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  1. Hi Sean, This is my personal view, yes DDK Core 2.1 will definitely affect the timeline of the reduction of staking rewards but relatively the other way around you suggested or guessed to happen. This is on the premise that what was specified in the whitepaper and translated into a smart contract regarding staking reward will not change. If this excerpt; "Staking Rewards - this reward is given to community members who freeze their DDKoins in a staking contract for 6 months or more. They will receive a reward of 10% on staked amount, which will decrease in the first year and then every 6 months, by 2%" will not not change then we expect that realization of reduction's timeline will be affected. In what way? It will take a shorter period to realize the reduction. How is that? Let's assume that DDK Core 2.1 will be launched when block height reached 3,153, 600 blocks (this is the time where reduction will happen, from 10% SR to 8% SR. With the current Core 1.0, next reduction happens after 1,576,800 blocks and all these are based on the following performance: 10s = 1 block ; 1 min = 6 blocks; 1 hour = 360 blocks; 1 day = 8,640 blocks; 1 year = 3,153,600 blocks; therefore: 1/2 year (or six months) = 1,576,800 blocks With DDK Core 2.1, it will definitely happen so fast because performance will be: 30s = 1 block; 1 min = 2 blocks; 1 hour = 120 blocks; 1 day = 2,880 blocks; 1 year = 1,051,200 blocks; therefore: 1/2 year (or six months) = 525,600 blocks This means that with Core 2.1, it will only need to reach a block height equivalent to 525,600 blocks to reduce 8% to 6% staking rewards compared to 1,576,800 blocks with the current Core 1.0. But that will be just the indicator of when halving will happen or at what block height. the most important thing is the rate of how many blocks are created based on the transactions done by SH. Another thing DDK Core 1.0 can only do 25 transaction per seconds (TPS) while DDK Core 2.1 would be around 217 TPS. But remember that to create blocks there should be more transactions to be executed. The creation of blocks therefore will be based on the number of transactions done in Blockchain. Meaning, the activities of the SH define when will be the next halving. If you recall, based on the max performance of DDK 1.0, it will only take a year to enjoy 10% SR but we are still enjoying the 10% SR in more than 2 years now until the halving on Nov 2020. Why is that? Well because we are only creating an average of 3.4 blocks per minute compared to the capability of DDK 1.0 of 6.0 blocks per minute. So, that contributed to having been able to enjoy the 10% SR longer than expected. Bottom line, if there will be more transactions that will be done within the blockchain then halving or reduction of SR will happen faster than expected. Personally though, I see it as a delay as well to increase the price of the DDK because of the following: 1. 10% SR contributes to the flooding of available supply while there is lesser demand or new SH acquiring liquid DDK for staking 2. Lesser blocks created than its capability will prolong the delay in the expected halving. That lesser blocks created will mean fewer transactions done and may translate to fewer staking activity done in the blockchain. I hope I have shared insights for this question. Z
  2. In addition to that, this statement "In the future, either the DDK goes up or down, I don't care'" saddened me personally. The community, more than anyone else, should care of the current and future of DDK. They should be the fuel powering the blockchain and revealing the true value of DDKoin. By doing that, the SH will benefit to all the hardwork and passion of the founder to help a lot of people in providing financial freedom.
  3. Hi Devein, I envy you for having to experience trading for a year now and you have a deep understanding on the volatility and the factor affecting the cryptocurrency prices. Having been exposed in trading for only a few months, I see the whole lot opportunities especially now that DEFI is the new ICO. We are glad that the same road will be track of DDK Blockchain with the release of the Version 2.1 soon. On the other hand, i guess the simple answer to your question is that, because it was set to be like that, that during the migration 1 DNC = 1 DDK. Maybe confusion lies whenever we convert both with USD, MYR, PHP, SGD, IDR, VND and any other fiat currency. Maybe the right question is, what if DDK is currently priced at 300 USD? Would we ask the same question of why 1 DNC = 1 DDK? I guess we can consider this as a rhetorical question. The we go back to the comparison of the two if we are actually at the losing end or we are just missing the true opportunity of DDK that is why we try to go back at looking at the fiat equivalent of it all. DNC (Dinar Coin), is a digital asset pegged to the value of 4.25 grams of 999.9 Karat Gold. It was set like that and the one who set is the central body who is the management. A lot gained in that process and gains are through an automated and self-generated system, which basically is centralize. On the other hand, DDKoin is created with DDK Blockchain through a smart contract and no one can control what you will do with the asset and no one will tell you what price would you like to sell it. You can even set 1000 USD in the exchanges. Things is DDK can be more the DNC equivalent pegged value but since you mentioned that you understand the factors affecting price, maybe we should all help to educate others to value their DDK. We can educate them how to trade, educate them what is blockchain and cryptocurrency and let's all start cancelling sell orders and start putting first 200 USD to make it equal to a pegged price of DNC then rally 300 USD to make us all blessed and leave the past of DNC behind. With your acquired knowledge, I guess the table above is quite self-explanatory and will give as hope of the future. Cheers mate! Co-SH
  4. There are ways to increase coinholders. One of the popular few is the distribution of airdrops. These are literally free coins distributed to existing stakeholders if they qualify the requirements set by the management or by the Foundation. This is with the objective to create inspiration in working diligently in making the community stronger and powerful. Bottomline, adoption should be the end product of any rewards given to those who work. This is outside proof of work, although this is part of the smart contract wherein you get referral reward and chain referral reward every time the referral stake and vote (as a result has gained), the referee will get rewards. Kudos to Blockstream for making this video to teach everyone how DDK rewards those who invited new investors and token holders. Mabuhay kayo! Atin ito, Filipino!
