that all patients are living life as usual.

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