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Found 4 results

  1. The Airdrop Reloaded Program version 2, allocating another 900,000 DDK for distribution is nearing its full consumption. This is after consuming exactly 61% of allocated amount in just less than four months after its launching on 21st of February of this year. The reward is so enticing that it is expected to end soon. The details of the airdrop reloaded was published in an announcement as shown below: referral%3A DDK has a,the same as Airdrop 1.0. To be able to benefit from this program, a new set of requirements should be followed. One particular requirement is that, the account should be created after the launching of ARP 2.0 and as shown in the attached image, there are three minimum requirements to be able to qualify. To enable referral link, user should have minimum one (1) staked DDK. On the other hand, to qualify for the direct referral, user should have a minimum of 100 staked DDK. Lastly, to qualify for the chain referral reward, one should have at least 500 staked DDK in a particular account. Referral reward is 10% of whatever staked amount of the new referral and is divided into three levels while chain referral has a total of 20% of whatever referral reward got by the new referral and this is divided into 15 levels. Imagine a total of 30% free DDK for those who will be diligent enough to introduce DDK that will make the community bigger and stronger.Throughout the duration of the ARP, you need at least 9,000,000 newly staked DDK (considering only referral reward) to consume 900,000 ARP reward. That's a massive demand. I have been closely monitoring the performance of the ARP 2.0 for the past 3 months by the tabulating the specific consumed amount in a particular day. The daily consumption ranges from as low as 0.37% to as high as 0.86% of the total 900,000 available DDK for ARP daily. That has an average of 0.55% daily consumption or 4,950 DDK. But with the onset of launching Explorer 2.0, the consumption went up to an average of 0.73% daily or equivalent to 6,570 DDK. This rate significantly reduced the projected number of days that the ARP allocated reward will last. On the 3rd week of May, the projected date that ARP will last was up to 9th of September this year but as of this writing, the ARP will only last up to 17th of August. This milestone is proven by the recent spike in DDK value, even reaching 4 USD in Exmarkets Exchanger and even higher in other GE. This will change as more stakeholder choose to stake. Below is the recorded performance of ARP 2.0 % Left ARP UNTIL 8/17/2020 Consumed Ave Daily 38.83% 900000 362849.4439 0.59% 0.58% 06-Apr 20.86% 187695.3444 0.37% 0.37% 07-Apr 21.23% 191066.1634 1.27% 0.42% 10-Apr 22.50% 202526.1464 0.41% 0.41% 11-Apr 22.91% 206190.5894 0.92% 0.46% 13-Apr 23.83% 214514.1950 4.43% 0.55% 21-Apr 28.26% 254345.9760 0.55% 0.55% 22-Apr 28.81% 259293.1592 1.49% 0.50% 25-Apr 30.30% 272662.2497 0.74% 0.37% 27-Apr 31.04% 279339.3038 2.63% 0.53% 02-May 33.67% 303007.0000 2.89% 0.48% 08-May 36.55% 328973.8594 0.75% 0.75% 09-May 37.31% 335757.7844 0.86% 0.86% 10-May 38.16% 343459.3720 1.46% 0.49% 13-May 39.63% 356638.7683 3.19% 0.64% 18-May 42.82% 385391.2024 1.72% 0.86% 20-May 44.54% 400897.9737 0.63% 0.63% 21-May 45.17% 406564.2958 1.29% 0.43% 24-May 46.46% 418165.4558 1.50% 0.75% 26-May 47.96% 431635.5833 6.54% 0.73% 04-Jun 54.50% 490492.6229 1.42% 0.71% 06-Jun 55.92% 503256.7457 5.25% 0.75% 13-Jun 61.17% 550544.7883 Therefore, the remaining 349,455 DDK intended ARP will only last up to two more months or 65 days more or less. This is not the time think twice of staking more and delay all the selling while ARP is still available. This is the best two months to introduce DDK to more who will benefit from this cryptocurrency. We need DDK as asset for the future is understatement because DDK is the future. Keep staking!
  2. 13 downloads

    ARP 2.0 (Airdrop Reloaded Program) Booklet published on February 2020
  3. Salam.. Mohon info tentang Airdrop 2.0,, apa yang perlu kami siapkan untuk Airdrop 2.0
  4. How to get free Airdrop program in DDK Forum