  5. Owning a DDK is a blessing. It is an exact definition of freedom that potentially will bring financial stability. But when do an interested party decide to own or buy DDK? Of course buying at low price is advantageous to some extent. But what if the price doesn't reach the level that we decided to buy? What if it is already counting days and what we posted as buying price is still open. Before anyone decides to invest or buy DDK in particular, he should have done some research, read some article and watch some videos about Blockchain and cryptocurrency. It will help a lot. There are things to consider too before buying any cryptocurrency. We have listed 9 items as commonly heard and read in social media by enthusiast and expert in the technology and financial matters. Please check these out: Keep in mind the following: 1. Crypto is very volatile. 2. You can lose all your money. 3. Only invest what you are willing to lose. 4. Don’t buy crypto using credit cards. 5. Do not hand over your investment to anyone who will promise 0% to high as heaven gains. 6. Spend less than you make. 7. Have multiple streams of income. 8. Get out of inflationary assets. 9. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH (DYOR) So if anyone has already set aside an amount "they are willing to lose" (well this is exaggeration of acceptance to whatever will happen to your investment), then do not waste so much time because any entry point is a good point. One, no one knows when DDK will go up or will go down. Two, The earlier you bought and stake, the earlier you get gains. Three, price in between while DDK is in contract is irrelevant since you cant sell frozen DDK while gains can be decided to roll and stake too if price is low. In effect, that gains that were staked will gain again. We have pasted FB post where we did discuss also the mindset that all SH should have in acquiring DDK. Happy reading everyone. Keep Staking!
  6. Fifth video. Blockstream is doing it continuously and consistently. This time around, they are streaming about rewards, particularly the staking reward. This is a captured truth about the 10% staking reward that a SH gets every after fourth vote. Here the actual example is an account with 500 DDK due for voting with staked amount of 50 DDK with 3 votes and 100 DDK with 11 votes. Therefore, after the vote they will have 4 votes and 12 votes prompting it to get 10% of the staked amount or 5DDK and 10 DDK respectively. Who would not want a free DDK by just staking and voting? Kudos Blockstream. Mabuhay Philippines.
  7. I really like how they capture and record their tutorial videos in a way that their is continuity in learning. From creating an account, navigating the platform, getting DDK by P2P and now staking and voting. This is well thought tutorial program. In this video, they also compared the consensus algorithm used by DDK blockchain, this the asset issuance protocol used by different blockchain technology. Among all the consensus algorithm, DPOS is proven to be the best. No wonder other cryptocurrencies like ETH and ERD are now relaunching with staking protocol. DDK was long been there and SH are enjoying the effectiveness and efficiency of the consensus algorithm, benefiting from the rewards written in smart contract. This video showed simply how the DPOS protocol works. Good job Blockstream. Continue streaming the future. Keep Staking!
  8. End of ARP 2.0 now projected to be 10 days earlier than the initial projection of August 17, 2020. With the current average daily rate of 0.64% consumption, the remaining 16.98% allocated ARP or equivalent to 152,783 DDK will only last for projected 26.5 days from today and that will be August 7, 2020.
