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  1. 中国加油!! 我们祝你们平安!

  2. Currently, an epidemic battle is taking place in Wuhan, China. As a Chinese, I am worried about this.
  3. 非常感谢收到DDK团队发出的聚会邀请。 考虑到Vindax 和 本人团队在2020/01/20/-2020/02/01处于春节休假期间,不能参加本次聚会感到遗憾。 希望明年,或者下一次聚会我们可以携手DDK团队,最后祝福DDK在21号的聚会顺利举行。 sui
  4. 当下市场,数字资产钱包的种类 其实我们目前用到的比如网页钱包、手机钱包、电脑钱包都是属于热钱包,手机、电脑都是联网才能实现功能,并且我们手动导入实现在线,而网页钱包一般都是将私钥存放在网络某个层中,如若区块链技术不断地发展以至于我们随处可见数字货币支付场景,那么马里奥认为热钱包作为支付工具将会很强势,但是缺点就是不安全。热钱包适用于数额不算很大并且变动较为频繁的用户。 那么冷钱包,包括硬件钱包、纸钱包以及脑钱包。 纸钱包就是把私钥抄在纸上,脑钱包就是把私钥记在脑子里,那么这两种方式总归不是很靠谱,随机生成的私钥你能记住? 此外就是我们要说的硬件钱包,硬件钱包可以理解为将私钥存储在芯片中,以物理形式将私钥存储并隔绝,来保证用户资产的安全。其实马里奥认为是最好存储数字资产的方式,尤其对于很多手中存有大量数字资产的老铁们来讲,硬件钱包是最合适不过了。 马里奥手里其实也有一些ERC2.0标准的代币,曾经也想将他放到硬件钱包中,目前币还在一家小交易所中,而在看过很多硬件钱包的价格后,感觉买个硬件钱包可是挺贵。 当下品牌中Ledger nanoS、Trezor、Keepkey等硬件钱包价格都在700——1500元以上甚至价格更高。
  5. 欢迎全球华人加密爱好者进行讨论. 2020/1/13 suilo
  6. As the freezing point sentiment continued to spread at the end of 2018, Bitcoin fell to a bottom of $ 3,400 in February 2019, and Ethereum returned to the starting point of $ 80, and the market was almost desperate. I never thought of a thunderous strike on the ground. In the bleak start of 19 years, I took the "three fires" as the main line and stepped out of a magnificent special year. 1. The first is the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) issued by the head exchange, which ignited the first fire in 2019, and Xiaoyang came suddenly; 2. The second fire was ignited by Facebook, an internet giant with 2.7 billion users worldwide. On June 18, it officially announced the cryptocurrency plan "Libra", which instantly detonated public opinion. Under the urging of Libra, on June 23, Bitcoin again stood at $ 10,000 after a lapse of 15 months, reaching its highest point in the middle of the year, and once approached $ 14,000; 3. In October, the top-level warmth of the decision-making level was the third fire of the year, which once convinced the market that the direction of the bull market was set, but went back and forth for two months and finally returned to the original point, which caught everyone off guard; Looking back now, the "three fires" running through 2019 are like stimulants. In the case that the fundamentals have not actually warmed, they are stimulating in vain, but they are doomed to return to heaven. But the market is like an iceberg. The part visible to the naked eye and exposed to the surface of the sea is often less than one tenth. In 2019, when there are many variables, the ups and downs have actually laid the groundwork for 2020. Then take Bitcoin and Ethereum as the two head projects that can best represent the development of the industry as a cut. Looking back on its major events in 2019, what kind of taste can we smell from them? Bitcoin: constant conflicts, hopes secretly breed In the forecast at the end of 2018, it was stated that "2019 will be the year in which the Bitcoin ETF will pass." However, with the voluntary withdrawal of an ETF application filed in early January and one rejected by the SEC, the most promising sprints in 2019 were all unsuccessful. At the same time, according to Cointelegraph reported on December 23, the SEC has also postponed a decision on the "Bitcoin and Treasury Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)" proposal submitted by the Wilshire Phoenix Fund after its update, thus completely closing the door to hope this year. Although the Bitcoin ETF failed to break the curse and postponed to become "the most anticipated event in 2020", the statement from the former chairman of the SEC "We are closer to the Bitcoin ETF, but there is still much work to do" also shows that it is true At the "last mile". 2020 may really be the last "next year" of the Bitcoin ETF. Second, the spark of the Lightning Network is visible In 2019, Lightning Network has achieved considerable success in publicity and landing cooperation. The first was the explosion of the "torch relay", which did an unexpected ad for it. On January 19, 2019, Lightning Network's "Torch Relay" was cold-started on Twitter. Starting from 100,000 Satoshi, a responder who randomly left a message under the post was sent through the Lightning Network to relay, and each transfer increased by 100,000 Satoshi. . Once this idea was launched, it quickly caused a whirlwind sweeping the industry. Not only did Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Morgan Creek founder Anthony Pompliano, Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver, industry celebrity Zhao