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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone! MBA team always had been trying to arrange events and seminars for our community’s knowledge and learning. Now we're back for September promotion! This Advance One to One session is exclusively for our community which will be presented by our honored DDK Delegate and Crypto Trader, Mr. Azman. For registration and price package details, please refer the google form link below: This seminar is organized by Mutant Blockchain Academy in collaboration of the DDK Foundation and Innovative International College. It’s a golden opportunity that you must not miss out! Join us now!
  2. Hi Everyone, This is to inform you all that Malaysia’s Securities Commission (SC) is planning something new to be built into the existing cryptocurrency legislation. They are planning a regulatory framework for wallet providers and this may extend to digital asset exchanges and initial exchange offerings. We’ll keep you informed of further updates in due time. You may read about the planning and steps being taken by Malaysia's Securities Commission here: For News Updates Join DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram:
  3. Silahkan posting event2 blockchain terutaman ddk yang diadakan di indonesia ??
  4. Copying the description of the #blockstream YT channel posting a series of videos about DDK Tutorial. This channel is fit for this content and will be helpful to all new SH seeking tutorial. The channel is a Filipino initiative translating the author's personal experience of his cryptocurrency journey. The channel is promising as they keep on adding entries with consistency on the basic of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The videos ranges from 10 min to 25 mins depending on the topics created. It uses Filipino-English language which can also be easily understood by the audience. They have a perfect material that can be used by existing SH in inviting new interested investors. Kudos Philippines for coming up with this channel. "Description Wanting to get away from deflationary assets and learn how you can have other baskets of investment? Catch what the future is bringing us while we stream the basics of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. At Blockstream, we ought to stream the future and help you understand in a convenient and timely way how we can absorb the unconventional nature of cryptocurrency by featuring DDK and other technology revolving around it. Our focus is to let you be educated and choose what fits you in engaging and creating your cryptocurrency journey. Our videos discuss two categories of coin holders, passive and active- simply staking and trading. Experience is what we put in all our videos - to educate and share information. The goal is to inspire more and alleviate people who financially depends on regulators. We are here to complement in doing your own research (DYOR). This is Blockstream, streaming the future!"
  5. Hi DDK Stakeholders, ? Do you know that Blockchain and Cryptocurrency hold the key to solving the turbulence in economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic? ? Yes, Digital Currencies are borderless, which means that they can be used all over the world. The decentralized nature of the blockchain makes it free from censorship and centralized control. With Cryptos, make trading of goods and services easier, secured and safer. ??? To Get Latest News, Please Join Our DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: Blog:
  6. Hi Everyone! ? DDK Merchant brings you an excellent opportunity to market your products and services to thousands of people willing to pay through cryptocurrency. ?? To register, kindly check our website below and add yourself to the merchant list: ?? (T&C applied) It provides a convenience for many businesses that are looking for business expansion within the Covid-19 pandemic. ???? It’s secure and is powered by Blockchain Technology. DDK Merchant uses DDKoin as a payment method and allows you to use peer to peer transactions (P2P) using DDK Main-Net to buy and sell your products. With DDK Merchant, you can also promote your business and services within CRYPTO DDK Community. DDK Foundation has decided to offer free registration and no fees incurred to be listed on DDK Merchant. So enlist your business today and be a part of this unique and beneficial ecosystem. Register Now: (T&C applied) For News Updates Join DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram:
  7. Why I Choose Exmarkets as my Trading platform for my DDKOIN? ( 1 ) Exmarkets is the most active exchanger where DDKOIN buy & sell happen every minutes. ( 2 ) DDKOIN can be exchanged / paring with Btc, Eth, Usdt, Usdc & Vndc. ( 3 ) No Deposit & Withdrawal Fee (Free Of Charge) ( 4 ) Very Low of Trading Fee. Only 0.1% for Buy & Sell. ( 5 ) Very Fast Withdrawal processing. Somehow you also can trade your DDKOIN in other listed exchangers as below: ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) ( 4 ) (NEW)
  8. Hi! My name is Hanz. I've always heard about fintech, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto. I tried downloading cryptocurrency applications but just like nothing serious and never purchased any cryptocurrecy. Until one day, my brother-in-law had told me about Fin Tech, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and DDK. I didn't take it for granted at first, because I was concerned that it was a scam. These days there are so many of the scammers. Since my brother in law always does that, I tried to do some research. I've found a lot of information here. I've read a journal written by Ku Ruhana et. al., 2018 in Jour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems, Vol. 10, 14-Special Issue, 2018 "Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and FinTech Market Growth in Malaysia. I also found out about DDKOIN (DDK) a scam? (https:/ It made me more interested when I read DDK Whitepaper ( and then my response is 'Wow it's brilliant! As I look back, there are several companies which exist to attract people to purchase cryptocurrencies. I don't stop investigating here. There are packages like A, B and C to me that make them look like scammers. Some of them don't educate the buyer but make promises about the moon and the stars, and that can be misleading. But at the same time, I don't deny that some people don't want to know how, but they just want to know what they can benefit from cryptocurrencies. Despite the many challenges to this blockchain technology, Dato Arai Ezrra and his team never gave up. Where this spirit is difficult for all to have. I'm not an easy person to trust other people, but I trust this technology. I do the stack, vote and buy at least 1 DDK a month. Thank you!
