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  1. 1. There is no such thing as pre ready 1st passphrase. Had to claim it ourselves and there were no 2nd passphrase at the time. I still dont get it how already claimed 1st passphrase can still be obtained by other person to claim other people 2nd passphrase. Hello, As mentioned by Founder please carefully understand the mechanism here: 1) Your ETPS username and password is exposed to someone else when we open for Pasphrase claimed within 11 months duration. Solution : If you'r the right owner of the DDK account you have to get the "first passphrase" and RIGHT AWAY create "second passphrase" to avoid any other party trying to takeover your account. 2) Your place that you keep the passphrase is keeping online in email or your computer that expose to any "Trojan" or 'Keylogger". Solution : Please print your passphrase and keep offline. With this method no one can get your passphrase. Me myself also print out all passphrase and keep offline for big account to avoid any risks. HTere are possibility that this issue persist that caused to your 1st Passphrase taken by someone else. Thus the person can do your 2nd Passphrase. If that is the case, we cannot control the situation as the passphrase is under the users custody. During the 1st Mainnet launched we have put the important notification in the Mainnet Dashboard as below: Kindly take note.
  2. CLARIFICATION ON NOTIFICATION FROM COINMARKETCAP TOWARDS DDK (DDKOIN) LISTING AS AFFILIATED WITH DINAR DIRHAM GLOBAL Dear DDK Stakeholders, The notification by CoinMarketCap (CMC) at DDK listing page below refers; DDK management would like to inform Stakeholders that we have taken actions regarding this notification by communicating with the CoinMarketCap (CMC) team and emphasized that Dinar Dirham Global does not have any relations with DDK project including the DDK Management team, DDK Developers, DDK partners or its collaborators. Subsequently, we received their reply stating their policy to highlight such reports but stated their willingness to consider removing the notification once BNM (Bank Negara Malaysia) is able to update the information & remove any confusion that we (DDK project) are related to the Dinar Dirham Global. In order to do this, we will need to work directly with BNM (Bank Negara Malaysia) through our legal counsel in accordance to proper procedures. The same supporting documents and points will also be extended to CMC for their reference as detailed below; 1. DinarDirham Global has been on BNM watch-list since 9th January 2017 (two years back) - (Index 1) - , DDK platform on the other hand, was only introduced to the community and during the Grand Launching in Malaysia on 31st August 2018 (Masternodes) & Launched DDK Blockchain Mainnet officially on 27th April 2019. The detail development of DDK Technology is transparent presented in GitHub link - 2. Due to the unauthorised use of the products and branding for his own self-interest and financial benefits at the cost of the public, subsequently resulting in website being associated with Dinar Dirham Global. 3. In their website ( listing their bank account details for the purpose of taking deposits from the public and again mislead of the products created by Dinar Dirham branding as associated with him and misleading about the product and package that offered by him. On the day the watchlist was listed in the official BNM sites, the owner of the domain has been purposely put the sites down after being watchlisted. 4. The founder of Dinar Dirham Brand have sent an official Warning Letter to Dinar Dirham Global ( owner - Fairis Riduan on 11th April 2017. The content of the Warning Letter attached for reference, in summary states the following (Please refer to INDEX 2) - .Through this letter, Fairis Riduan (I/C Number: 760621-11-5137) has acknowledged the receipt of this Warning Letter on 30th May 2017 that states his unauthorised and misleading use of the Dinar Dirham Brand name and website (Index 2) 5. CoinMarketCap will consider removing the said notification upon Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) updated information regarding Dinar Dirham Global not affiliated with Dinar Dirham brand and website (Index 3) DDK Management with the support of DDK Founders will endeavor to work tirelessly with Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) to consider removing the notification of DDK/DOIN associated with Dinar Dirham Global to clear the good name of our platform, product and brand name for the ease, comfort and confidence for all our present and future stakeholders and ultimately seeing the removal of the notice raised by CoinmarketCap (CMC). However, with much respect of CMC process and procedure as they also required to take care of the user's interest. Therefore any entities / parties / organizations / partners or affiliates who mentioned that they are with DDK Management and intended to misleading the DDK Stakeholders and community, please do not ignore the notification to do your due diligence as this will improved your understanding about DDK Technology and its ecosystem - (Please refer to the official DDK website for further information - and only refer to entire official channel of communication and promotion only. Thus, CMC also has been always cooperate with DDK Management in order to ensure that our position, ranking and justification of the documentations to put this project in the official deserved ranking. DDK Platform is a genuine 100% decentralized (Open-Source), majority consensus platform that covers more than 10 countries consisting of more than over 200,000 stakeholders around the globe. Stakeholders are eager to see BNM updating its list and removing from its watch list, thus disassociating DDK from any links to Dinar Dirham Global. In Addition, we would also like to take this opportunity to clarify further that another entity - Koperasi DinarDirham Berhad – (KODINAR) that was riding on the brand name of Dinar Dirham which is normally misinterpreted by the public that DDK project is associated with. Dinar Dirham Global was one of the representatives / agents of KODINAR. Please be noted that DDK project does not associated with KODINAR in any of partnership collaborations, management team and developers. KODINAR was in partnership with DDK Founder during Private Pre-ICOs period however it has been terminated on an official letter dated 25th September 2017 & received officially by KODINAR on 27th September 2017 due to misleading, misinterpretations and Breach of Agreement notification letter sent by our lawyer NOR ZABETHA CHINNA & CO (Please refer INDEX 4) - You may also refer to the Breach 5 content of clarification that the Dinar Dirham Global as the agents of KODINAR has been committing misrepresentation and misleading the public. Here we attached all the proof of the documentation for the ease of the community perusal in order to clarify further towards DDK community that are continuously supporting this project globally and any misleading that has been done by KODINAR and its partnerships does not related to DDK project as the whole. DDK Founder have sent termination letter (in year 2017) as proved that we have no partnership or affiliation with them or any of their entities, subsidiaries, or in any further relations with KODINAR after they have breached the contract of agreement. We have to emphasize that any products (PITISCOIN & LADRIM & etc) created by KODINAR, or their Executives, partners, associates does not relate to us (DDK Founders, DDK Management our any of our present associates) directly or indirectly. We hope that with this clarification can ease the worries and concerns of all stakeholders and we humbly request all to have faith and keep supporting this project. The Management team will always do our best to protect this project for the long term benefit of all its stakeholders as we continue to further develop DDK platform to greater heights. Thank You. Regards, Shuhada Zainal Project CEO DDK Management INDEX 1 INDEX 2 INDEX 3 – Screenshot of reply from CMC team to DDK CEO INDEX 4