Changpeng, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, "Cryptocurrency" author Andreas Antonopoulos and other celebrities in the industry have taken over, and even traditional financial institutions such as Fidelity Digital Assets, a Fidelity investment subsidiary, also participated. To the end of the "Lightning Torch" transfer, it lasted 79 days and experienced 284 transfers. A total of 273 people participated in it, spanning 56 countries, and a total of 6.86 Bitcoins were traded. Each participant will virtually become the Lightning Network. The promotion ambassador has greatly promoted the awareness improvement and popularity of Lightning Network. Secondly, the launch of Lightning Network also won a key city. Bitfinex officially supported Lightning Network deposit and withdrawal from December 4. At the same time, Bitfinex chose to cooperate with Bitrefill, an encrypted gift card provider. Now measured by indicators such as the number of nodes, the number of channels, and network capacity, the Lightning Network has grown several times in the past year. The "Torch Relay" event in 2019 combined with the launch of Bitfinex's first mainstream platform, the Starfire of the Lightning Network, has gradually become the original. Third, Bakkt futures start slowly, and institutional derivatives are overweight The much-anticipated Bakkt futures went live on September 23 this year, but the start was bleak, and the trading volume was almost negligible, which made many people shocked: But after two months of silence, Bakkt's "super bull engine" seems to be slowly starting up, and its trading volume continues to break records: within the first 24 hours of the opening of Bakkt, 71 Bitcoin futures contracts (71 BTC) were traded. ), The first nine trading days were also quite deserted, with only 865 contracts changing hands. At the end of November, the daily trading volume of Bakkt once stood at 4000 BTC, which was a scandalous gloom when it was first opened. On December 18, the daily trading volume of Bakkt stood at a high of 6601 BTC. The transaction amount increased more than 100 times compared to the bottom. At the same time, options for Bakkt and CME are on the way: On December 9th, options (item code BTM) and cash-settled bitcoin monthly futures (item code BMC) based on Bakkt bitcoin monthly futures were officially launched; On December 12, ICE of the United States announced the first regulated Bitcoin option to complete the transaction between Galaxy Digital Trading and XBTO; CME also announced the details of launching related contracts on January 13, 2020; More and more derivatives services are continuously building a sound investment infrastructure for crypto assets, and mainstream investors and institutional funds are quietly improving their entry channels. Fourth, the second largest Bitcoin mining machine manufacturer-Jia Nan Yunzhi, landed on NASDAQ On November 21st, in the expectation of everyone, Jia Nan Technology, the second largest manufacturer of bitcoin mining machines in the world, successfully landed on the NASDAQ of the US stock market with the stock code CAN and issued 10 million ADS. The US stock was priced at US $ 9. "The world's largest mining circle". Obtaining financing is capital's recognition of the direction; successful listing is capital's recognition of the industry. Jia Nan Yunzhi, who broke the social circle overnight, ignited a carnival in the blockchain industry and successfully set a benchmark for the blockchain industry to enter the mainstream capital market. Except for the two major exchanges of backdoor Hong Kong stocks, a group of companies in the industry is expected to follow closely in 2020, and they will successively land in the capital market, which will also become a major focus of the industry in 2020. Ethereum: difficult march, DeFi is becoming a moat 2019 is a difficult year for Ethereum.In addition to the highly anticipated key upgrades, ETH has also experienced a "price roller coaster": the middle of the year, ETH first started at $ 100.90 in January. All the way up the shock, until the year's high of 366.80 US dollars in June, then turned around, and once fell more than once, now approaching the beginning of the year, pessimism continues to spread. First, repeatedly jumping votes, the difficult march of Ethereum 2.0 In February, Ethereum carried out several delayed Constantinople upgrades, and the second part of the "Metropolis" was successfully implemented; On December 8, the Ethereum Istanbul hard fork upgrade was successfully completed, and 6 improvement proposals were