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    Hi. Dave Yeo here and I hail from Malaysia. Have been in this crypto business for more than 2 years and currently there are more than 4000 members under my care, from as far as USA, Australia, England, China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Macao, Thailand, Malaysia and many more countries. The reason for this vast expansion is that the trust and commitment given to each member has always been the core of our team, even to the other leaders as we collaborate with one another. We would be very happy to receive your membership and be glad to be counted in as part of the big family that works together, stays together.
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    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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    Dave Yeo
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    27th May 2016

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  1. Hi Am wondering if the developers are doing any backend work in regards to Airdrop Stats? Thanks, your speedy reply would be appreciated