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  1. nice to see you here too @Phanith CAMBODIA must success with DDK ?? ?
  2. Hello guys, here i posted all the web wallet that available for DDK Mainnet . However before you make the transaction you are asked to confirm the following : 1) Check Debugger on which wallet is running at : - The ID for wallet name is based on "DDK-COREXXX" (XXX is the name of the wallet ID 1 - 17) 2) Once you make sure the wallet is running you are logged in and should see the current block in sync with your current location at this page on DDK Mainnet wallet : (XXX is the name of the wallet ID) 3) To Confirm that your transaction is stamp on the block and distributed to all DDK nodes you can check the transaction confirmation from DDK Explorer : - - - DDKOIN Wallets :
  3. IR 4.0 DI KOLEJ ANTARABANGSA INOVATIF BERSAMA DDKOIN DDK CEO Nurshuhada Zainal is teaming up with Innovative International College CEO Shahawati Bt Umar to illuminate the general audience about a very important topic “Blockchain and Education”. ? The live session is on Sunday 21st June 2020 at 11:00 am (Malaysia Time).
  4. The impact of Covid-19 on THE USE OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY With our invited guest YH Dato' Muhd Azrainuddin, founder of DDK Blockchain (DDKoin_Official Foundation) Date: 16 Jun 2020 Time: 2.00pm (Live at Innovative International College facebook)
  5. Article published on Bitcoin Media Indonesia :
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    Behind the Decentralised Ecosystem of DNC & DDKoin Published on June 2018
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    ARP 2.0 (Airdrop Reloaded Program) Booklet published on February 2020
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    DDK Core 1.0 Whitepaper published on September 2018
  9. Yes from time to time the community and development progress will matures itself to another level. Thats the beauty of open source platform. ?
  10. Dont worry about this @zmeldg , Staking Reward will be reduce when ALL USERS doing voting without missed every week it will comeout maximum based on our WHITEPAPER prediction. As written on WHITEPAPER DDK Core 1.0 total supply 45 million will be fiinish circulate within 2028. However, in DDK Core 2.1 we will introduce DAI (DDK Asset Issuing) with smart contract that enable POB (Proof Of Burn) when create new token in DDK chain for token creator to BURN their DDK to create "initial value' of the token. All 100% burned DDK will be re-enter back into Staking Reward allocation address : Same goes for Token transaction on DDK chain, some portion of the fees will be design to enter back into the address of Staking Reward. This solution will be introduced on DDK Core 2.1 to upgrade DDKOIN to bigger scale and would make 45 million allocation will not be finish and continue running the ecosystem as long the users will still use DDK and contribute fees to the network and use DAI smart contract and it will make the address of 45 million will continue running forever.
  11. Good comments @zmeldg and close perseverance and monitoring on the transaction behavior of users on how they STAKE and utilize DDK for their own benefits and agenda. In DDK we have multiple countries, multiple groups, multiple target and agenda everyday happening 24 hours on the 18 trading floor ?
  12. Nice info @zmeldg , Keep posting on this thread for latest info and value for users to read and aware. ?
  13. Mungkin semua orang Indonesia cuman aktif di DDK Indonesia Facebook group tetapi tidak disini ? :
  14. Selamat datang ke forum @alexsetiawan , Teruskan edukasi dan pelajari Blockchain dan Crypto Currency ilmu yang sangat luas dan teknologi yang bergerak cepat ini ?
  15. @sean8585 , from time to time people will realize it. Thats the power of technology OPEN SOURCE, DECENTRALIZE and DISTRIBUTED it will grow and widely spread utilize by everyone multiple nodes and multiple smart contract (Core 2.1) and only using the same 1 SINGLE TRUTH of blockchain :
  16. Yes 3rd party application coming in the market after some times. Same goes for ETHEREUM, after some time people will create a tools to simplify the process to create TOKENS. For DDK, we have include EASY CREATOR and SMART CONTRACT TEMPLATE for each of innovator/creator to use for their DDK Tokens created. If you want to understand what is template that DDK will be prepare in DDK Core 2.1 for DAI/DDK Token please see this link :
  17. Betul tu Joy, keras hati ko Roy. Memang tak boleh halang penggunaannya nye @JoyDDK Umur bukan penghalang ?
  18. Selamat datang ke forum DDK @Amelia Jika punya soalan ditanyakan mengikut thread/category forum yang sudah disediakan ya ?