brought forward, and the third part of the "Metropolis" was successfully implemented; On December 23, V God released a heavy new proposal to make the ETH 1.0 chain as the shard 0, and migrate to ETH 2.0 faster; The Istanbul hard fork is the first of two major network upgrades planned over the next six months, and these two upgrades will eventually bring Ethereum to 2.0 (also known as the quiet phase). In this way, after a difficult march in 2019, Ethereum is only one step away from "quietness". However, it seems that Ethereum 2.0 is close at hand. In fact, there are still many difficulties that need to be overcome one by one. According to the current progress, 2020 may be the key year for ETH 2.0 to land. For the repeatedly delayed progress and the unremitting progress As far as chase is concerned, less time is left for it. Second, ETH officially establishes and leads the direction of DeFi At the time when the public chain's doubts were very high, Ethereum, the leader of the public chain, changed from a "world computer" in 2019 and redefined itself with a "DeFi settlement layer". At the Devcon 5 Ethereum Conference from October 8th to 11th, ETH 2.0, DeFi, and DAO were taken as the three main directions for the future development of the Ethereum ecosystem, and the consensus reached by the participants. It is quite appropriate that as of November, the number of ETH locked in the decentralized financial application on Ethereum has reached a record high of 2.7 million. Behind it is the borrowing, forecasting, representative, etc. represented by MarkDAO, Dharma, dydx, Compound. Decentralized financial ecology is in full swing. On December 23, Loopring V3, which V liked and retweeted, used the zero-knowledge proof for DEX for the first time and creatively solved the performance bottleneck. It also shows that Ethereum is at the forefront of DeFi's ecological implementation and research. . DeFi has become a moat for the next period of Ethereum. 2019 is the year of Ethereum's DeFi. Third, the development of Ethereum ecology, a ride on the dust, and continued to grow Even though it has been voiced most, Ethereum is still a well-deserved first choice for public chain development. In addition to the core protocol development, Ethereum has an average of more than 200 active developers developing the total code every month. To maintain a strong and sustained growth momentum. According to stateofthedapps data, as of December 26, Ethereum is far ahead of other competitors in terms of developer's hard indicators such as the number of DAPPs, activity, and contract deployment. A report released by Electric Capital in mid-2019 also showed that the size of the developer community on Ethereum is four times larger than the ecosystem of any other cryptocurrency project. At the same time, there are continuous actions in the corresponding developer activities: Launched 8 virtual hackathons in 2019 and distributed over $ 200,000 in funding; ConsenSys has launched a "Million Developers" program to expand the number of developers in the Ethereum ecosystem to one million; In a nutshell, in 2019, Ethereum will hardly realize the beautiful vision described by 2.0 through network upgrades, and DeFi will also introduce hundreds of millions of dollars in value to the Ethereum ecosystem. With the growth of DeFi and DAO, etc. The developer community continues to expand. Although each step is difficult, it has passed through the dark moments. For investors who are desperate in 2018 and eager to find comfort in the market, 2019 is undoubtedly just a bad year. However, if we carefully sort out the major events in 2019, we will find that many grass snake gray lines have actually been buried secretly. Whether it is the improvement of infrastructure, or the subtle changes in technology upgrades and mainstream recognition, it is worthwhile to reserve for 2020. Looking forward to the seeds. 2019 is undoubtedly the turning point in the history of the industry's most memorable book, whether it is the environmental changes at the macro level under the agitation of Libra, or the death of head projects represented by Bitcoin and Ethereum, both are In the next 2020, enough variables are expected to accumulate. Fosun co-founder Liang Xinjun put it bluntly in his latest speech: "2020 is the year when the development of the blockchain is turning." Let us look forward to the 2020 of Bitcoin and Ethereum together, and look forward to a new year of hope for the entire industry.
  7. The Spring Festival is coming. BTC may usher in a trough.

