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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Everyone, If you are Hotbit users then we have some great news for you. We celebrated the first 3 months of DDK being listed on Hotbit and a trading competition held which brought you amazing rewards. Now, the same competition will be held in March too! Yes, Hotbit is ready to launch the “Trade DDK And Share Great Rewards”event in March 2021! During the event, all DDK traders who trade DDK on Hotbit will participate and win exciting rewards. You will be ranked on your trading activities and DDK trading volume. The winners can take home as much as 7,500 DDK as rewards! So, hold tight and keep your eyes on the prize. We will be sharing more information soon! 【Event】Trading DDK And Share 7,500 DDK As Competition Rewards Prize – HOTBIT Support Center ( Disclaimer: Please observe and adhere to your country rules governing digital assets and cryptocurrency at all times to avoid any legal consequences.
  2. Hello DDK Stakeholders! We got some great news for you! The MAKES (MKS) Trading competition is LIVE on CoinMargin! And you will have a great chance to WIN UP TO 60,000 MKS! CoinMargin has 3 different trading competitions that allow you to win prizes daily, weekly and monthly! These competitions are interesting and engaging. You will have fun completing them and get a chance to win up to 60,000 MKS! Now isn't that a treat to start your New Year with? It’s your best chance to win some MKS. Click link below to participate this competitions: (T&C applied) Stay Tuned for more! For News Updates Join DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram:
  3. Hello DDK Community! We have got some great news for all DDK Stakeholders. We feel honored to reveal that DDKoin has been officially listed on Hotbit Exchange! This exchange platform will allow you to trade DDKoin globally. DDK management is trying their best to get DDK on more well reputed exchanges like Hotbit Exchange for mutual growth of ourselves and the DDK community. As we get listed on more exchanges, we take another step towards success. In Hotbit Exchange, you can trade DDK in two pairs: (DDK/BTC & DDK/USDT) If you are new to Hotbit, please be informed that this exchange has already accumulated more than 700,000 registered users from more than 210 countries and areas all over the world. It’s a great platform that is secure and reliable. Hurry up and register on Hotbit Exchange to benefit from this great global trading opportunity. You can get all the information about our officially registration announcement from here: For News Updates Join DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram:
  4. HI DDK Stakeholders, ? Trading Digital Currency is easy and without time constraints. If you compare it to Forex time-restricted trading based on various countries, you’ll find it more worth your time and effort. ? Time is Money. So, stop wasting it and start Investing and Trading in Cryptos. Awesome deals await you with no time constraints! ? Cryptos are the future of world economy. You can trade Cryptos 24/7 and there are no 3rd parties, middlemen or Brokers involved here. It's the freedom you always wanted. To Get Latest News, Please Join Our DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: Blog:
  5. Introduction: Theory A. At the moment Bitcoin Goes Up pair * DDK/BTC is down * DDK/$ Up B. At the moment Bitcoin Goes Down The DDK/BTC Pair is 20% -Now, 30% -Standard, 50% -Down. * DDK/BTC = Up If No Buy/Sell Transaction Occurs, Even In Pair DDK/$ No Transaction occurs. * DDK/BTC Stagnan (Despite Buy/Sell) When At The Same Time There Are Many Buy at Pair DDK/$. * DDK/BTC Down In the case of a buy/sell transaction (in the DDK/$ pair there is not much Buy.) The point of my discussion of Points A-B is * DDK/$ Up to 50% At BTC/$ Up to 100%, (When DDK/BTC Transaction Occurs) * DDK/$ decreased75% At BTC/$ Down50%, (in the event of DDK/BTC transaction) From the theory I presented above it is very easy to raise the price of DDK. just to cancel all buy order pending at the time of bitcoin to Dump, we move all buy/sell order pending to pair USD, RM, IDR, and all other currencies, other than cryptocurrency. My Request/Suggestion on DDKFoundation 1. TraderBitcoin Or a Crypto Graphic expert who specializes in predicting Bitcoin Prices, He only works to monitor Bitcoin Movements, And Notifies the Foundation When Bitcoin Goes Up And When Bitcoin Goes Down. 2. Commander Trader DDK, He Works Giving Command to GroupTraderDDK “open order DDK/BTC, Stop open order DDK/BTC, Stop Loss/Cut Loss, Transfer all DDK/BTC open order pending transactions to DDK/USD, DDK/RM, DDK/IDR, Upon Receiving Information From Foundations Analyzed Bitcoin Trader, about bitcoin prices. why should DDK use the btc pair when the btc goes down, if the consequence is the price of DDK decreases? why don't we take advantage of the downward momentum and the rise in BTC? When Btc Declines We have the advantage to increase the DDK/BTC Pair When BTC goes up, we have the advantage to increase the pair DDK/$. 1 time we successfully do that momentum, then we succeeded in raising the price of DDK 50%, isn't this really worth doing from us DDK fell 50%. that's all from me Bismillaah211 (Emadura4) hopefully This will be the beginning of the increase in DDK prices. Sorry if there is English that is not understood, I'm ready, the original file in Indonesian, please the DDKFoundation admin for review, hopefully useful, wassalamu alaikum ....... Greetings DDK skyrocketed. ddk teori.txt