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Found 1 result

  1. They say Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization or Cryptocurrency Market Cap is a useful metric to know the the real value of cryptocurrency. So how do we compute Market Capitalization of DDK? Market Capitalization is computed using this formula: Market Cap = Total circulating supply x price of each coin Market Cap is the product of Total Circulating Supply and the price of each coin. Therefore, the drivers for DDK to increase its Market Cap is through an increase in the Circulating Supply and increase in price. To increase the circulating supply of DDK, there should be an increase in number of staked DDK to have an increase in the issuance of new supply brought about by staking rewards and airdrop rewards (referral and chain referral reward). On the other hand, to increase the price, there should be higher demand than unstaked amount or available liquid DDK being sold (supply of liquid DDK). We significantly reduce supply of liquid DDK if we stake DDK which is also the way to increase the circulating supply. Is therefore a cycle. How do we increase demand? We can answer this without blinking an eye. Increase Adoption. Adoption means educating new shareholders and allowing them to understand and decide for themselves what they are willing to invest that will provide opportunities to them. Increase in demand should not solely rely on the existing shareholder who are just increasing their DDK. As shareholder, we must then should be responsible in educating people and teach others to embrace this technology - DDK blockchain. We can say therefore that any project that will limit staking or any institution who will preach not to stake is not helping the price to go up, thus not helping to increase market capitalization. That is, inconsistent or veering away to the objective of the DDKoin and blocking the dream of the shareholder to maximize the opportunities they can get. Next question is, is it bad to have a lot of available liquid DDK that could be sitting in global exchangers? Straightforward answer is, It depends! If these liquid DDK are used to be traded to other crypto currencies or stable coins and the trader happened to benefit from the volatility of its prices and all the gains he acquires will be used to buy more DDK for staking, then we can now close the loop and say - DDK has the brightest future. We will reach the glory days of DDKoin. With all the projects linked to DDK like all the merchants increasing the use cases of DDKoin, that will all increase adoption. I must say, DDK has a very clear direction. It is not easy to learn crypto including all the technology that revolves around it. Truth is, you can't just sit and wait gains. You really have to work for it. As a matter of fact, DPOS revolutionizes the POW that have been introduced by Bitcoin, and that significantly reduced the work to be done by just staking and voting once a week. But it is still work. Trading on the hand is also unconventional in itself and a trader really invest a lot not only money (or crypto for that matter) but also time not only to watch for the price but to understand and study the science of trading. It's all good because it is work. In physics, work is the product of force and displacement. You really have to exert effort (equivalent to force), in Filipino magbanat ng buto, and you really have to move forward (not stagnant). That will include change. The question is why do we have to work if we can get something for free? Oh will, free things will not last. "Sa pawis ng iyong mukha ay kakain ka" - hind kelan man mababali. That is the same reason we say, there is so such thing as free lunch. If others will offer you free things, you will end up paying for it in an expensive way in the end. So, work! Do your own research and manage your own asset. Part of the work in understanding all about DDK, the recent increase of market cap of DDK from 26,245,075 USD (June 28, 2020) to 28,905,362 USD (July 3, 2020) with variance of 2,660,287 USD in just 5 days is remarkable. Why did I say remarkable, well for the whole month of June, Market Cap of DDK seem pegged to just more than 26,000,000 USD and never even reached 27,000,000 USD. Circulating supply has a steady growth rate of 0.05% daily, not much of the contributory factor in increase in market cap, same with the adoption rate (increase in new coinholder) with the 0.068% daily. But noticeably, there is an increase in the number of total staked amount that could drive increase in price since there is a reduction in supply of liquid DDK and demand is increasing. As a matter of fact, in previous days the difference of circulating supply vs total staked supply is always more than 1.6 M USD but today (July 3) it is only 1.57 M USD. Same reason the price is increasing with +4.04 % increase. Even if Bitcoin has a decreasing trend in price, DDK stays strong! We are never wrong in investing time and money with DDK.