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  1. I had just done my registration using the referral link provided by my TD. I sent to him my address, and he confirmed that my registration was linked to him. Hence, he will be reaping rewards in my journey towards ARP rewards. This implies more earnings for those who opt to stake their DDK while price is still low. Thank you for bringing back the airdrop rewards.
  2. Looking forward for those experts who are part of DDK community to initiate developments: e.g. as suggested above. Surely, a lot will follow. Our hesitation is we haven't seen a sample of how it could be done. I hope someone will set the mood... and we can do some parallel initiatives to produce exponential effect. Hoping for the best for DDK. Insha Allah.
  3. Experts say : "Supply and demand is the most important determinant of cryptocurrency prices." Looking at the current price of DDK, it is far below my dream. My dream is 1 DDK : 1000 USD. But as we all know that the total DDK supply is limited to 45000000, there is a great possibility that DDK price will definitely go high, considering the supply-demand law. Moving onwards, I strongly believe in the power of DDK. Can any of the cryptocurrency experts here share their knowledge on the factors that would contribute to increase of DDK price? I really appreciate if you can share it to us. Thank you.
  4. Thank you. I was also contemplating on this.
  5. Dear All: I just saw this thread and I am following, because I am interested to help promote the use of DDK in whatever useful means. I understand that while demand for DDK will increase, it will also positively affect the price of DDK. Hence, it will benefit the whole DDK community. Hoping to jumpstart here in Philippines. Suggestions are welcome. Thank you ?
  6. Hello @Iamced. Please give me the link to that post about ddk blockchain for industries like pharmaceuticals. Thanks you.