  19. Question : 1. Will DDKoin will be "BURNED" every time smart contract activities occur? Answer : YES. We are implementing PROOF OF BURN (POB) feature to all DDK Token created. When new DDK TOKEN created, the smart contract will ask the token creator to BURN DDK liquid as "initial price" for their token as pegged value before the token listing in any exhanger. The total DDK liquid burned for creation of the token will be re-enter BACK into DDK Genesis Address that is currently keeping the allocation of STAKING REWARD. Meaning of that, the 45 Million will not be finish on 2028 and it might running forever as long people create DDK TOKEN and people use DDK TOKEN to make transaction. Question : 2. Is there any potential investors eyeing DDKoin DAI for their ICO projects and create their own token using DDKoin Smart Contract?If yes would like to hear more about those potential investors. If NO what will DDK management plan for near future to utilize DAI at its best performance? Answer : Currently there is more than 5 project integrated DDK inside their application. However, we cannot make any announcement as endorsement for any company unless they already go through our screening process to evaluate their projects. Details can be seen from here posted December 2019 : English version announcement : Malay version announcement : However because of nature of DDK is open source that anyone can take the code and API to connect to our DDK BLOCKCHAIN to do any transaction by their own the ecosystem, everyone need to do their own "Due-Diligence" on any project integrating DDK inside their platform. DDK will grow to another level when DDK enable people to create token inside DDK. This is the link to get the DOCUMENTATION on how to integrate DDK inside your application/platform :
  20. Ye betul tu. its all about DEMAND & SUPPLY. Kita dapat melihat sekitar RM100,000 ke RM400,000 setiap HARI (Everyday) didagangkan untuk DDK di 4 GLobal exchanger dan 14 pasar . Sejarah harga untuk melihat RANGE volume per hari boleh dirujuk dari link CoinMarketCap berikut : Contoh lah kita hitung volume terendah iaitu RM100,000 memerlukan sekitar 10,000 liquid DDK diniagakan jika 1 DDK berharga sekitar RM10. Jika harga turun $1 which is impossible, kerana untuk volume RM100,000 datangnya dari pembeli memerlukan 20,000 DDK supply untuk memenuhi permintaan tersebut which we dont have that based on HOW MUCH DDK balance left from Exmarket address boleh check disini : So kita boleh katakan kita dah jumpa dasar terendah $1.70 dan untuk kita lihat lagi price tersebut adalah sukar melainkan Bitcoin dan Ethereum price crash and drag DDK sama-sama kebawah. Tetapi kerana DDK ini bersifat "mineable coins" jadi ianya mempunyai limited SUPPLY bukannya berjuta-juta atau berbilion seperti TOKEN lain ataupun coin2 lain. DDK juga telah disenaraikan sebagai "minable coins" baru-baru ini di CoinMarketCap boleh dilihat dari link ini : . Boleh lihat dari link berikut DDK berada top 100 ranking dalam golongan coin yang boleh dimine atau ditambang kata orang Indonesia. ??
  21. DDK Mainnet deposit to Exmarket ----> 20 seconds Exmarket DDK exchange to BTC ----> 1 second Exmarket BTC withdraw to ----> 30 minutes. BTC sell to MULTIPLE LOCAL BANKS ----> 15 minutes DDK liquid from Mainnet sell and receive into your banks is only LESS THAN 1 hour!! ?? The BEST PART it's through decentralize and distributed ecosystem of Global Exchangers and NOT through single entity FINANCE/COMPANY.
  22. Ya, jika ada idea atau soalan atau luahan berkenaan DDK silahkan dibuat di forum ini sebagai wadah diskusi. Untuk sertakan foto atau video sekalipun dibolehkan di DDK forum ini. Silahkan check dan explore. Selamat datang ke DDK forum @Bismillaah2111 ?
  23. Great, Would like to see more from you and more from Philippine to be contribute and utilize DDK for their daily solutions and to support their activities on every country is having "lockdown" because of COVID-19 ? #WFH