  9. Fiat currency is one that we use daily. It’s the paper note in your wallet that you use to conduct your daily transactions. It’s also the thing we commonly refer to as money. The paper currency (Fiat) exchanges a lot of hands. It lands on multiple surfaces before it gets into your hands and eventually in your wallet (if you don’t use it to conduct another transaction). In the current situation, where we have to observe strict hygiene routine to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Fiat currency seems quite troublesome. COVID-19 spreads through contact. If an infected person sneezes or coughs into his hands, the hands of this person become a virus carrier. If this person walks into a buffet restaurant and touches the spoons or ladles of different dishes, the spoons and ladles become infected too. COVID-19 is said to stay alive for nine hours on metal surfaces. So, imagine if 100 people visit that buffet restaurant in those nine hours, how many people will get infected. Similarly, if we look at paper currency, it can act like that too. A recent news report highlighted a bank being sealed as all its staff was tested positive for COVID-19. Now imagine, to how many people the bank would have dispensed money before it was sealed. If all the staff members were tested positive, it means all the paper currency must be infected too. This paper currency will travel across the city, in the hands of different people conducting transactions at shops, bus stations, grocery stores, repair shops, etc. The possibilities are endless. What if one of these people travel to another city carrying such notes. That city will be endangered too. You can’t disinfect all your paper notes and plastic cards every time you use them. But you can skip all this if you are using digital currency. You will conduct transactions from your electronic device that only you will touch. Also, it will be secure and there will be no fear of theft. Even disregarding the theft part, it will help greatly in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Now we know people are not accustomed to digital currency or cryptocurrency as they are to fiat, but it won’t take them much time to understand the uses. Remember, people are quarantined around the world. They are sitting in their houses, getting scared and thinking of ways to stop the spread of this pandemic. In these times, when people are not getting out of their homes, they are ordering stuff online and digitalization is in its full element. Since people are wising up to the uses of digitalization while being quarantined, it would take them much time to finally understand the benefits of digital currency. Due to COVID-19, cryptocurrencies will have a brighter future. Now is the best time to invest in cryptos such as DDKoin (DDK) as they will be very beneficial to you in the future. You can also use this time to understand about the DDK platform, staking rewards and its trading. For more info, you may visit our website . Good luck! Original article at:
  10. ? Dear Blockchain & Crypto Enthusiasts, You are invited to join our upcoming Event Digital Era Business Seminar & Trading Class – The Secret of Crypto World is ready to kick-off in February 2020. Get ready to learn more about Blockchain and crypto projects in decentralized world. There is exclusive package available on 15 February 2020 session. The package is as follows: 1. One whole day theory seminar 2. Lunch and Hi-Tea included 3. Free merchandise from DDK Foundation The registration fees can be paid in Fiat or Crypto Currencies (DDK, BTC, ETH or DNC). Please click the link provided below for payment details. What you waiting for? Grab this golden opportunity now! Limited seats are available for 150 participants only! To book your slot, you may register here : For any inquiries, please contact us at email ? Regards, DDK Foundation Team
  11. Ini ialah topik untuk diskusi dan pembaca digalakkan untuk memberi komen serta menambahkan lagi fakta sekiranya posting ini mengandungi fakta yang lama. Lima watak penting yang dimaksudkan ialah seperti dibawah. 1) PEMBELI/PENGGUNA DAN PENIAGA Pembeli/peniaga harus faham fakta mengapa pengunaan cryptocurrency adalah lebih baik dari menggunakan online banking dan kad kredit. Antara faktanya ialah bebas dari banking fee, transaksi crypto lebih telus. Ada juga pengguna yang tidak tahu kewujudan cryptocurrency. Mungkin pembaca boleh menambah lagi fakta2 ini. 2) PEMBANGUN SISTEM Menbangunkan pelbagai sistem blockchain (asas kepada cryptocurrency) untuk digunapakai ("use-case") oleh organisasi/individu didalam operasi harian mereka. Contoh "use-case" ialah seperti membuka padlock dan kunci pintu menggunakan blockchain. Sila tambah contoh-contoh "use-case" lain. Pembangun sistem juga perlu membuktikan bahawa sistem ini menggunakan keselamatan tahap tertinggi untuk mendapatkan kepercayaan pengguna. 3) PELABUR Pelabur institusi seperti venture capital perlu lebih memahami blockchain sebagai salah satu pemangkin didalam memperbaiki produktiviti organisasi. Pelabur juga perlu faham bahawa ada "nilai" tinggi didalam cryptocurrency dan banyak peluang untuk mengaut keuntungan didalamnya. 4) INSTITUSI KEWANGAN Pihak bank tidak boleh beranggapan bahawa cryptocurrency akan mengambil alih keseluruhan operasi bank. Ini adalah agak mustahil. Pihak bank perlu memahami bahawa cryptocurrency sebagai salah satu dari cabang transaksi yang boleh menambah perkhidmatan "value-add" mereka kepada pelanggan. 5) REGULATORS Pihak pengawal selia sistem kewangan adalah tembok halangan terakhir untuk cryptocurrency. Masalah perundangan dan klasifikasi cryptocurrency sering menjadi isu yang mereka tampilkan untuk tidak membantu industri cryptocurrency. Perbezaan kawal selia diantara negara juga perlu diatasi untuk cryptocurrency berkembang. Kita hanya menunggu masa sahaja sebelum pihak kawalselia kewangan membenarkan penggunaan cryprocurrency secara mutlak. (Posting ini ialah pendapat peribadi penulis dan dipetik dari sumber PWC yang agak lama yang ditulis pada 2015).