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Found 3 results

  1. They say, charity begins at home. If charity means compassion, kindheartedness and benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity, then we really have to start it at home, but it should not end there. During this pandemic, we see a very challenging future for humanity. New norm will be in place and adaption to technological advancement and digital transformation will be an edge . Those who will have resistance to change will be left behind and will have hard time coping up with the global challenges. Lack of knowledge will contribute to the incoming depression due to a lot of factor such as recession and lack of support from the Government. Who else then should we prepare first not only today but most importantly their future? It is with this premise that I decided to educate my children and make them aware of blockchain technology and cryptocurrrency at a young age. Making them understand how the technology works and how knowledge of these will secure their future and be ready for whatever challenges they will face in the future. Of course, DDK blockchain will be their subject for opening doors to these technology and will be their school in broadening their financial understanding. To make it a little exciting and rewarding, I have formulated a way where they can start investing on their own and do their own staking, voting, gaining, staking again and voting. We have agreed to DDK Investment scheme and reward system based on physical work they do. Out of their monthly school allowance, 25% will be deducted immediately and will serve as their investment. Instead of giving them cash gift, we also decided to give DDK as birthday gift. They will also be rewarded for good standing in school and DDK will also be given for household chores. This a proof that blockchain is borderless, decentralize, secure and transparent. They manage their own account and enjoying enhanced security and financial benefits. More than anything else, they are now more knowledgeable on finances. The number of DDK invested gains every month and this more than an insurance for their future. Soon they will learn trading and other complicated aspect of the technology. There is literally no limit to what they can achieve if they will start young. Even before 45 Million DDK will all be circulated by 2028, they will be ready for whatever the future brings. I hope I have shared valuable material and inspired others. Keep staking, Z
  2. 1. Melakukan voting ddk agar ddk masuk di setiap market sehingga mempermudah orang lain untuk membeli ddk Biografi ddk : member ddk sangat banyak, yang saya ketahui 10 negara sudah bergabung dengan ddk, dan mereka disebut Stake Holder. Denga jumlah member sebanyak itu tidak sulit bagi ddk masuk market di berbagai negara yang menyebablan harga ddk naik. Permasalahan : Histori harga ddk : setiap hari harga ddk semakin turun disebabkan banyaknya SH yang menjual ddk dalam 1 market. Grafik ddk yang menunjukkan ddk akan terus turun (secara teori trader) menyebabkan trader tidak minat melakukan trading ddk. Pertanyaan : Lalu siapa yang melakukan trading ddk kalau trader tidak melakukan trading, sedangkan aktifitas market tetap berjalan? (Jawaban) menurut persepsi saya: yang melakukan trading ddk saat ini adala SH itu sendiri dan mayoritas mereka tak tau ilmu tradinh, karenanya ddk terus turun Kesimpulan : Stake holder DDK yang melakukan trading mis komunikasi dengan Stake Holder yg juga melakukan trading di tempat lain, dan menyebabkan kehawatiran pada semua SH yg melakukan trading dan yang tidak melakuna trading hingga pada saatnya mereka semua mau menjual aset DDKnya Solusi mis komunikasi : Buatlah satu group Whatsapp khusus perwakilan negara dan membuat strategi agar tidak mis komunikasi antara Stake holder satu negara dengan stake holder negara lainnya, dan undang satu ahli strategi dalam berdiskusi Permohonan pada pengembang : tolong lengkapi blog diskusi ini dengan fitur translate otomatis, sehingga saat berdiskusi mudah di pahami walaupun dalam bahasa asing Tanda Tangan : emadura4 whatsapp :+6281918295817 Group Facebook : emadura4 Group WhatsApp :
  3. Hi. I'm here, it's not funny but. The price of DDK go to dump times to times, hours to hours, days to days, weeks to weeks, etc. However, we still stand by here. For DDK. Thanks BSP