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DUREF has started a “Strike-out CANCER Virtual Forum”.💪

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Hi Everyone!😀
Cancer is a disease that has claimed the lives of many people around the world. Most people are unaware of the symptoms and they only know about it when it's late. This is why to save people from this disease, DUREF has started a “Strike-out CANCER Virtual Forum”.💪
It will be held on 20th November 2020 at 3.00 PM - 4.00 PM (Malaysia Time). Since it is a virtual event, the venue will be the official Facebook page of DDK
The moderator of the event will be Mr Nazrul Azza Azhar and the panel will include Dr Mohd Faiz Taib (Medical Officer), Mr Nu’man Abdul Rahman (MAKNA - Majlis Kanser Nasional Representative) and Ms Siti Rohani Mohammad Dom (Cancer Survivor). It’s something you just can’t miss because it’s going to be very beneficial for everyone, so make sure you mark your calendar.
This event is being organized by DUREF, the humanitarian and relief assistance wing of the DDK Foundation.


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Hi Everyone,🙂
We are back with another informative post on cancer awareness. This is a part of DUREF plan of promoting awareness of cancer among the people so they can protect themselves of this disease better and get medical treatment the first time they spot initial symptoms.👨‍⚕️
This post is about the treatments of cancer and we will be highlighting the three main treatments of cancer which are Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy.🩺
If you want to take part in this noble cause and save people from cancer by spreading useful information you can contribute your DDK to support ‘DUREF – Cancer Awareness Month’. You can donate by sending your DDK at the QR code mentioned in the poster below.
Also, by today DUREF will do a Facebook Live “Strike-out CANCER Virtual Forum” . It will be held on 3.00 PM - 4.00 PM (Malaysia Time). For more info, please like and follow
Stay tuned!


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Dear DDK Community,🙂


We thank you for attending the live session organized by DUREF. It is an honor to have such an informative forum by our moderator and panels.👍


We appreciate all your support and kindness towards this cancer awareness virtual forum. DUREF has taken the initiative and donated for this noble cause.


If you have missed the live session, you may refer the video from the link below:


"Anybody who qualifies shall be helped. Not may be helped, shall be helped"- Founder and President of MAKNA, Dato' Mohd Farid Ariffin


Donate to save life.


You may donate your DDK on the following official DDK address:



For more details please visit:


You may also donate to MAKNA via:


1.One off donation/single donation.


Donation online via internet banking. You can donate as low as RM 1. Your donation matters.


2. 2. My Pledge Against Cancer (MPAC)

Through this pledge, you can make monthly donation which will be automatically deducted from your credit or debit card. You are also entitled for benefits such as tax exemption receipt, newsletters from MAKNA and many more.


For any inquiry, feel free to contact MAKNA at +603-21629178 or visit MAKNA’s Website:


QR General Donation (MAKNAdonateib).png

QR MPAC Pledge Form (Monthly).png

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