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  1. Thank you for the explanation. The reason I said, I don't care either the price goes up or down is because, all the answer that I had receive till now, is all about, the price will goes up, for now the price is low because of this and that. Also the reason we need to change the system and so all. So that is just to point out that, please don't talk about that anymore. As I said, I understand why the price goes up and down. I understand why the system need to change. I had been buy bitcoin, ethereum and ect for this past couple month, and believe me I understand the feeling of the price goes up and goes down every time. It just that, the barter system is just not correct. Sure you can ask, what if DDK is currently priced at 300 USD? Its true it will be great for all the people who have it. But for now it just not correct. If the starting price is USD 100 and 1DNC is 100 USD, then we can accept it is indeed 1DNC equal to 1DDK. Then from there, if it goes down, then that is the fate of cryptocurrency price. If it goes up then it will be great. I understand we have a lot of community. It just that, the starting point is not very fair. I believe people who buying the DNC and then getting DDK which the starting point not equal to what they paid for it, are getting disappointed about it. First off all, not enough explanation about the price and everything. Yes, I read the document from 1st page to the last page and either I am missing the word explaining the price of the DDK or what I dont know. But I dont see it. I believe people selling it, because of feeling disappointment from the beginning. Not all people understand the detail of the background about cryptocurrency, why the system need to change or what, it just that, the feeling or hope when they buy DNC is not reflected with DDK. In the beginning when they getting the DDK they already lost from that. You guys cannot blame them from feeling like that as that is a fact. When they buy DNC at 100 USD what they getting from the starting point is 1DDK which is start at 31.07 USD (This is from the history I can find about DDK highest price from internet. Correct or wrong I dont know). Nobody in the world really like that, paying for what is not the value of it. So the conclusion from this question is, there is not judgement or what so ever, but just the feeling/hoping from admin, the price of DDK will increase to the price of DNC. Sincerely, Thank you.
  2. Yes, I understand it. I have been trading crypto over a year now. Just what I am not understand is, why our 1DNC is being treat as 1DDK? If lets said, DDK start off from 50 USD, shouldn't we should get at least 3 to 4 DNC depends on the price of the DNC? I am not saying anything about the change from DNC to DDK nor why we need to change the system, I am also not saying why the DDK goes up and down as I understand crypto trading. It just that, why make lets said 100 usd price equal to 1 usd? Lets said a person, give you 100 USD to borrow, then you return it with 1 USD expecting the 1 USD will increase its price to 100 USD, does it sound fair? I know this is not forex, but the concept should be the same and easier to be understand. In the future, either the DDK goes up or down, I don't care, but shouldn't we should receive the amount we paid equal to the price of the DDK in the time the token is being convert.? I just don't understand what is your judgment to convert the 1DNC to 1DDK? Thank you Sincerely
  3. Hello Admin, First of all, thank you for the reply. I had seen the thread on that matter. I believe the question is different for that. My question is, why 1DNC is being treat same as 1DDK? Thank you Sincerely
  4. Hello Admin, Before I ask my question, let me say something first. I understand about the open market, where the price of a coin (Bitcoin, Ehtherum, USDT) goes up and down due to demand by the people. I understand why the need to change of the system from ETPS to DDK. I understand how the DDK works. But why I dont understand is, why during the migration, our Dinar (0.9) or 1 Dinar is being convert to 1 DDK? Does the beginning of DDK, the price is same as Dinar? Please provide me the explanation. Thank you Sincerely.