  8. In the field of cryptocurrency, the time density is extremely high, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, uninterrupted transactions, the cryptocurrency market is particularly volatile, and a 30% rise or fall a day is not new, especially in bull markets, often accompanied by plunges Due to restrictions on legal currency deposits and other factors, we cannot easily convert to RMB and other legal currencies when the market price plummets. So how do we avoid risks when the market price plummets? Let me share some of my views below, I hope it can be inspirational for you.

    1. Switch to BTC to avoid risks, and also prevent going short

    In the cryptocurrency market, BTC is the price vane. When the BTC price rises, other currencies will rise, and the increase is often not as large as BTC. When the BTC price falls, other currencies will fall, The decline is often greater than the decline in BTC, as it was during a bear market rally and also during a bull market.

    Maybe we don't feel it, but when we expand the time span, we will have a clear feeling. For example, the decline in ATH of BTC is much lower than that of other mainstream currencies, that is, BTC is a safe-haven asset in the cryptocurrency field. The prices of other digital asset and BTC trading pairs have basically fallen in the long run.

    It is precisely because BTC is a safe-haven asset for digital assets. Therefore, when the price plummets, at least we can replace it with BTC to reduce the losses that continue to fall. After all, the decline of BTC is generally lower than the decline of other assets. of.

    For example, in terms of last year's market, the highest price of BTC was more than 90,000 yuan, and the highest price of EOS was 60 yuan. The current BTC price has not reached the market, and EOS has fallen by more than 60%. Obviously, if When EOS is replaced with BTC at a high point, it will bear more than 40% of the risk of decline, and if EOS is not held, basically it will bear more than 60% of the risk. Obviously, BTC is more resistant to falling.

    When the cryptocurrency market plummets, swapping other currencies for BTC will not only greatly reduce the losses caused by the decline, but also prevent shortfalls. If we exchange to a stable currency such as USDT to avoid risks, when the market suddenly reverses, Soaring, you can't enjoy the benefits brought by the soaring, but if you use BTC to avoid risks, you can prevent going short.

    In fact, the hedging effect of BTC is not only manifested in the field of digital currencies. For example, in the recent US-Iraq conflict, the price of BTC has clearly increased. When the world situation is turbulent and regional conflicts continue, Bitcoin's hedging effect is also obvious. When conflicts occur, some people exchange their assets for Bitcoin as a hedge because it is a global asset that can be circulated globally, is easy to carry, and the total amount is limited.

    2.Swap to USDT and other stablecoins to avoid risks

    Stablecoins play an important role in the field of cryptocurrencies. It is a bridge between fiat and digital currencies, and the transaction volume of stablecoins is huge. For example, the daily transaction volume of stablecoin USDT can reach more than 100 billion, even exceeding bit In the cryptocurrency field, the demand for stablecoins is still relatively large.

    In the current stablecoin landscape, USDT is basically a monopoly. Although Tether company always has some problems, it can still be used as a stablecoin in general, the global consensus is also very wide, and the liquidity is excellent. No matter how much the asset size, USDT can basically accommodate it.

    Therefore, when the cryptocurrency market plummets, we can choose to convert the digital currency to the stablecoin USDT or other stablecoins, which can reduce the losses caused by the plummet to a certain extent. The stablecoin can basically be understood as the fiat currency in the digital currency field. When the market price plummets, it is replaced by USDT to avoid risks. When it falls to a certain extent, it can be bought back with USDT.

    Cryptocurrency prices fluctuate greatly. With the stablecoin, it is easy to lock in the income when the market soars. When the market plummets, it can be sold in time and exchanged for USDT to avoid risk. It is the product of a special historical period.

    In the future, the scope of use of stablecoins is not limited to the digital currency field. There have been some application scenarios where stablecoins can be used for commodity trading. I hope that stablecoins such as USDT can have more application scenarios. For the purchase of daily necessities and the like, for those who invest in digital currency, even the scene of using fiat currency will be greatly reduced.

    In short, when the cryptocurrency market plummets, we can not only convert it into BTC to avoid risks, but also exchange it with BTC to prevent shortfalls, and also exchange it into stable currencies such as USDT to reduce assets caused by further decline Loss, due to various reasons, I won't say much about converting to RMB, everyone understands.

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  10. Another good day, come on.

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