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Found 4 results

  1. Hello World! Introducing new DinarCoin by Harimau Mint Gold. DinarCoin were now work and evolve with Harimau Mint Gold to archive our mission and vision to make Gold more reliable, ease to use and secure. For more interesting stuff and updates don't forget to follow us on our social channels. Telegram Group : Telegram Channel: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Medium:
  2. DinarCoin (DNC) on Monday is proud to announce that it has modified its brand logo — an effective step to inline the project with Harimau Mint Gold. The new logo combines the elegance and properties of Harimau Mint Gold and DNC. The logo merging D and tiger symbolizes what DNC is today, emphasizing our power, credibility, royalty, security, and stability. It also reflects great team efforts, solid mission and vision not only to serve the investment community, but also the ecosystem. Our invincible efforts, and undefinable passion take us to a significant milestone where we are soon going to launch the new out coming of the evolution of our brand in our website. “It does not stop here. We are making our utmost efforts to ensure and meet our goal making DNC easily tradable across the globe. We also aim to provide a global gold exchange platform within the blockchain industry, expanding the use of blockchain technology in gold trade industry,” the Co-Founder of DNC affirmed. Gold-backed DinarCoin is hitting key milestones on its development roadmap, it is on the way to achieving more modularity, increasing ease-of-use, and providing the best tools to users for ultimate experience. Some of its cutting-edge tools include: DNC Wallet — DNC wallet is very easy to use that allows user to create wallet to make transactions. DNC Minting/Burning Panel — DNC panel comes with outstanding token minting and burning features on Ethereum smart contract, publicly. DNC Explorer –User may easily reach any of the transactions, hash and address details from explorer for ultimate transparency. Subsequently, DNC allows its token holders to make a physical gold redemption by appointment with our Harimau Mint Gold. (HMG). To learn the process click the link: Meanwhile, its invites DNC business partner to contact via email: For more interesting stuff and updates don’t forget to follow us on our social channels. Facebook: Telegram: LinkedIn: Reddit: Twitter: Instagram:
  3. Despite being opposed to a lot of levels on many different occasions, digital currencies have managed to become an essential part of the contemporary world. After the value of some of the cryptocurrencies rose to an unimaginable high, it became a new trend. Hence, it is essential to know why cryptocurrencies are important and what they can offer. We live in a world full of conmen and looters, so it is only normal to say everyone wants a safer, more trustable system of trading. Blockchain helps make cryptocurrencies of the most reliable kinds of money that exists, assuring us of security that we would all want to have. No need for any third party for any transfer is what further increases the demand for crypto. This is another policy that gives people assurance of security. Another advantage that crypto trading has is that you don’t need to spend money to exchange currencies. For that, a smart device and basis crypto knowledge are enough. Other than this, cryptocurrencies offer crypto wallets to store your money. Money in crypto wallets can easily be transferred to your account, which also is free of cost. You can carry out all your transactions anonymously, further increasing the privacy. The limits or boundaries to the amount you can invest depends on the cryptocurrency. You can even buy one-third of a bitcoin if that suits you. So you don’t need to spend out of your limits, and you can always use crypto converters to find the value of any coin according to your native currency. Since crypto is not exchanged using credit cards, there is hardly any risk of identity theft. Built on Ethereum Blockchain, DNC token (DinarCoin) is 100% gold-backed cryptocurrency that allows its investors a relatively stable and secure crypto investment that can be redeemed. In addition, users can safely mint new coins. The DNC ERC-20 provides mint and burn functions for everyone without compromising safety. The functionality it enables allows liquidity from providers of fiat to the Ethereum blockchain in real-time. DNC Physical Gold is stored under Harimau Mint Gold (HMG) in a secured vault. Harimau Mint Gold is based in Selangor, Malaysia, and offers high-quality gold coins in various weights. One can redeem physical gold anytime from HMG or can trade DNC anywhere with ultimate ease. We welcome you to join our community. Join us here: Facebook: Twitter Instagram:
  4. DinarCoin (DNC): Why Gold Backed Cryptocurrencies are Thriving? Not so far at the end of June 2019, Bitcoin closed somewhat near 13,000 USD since January 2018. The figure was the highest of 17 months, and after three months, its price declined by 38%, showing a high level of instability and fluctuation. And, it’s not the first time Bitcoin has demonstrated such a drastic fluctuation. The same reason that made cryptocurrency notorious, but the matter of fact is gold-backed cryptocurrency is setting hype over time. Amazingly idea of gold-backed digital currency isn’t new at all. 1995 saw the existence of first virtual currency entirely backed by gold, named E-Gold. However, the advent of Bitcoin backed by blockchain technology enters the world into a new era of cryptocurrency. The crypto world is facing a gold rush, so DNC is kicking off its 4.25-gram gold-backed cryptoasset. Its primary concept is undoubtedly compelling. One DNC token with a strict floor value of 4.25 grams of 99.9%K (24K) gold. The gram of gold is stored by a trusted custodian (preferably third party) and can be traded with other coin holders. So, the token price will not change drastically. Moreover, it emits the risk of full payment sunk. Its minimum value will always remain as the 4K price of gold. Built on Ethereum Blockchain DNC Token (DinarCoin) enables its investors to have a relatively stable and secure crypto investment that’s redeemable.It also allows users to mint new coins safely. DNC ERC-20 comes with minting and burning capabilities for all without compromising the security. It enables functionality that bridges liquidity from providers of fiat to the Ethereum blockchain in real-time. DNC Physical Gold is stored in secured vault under Harimau Mint Gold (HMG). Harimau Mint Gold is based in Selangor, Malaysia offering high quality gold coin in different weights. So, investors do not have to worry about any scam or relevant material. They can easily buy DNC from Dinar Exchanger.