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  1. Dear Admin. This concerned has already been answered by live chat. The new DDK stakes are in the most bottom part of the Stake Orders list. Thank you DDK Management. Allah bless.
  2. Dear Admin, I staked some DDK in some accounts last 25th Feb. Today I voted for all accounts and I realized that all those DDK staked last 25th Feb are reflected in my DDK Frozen (at Dashboard) but not reflected in the Stake Orders. So while I voted today, there is no vote counted to those newly staked orders. As an example, I staked 13 DDK on 25th Feb. Since it is not reflected in the Stake Orders, no vote has been counted for that 13 DDK. The stake transaction was confirmed and transaction fee was credited. Can it be returned to my wallet as liquid DDK? By the way, this problem is happening to 3 accounts. Please advise, every vote is important to me. Thank you.
  3. I had just done my registration using the referral link provided by my TD. I sent to him my address, and he confirmed that my registration was linked to him. Hence, he will be reaping rewards in my journey towards ARP rewards. This implies more earnings for those who opt to stake their DDK while price is still low. Thank you for bringing back the airdrop rewards.
  4. Looking forward for those experts who are part of DDK community to initiate developments: e.g. as suggested above. Surely, a lot will follow. Our hesitation is we haven't seen a sample of how it could be done. I hope someone will set the mood... and we can do some parallel initiatives to produce exponential effect. Hoping for the best for DDK. Insha Allah.
  5. Experts say : "Supply and demand is the most important determinant of cryptocurrency prices." Looking at the current price of DDK, it is far below my dream. My dream is 1 DDK : 1000 USD. But as we all know that the total DDK supply is limited to 45000000, there is a great possibility that DDK price will definitely go high, considering the supply-demand law. Moving onwards, I strongly believe in the power of DDK. Can any of the cryptocurrency experts here share their knowledge on the factors that would contribute to increase of DDK price? I really appreciate if you can share it to us. Thank you.
  6. Hello @Iamced. Same here. Not to worry, it will be restored. Sharing this: Important Announcement SOFT-FORK activity for the Airdrop-Reloaded Program (ARP) Published by ddkoin on February 19, 2020 Hello all DDK Blockchain Users & Stakeholders. There will be a SOFT-FORK activity estimated time tonight Singapore Time for the Airdrop-Reloaded Program (ARP) deployment process on Mainnet DDK Blockchain. Please be reminded that DO NOT MAKE any transactions during the process running. However, after entire DDK NODES is stabilized you may do transactions in DDK Mainnet as usual. You may refer to this link as references on the downtime of the DDK Nodes to check on the availability – (Click PROD+DELEGATE). To reiterate, you will be experience a wallet downtime and any transactions done during the deployment process will not be applicable. Kindly check Block heights before you make any transactions. The SOFT-FORK BLOCK HEIGTS “1,783,434” in DDK Blockchain MAIN-NET will happen estimated time as at 23:00 Singapore Time (SGT). Therefore after that process done, kindly check the DDK-DEBUGGER link for your references to do any transactions when the DDK-CORE is stabilized and deployment of ARP is finalized. In Addition, ARP Allocation has been distributed from Genesis Address “13566253584516829136” into our new ARP Address Allocation : “11283137848848308884”. Any further inquiries, please approach LIVE SUPPORT at and discussion FORUMS at DDK Management team would like to seek your cooperation during this process as we want to ensure that it will be a smooth & successful SOFT-FORK for DDK Blockchain to enable this Airdrop-Reloaded Program (ARP) to you. For the details of ARP and promotions related, you need to seek your DELEGATES advise. We hope that this program created for you in DDK Blockchain may give you the BEST FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS programs in the cryptoworld! #RoadtoARPSoftLAunchingCeremony Apologize for any inconvenience. Your Cooperation is Highly Appreciated. Regards, DDK MANAGEMENT
  7. Thank you. I was also contemplating on this.
  8. Dear All: I just saw this thread and I am following, because I am interested to help promote the use of DDK in whatever useful means. I understand that while demand for DDK will increase, it will also positively affect the price of DDK. Hence, it will benefit the whole DDK community. Hoping to jumpstart here in Philippines. Suggestions are welcome. Thank you ?
  9. Hello @Iamced. Please give me the link to that post about ddk blockchain for industries like pharmaceuticals. Thanks you.