  9. DDK Blockchain is considered public blockchain and therefore it is open to everyone, it is transnational and borderless. Meaning it can reach any country depending on the education effort of the community. As this is also decentralize it doesn't require any third party who will control your asset. The key for any successful project for blockchain is the adoption of its strong community so increasing the awareness now shouldn't be left alone as a job of the management, although they still implement programs that will increase awareness and increase stakeholders being handled by DDK foundation, such as but not limited to Bounty contest and ARP 2.0. The community network has actively spread across a number of countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Japan, Yemen, USA and other countries worldwide. There have been awareness effort done in Europe too but again it will be up to the community, with the support of the management, where and how we wanted to make DDK known to the world. We personally have signed up relatives in Canada and US and its up to them to educate friends, neighbors and co-workers there.
  10. @Olivierloncin I will not take the liberty to speak on behalf of the management as too the project based on DDK Blockchain but I can share topics written in this forum that may help you introduce the future of DDK to your friends especially potential expansion and 3rd party projects on top of the DDK Blockchain. Please refer to this link below. DDK Management is opening doors as well to the usability and use cases of DDK by introducing merchants who will accept DDK as form of payment. Please check this link too Remember, no one said that DDK is limited to the interest of its staking reward, whoever said it is misinformed and doesn't understand the core of cryptocurrency and DDK is far from Ponzi scheme. I suggest let your friends understand DDK and the technology revolving around it by watching introduction to and cryptocurrency. This Youtube channel, although has a Filipino touch can guide your friends in their crypto journey. The link below the videos directs your friends to a more interesting facts about DDK, blockchain and cryptocurrency. One more broad opportunity available for DDK is through trading, the active part of gaining since staking is somewhat passive. There are ways to earn in trading, earn through the spread, arbitrage and volatility of other altcoins where you can trade DDK. I think the management is so transparent that they have set up a lot of medium in communicating the current events and updates about DDK. Anything outside what i mentioned is not cryptocurrency and should not be entertained even if it involves DDK as a form of payment and promises rewards because it will veer away to the decentralize nature of blockchain. The collective rewards of staking and APR (as long as available) is proven higher than potential promise and is secure, and given as what is written in Smart contract. After providing information to your friends and allowing them to do their own research with the provided information by the management and they still have reservations, please do not invite them to own DDK because they will not help the community to attend its ultimate objective of making the DDK a valuable asset. I hope i have provided general information.
  11. Copying the description of the #blockstream YT channel posting a series of videos about DDK Tutorial. This channel is fit for this content and will be helpful to all new SH seeking tutorial. The channel is a Filipino initiative translating the author's personal experience of his cryptocurrency journey. The channel is promising as they keep on adding entries with consistency on the basic of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The videos ranges from 10 min to 25 mins depending on the topics created. It uses Filipino-English language which can also be easily understood by the audience. They have a perfect material that can be used by existing SH in inviting new interested investors. Kudos Philippines for coming up with this channel. "Description Wanting to get away from deflationary assets and learn how you can have other baskets of investment? Catch what the future is bringing us while we stream the basics of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. At Blockstream, we ought to stream the future and help you understand in a convenient and timely way how we can absorb the unconventional nature of cryptocurrency by featuring DDK and other technology revolving around it. Our focus is to let you be educated and choose what fits you in engaging and creating your cryptocurrency journey. Our videos discuss two categories of coin holders, passive and active- simply staking and trading. Experience is what we put in all our videos - to educate and share information. The goal is to inspire more and alleviate people who financially depends on regulators. We are here to complement in doing your own research (DYOR). This is Blockstream, streaming the future!"
  12. We really need to increase the number of transactions in generating new blocks. More transactions would mean more activities in the blockchain. This can only be achieved if there are more coinholders who will benefit from this technology. Currently, the increase in the addresses being created or new account being created stayed with a consistent and seemingly flat daily growth or rate is almost consistent. This calls for more effort to educate people who will believe in the power of this technology and the underlying benefit if they engage themselves in this unconventional way of financial life. Are you all ready to take the challenge? Educate more, stake more! Z
  13. Unstoppable. Blockstream released their 3rd video with the objective to teach SH how to transfer liquid DDK using P2P (Peer-to-peer) or Send function of DDK Blockchain. The steps are simple and considered as the simplest form of acquiring DDK for staking. I hope to see a tutorial on how to acquire DDK through exchanger and eventually cash vice versa. The video is a little shorter this time but the author has done great in showing actual account transferring DDK to another account, not once but twice. The capability of DDK blockchain was also featured because we saw how fast the transaction was confirmed and that the result was immediately reflected. I am proud that a Filipino author started this type of tutorial that will reach a lot of audience which will become beneficiary of this technology. Support should be given to this noble cause. Mabuhay Pilipinas.Wagi ang Pilipino.
  14. Hello master @Arai_Ezzra, I believe I still have question here i need to understand. Respectfully requesting answer. Thank you.