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Found 7 results

  1. Hello DDK Stakeholders, If you have been experiencing difficulties with your deposit and withdrawal transactions on ProBit then this announcement has all the answers to your questions. Stay tuned for regular updates.
  2. Hello everyone, Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize how business is conducted. It was built on three principles which is transparency, immutability, and decentralization. These three features are greatly lacking in almost all businesses and technology in Blockchain provides that easily. This type of technology is useful and needed for businesses of all kinds. Lets see what is the practical ways to imply blockchain in our business.
  3. Dear Users, With reference to our announcement dated 24th December 2020 ( regarding Smart Asset Managers (SAM) Wallet, please find our second warning letter to SAM Wallet’s Management concerning misinformation of DDK on their wallet. (letter attached) With this letter we hope that SAM Wallet’s Management will take the necessary needed action as soon as possible to avoid further speculations on the relationship between DDK and SAM Wallet. As repeatedly reminded we advise our potential and existing users to perform their own due diligence through research and understanding of the use of any site and services that have significance financial risks. This include performing your own due diligence before taking part in any of open market promotion especially those which are not aligned with the DDK official whitepaper and/or DDK official media channel. We highly appreciate your cooperation to follow the direction and information provided by DDKOIN official channel: Blog and announcements web-pages links: For News Updates a. DDK forum: b. Facebook: c. Twitter: d. LinkedIn: e. Quora: f. Telegram: g. Instagram: Thank you.
  4. Hi DDK Stakeholders & Merchants, DDK Merchant is a new Payment System launched by The DDK Foundation that helps you go Cashless! In the current COVID-19 situation it is important for us to adopt any means necessary to stop the spread and going cashless is one of them. The DDK Merchant allows you to use peer to peer transactions (P2P) through DDK Main-Net to buy and sell your products. With DDK Merchant, you can also promote your business to our DDK Community. DDK Merchant is a great place to shop economically using cryptocurrency. This is because the DDK Merchant offers Crypto borderless transactions with low crypto transfer fees of only 0.01%! If you are a merchant with an online business, DDK Merchant can also present you with an excellent opportunity to market your products or services to thousands of people willing to pay through cryptocurrency. It’s secure and all transactions are safe. You can register with the DDK Merchant using the following link. For News Updates Join DDK forum: Our Blog in Malay: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram:
  5. Hi Everyone! KOSMO Newspaper just published a great article on their recent interview with CEO of DDK Ms. Shuhada Zainal. 🎙 In her interview, she shared about her vision and revealed that she was born to be a digital financial entrepreneur. She also shared some amazing facts and inspiring stories about her life experience and the challenges she faced especially in Blockchain Technology. It was a great and inspiring article and if you missed that you can read it online by following the link below: If you think that this article was good then we have another very special surprise for you. With the aim to create digital financial entrepreneurs, MBA is organizing a great event at the Mudzaffar Hotel, Ayer Keroh, Melaka on 25th – 27th September 2020. The Secret of the Crypto World event will be graced by the presence of DDK Master Founder YH Dato' Azrainuddin Zainal, DDK Project CEO Ms. Shuhada Zainal and DDK Delegates and Crypto Trader Mr. Mohamad Azman Norman. The main agenda of the event will be DDK Ecosystem, Trading & MKS and DDK Core 2.1 and the program is FULLY collaborated with the DDK Delegates Malaysia! For complete information on this event and to book seats please visit and follow MBA Facebook page
  6. Hi DDK Stakeholders, ? Do you know that Blockchain and Cryptocurrency hold the key to solving the turbulence in economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic? ? Yes, Digital Currencies are borderless, which means that they can be used all over the world. The decentralized nature of the blockchain makes it free from censorship and centralized control. With Cryptos, make trading of goods and services easier, secured and safer. ??? To Get Latest News, Please Join Our DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: Blog:
  7. Hi Everyone, ? DDK Blockchain is equipped with the best technology to make Fintech successful. ?Here is a blog that highlights how the DDK Blockchain and DDKoin will be instrumental in shaping the future of Digital Currency. ? For News Updates Join DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: Blog: