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  1. DDK is good for me

  2. Good day, First of all I would like recall about the DDKoin Monthly Stacking Reward reduction such as : 10% - until 3,153,600 Blocks 8% - 3,153,601 - 4,708,800 Blocks 6% - 4,708,801 - 6,264,000 Blocks 4% - 6,264,001 - 7,819,200 Blocks 2% - 7,819,201 Blocks Onwards/ Forever As I am aware that DDKoin Management Team announced "DDK Blockchain 2.1" on August 21, 2020, I noticed that New Core 2.1 had done many upgrade features one of the example is Blockchain transactions now will have the option to include auxiliary data also referred to as metadata that may provide additional data about how the block has been generated. Core 2.1 is presented with an estimation of 1 block is 30 second. 1 block can fit a minimum 1 transaction to maximum 6000 transactions per block. 1 transaction is ~64KB and 1 block maximum size is 1MB (Not MiB). Meaning DDK Core 2.1 would be around ~217 TPS (Transaction Per Second). Base on 30 seconds per block after launching Core 2.1, will it affect the timeline of the reducing of staking reward? Does it means that 8% , 6% AND 4% monthly stacking reward will last longer period for DDKoin communities to be enjoyed? This is because base on my understanding, the longer time needed to create a block from (10 seconds to 30 seconds) the longer time may it takes to reach every percentages (%) reduction blocks. Would like to seek great answers from experts and thank you in advance.
  3. In this case, it is very true that 3rd party will gradually do some enhancement and other tools for more users to adopt blockchain with smart contract. However, the advantages that we all can be seen clearly because DDKoin created their own EASY CREATOR & SMART CONTRACT TEMPLATE without trusting 3rd parties which will solve many users doubtful or fearful intentions. Good job Dato Team and Developer Team! Hope to hear about Explorer 2.0 and Core 2.1 very very soon.
  4. By the way, I just discovered this: So it seems like ETH had improved their smart contract token creator in simple way as well, please ignore my previous post about ETH need to know coding/ JAVA SCRIPT to create token.
  5. Thank you founder for the precious reply, from you answers we can foresee that DDKoin will have potential in terms of DEMAND, because if coming future more and more projects around the globe adopting DDKoin Smart Contract their will be limited supply of DDKoin in circulating market due to most DDKoin been burned in "Proof Of Burn" theory. Now I understand and confirmed that DDKoin will be "SCARE" in near future based from you information mentioned. In so, I think we are able to reveal DDKoin's abilities comparing to ETH such as: Transactions Per Second:- DDKoin 25 transactions per second (at this moment may have improvement in future) ETH 15 transactions per second (at this moment may have improvement in future) - "Because of a hard-coded limit on computation per block, the ethereum blockchain currently supports roughly 15 transactions per second" Block Generations: DDKoin generates per block every 10 seconds ETH generates per block every 10 - 20 seconds (The block time is adjusted based on the level of difficulties) -- Smart Contract Function: DDKoin smart contract will be in friendly user concept by introducing "Simple Token Creator" (filling up form basis). Non programmer base users will be able to create or execute their own token with smart contract function/ agreement stated instantly. Advantages are, more people will be preferring simple way to create their own token for ICOs or projects or companies. ETH smart contract must have programming background knowing coding language or java script in order to execute smart contract for tokens. In short it will be more complex and token creators tend or often make mistake and incurred unnecessary fees which may be gone forever during creating token using ETH smart contract. On the other hand, token owners without programming background must hire programmers to help creating token with medium or high range of salary to those professionals to create own token. The main reason of all these main lead to time consuming which may affect their timeline of their projects. Delay delay konon....below is the example of JAVA SCRIPT for newbies to have a little bit of idea including me myself... Of course, there will be more to say but I cant share it at once too, that is why my choice is right and now I must keep on staking and buy some more DDKoin in market to stake more before rocketing to the moon, mars, till pluto hehehehe. Salam and thank you again Founder Dato Arai. DDKoin the best!!
  6. Ini akan terjadi, jikalau 24 hours trading volume di CMC mula menurun dalam sekitar $1000 - $500 atau lebih rendah lagi, sebab ini tandanya makin kurang aktiviti untuk jual dan beli jadi walaupun DDKoin harga ke $0.50 pun susah juga untuk berlaku beli dan jual (sebab tiada orang atau tidak lagi berminat). Pada ketika kini, 24 hours trading volume di CMC adalah masih dalam lingkungan $17,000 hingga ke $60,000 average, jadi masih boleh agak kalau harga ke $1 memang ada orang akan sapu DDKoin pada masa itu. Sebenarnya, saya pun menunggu sama ada harga DDKoin ni akan jatuh ke $1 ke atau tidak. Mari sama sama kita lihat, sebab masih tidak cukup untuk stake dan 8% makin mendekat sudah. Jikalau ada salah cakap, minta maaf duluan dan jangan simpan di hati ya, cuma pandangan yang cetek dari saya persendirian. Salam~kawan dan stay safe during Covid19 ini.
  7. Salam kepada semua and good day to all DDKoinerss~ I would like to know more about coming DAI in core 2.1 which will be launched soon in around May 2020 together with explorer 2.0 that will consist various of information to Stake Holders and future potential stake holders. As I'm aware that DDKoin Asset Issuing (DAI) will enabling new potential ICO projects and create smart contract token with DDKoin Blockchain System:- 1. Will DDKoin will be "BURNED" every time smart contract activities occur? 2. Is there any potential investors eyeing DDKoin DAI for their ICO projects and create their own token using DDKoin Smart Contract?If yes would like to hear more about those potential investors. If NO what will DDK management plan for near future to utilize DAI at its best performance? Below are the example for TRON, EOS & ETH screenshot about coin "burned" which may lead to scarcity due to lesser circulating supply gradually. TOTAL SUPPLY - TOKEN/COIN BURNED = CIRCULATING SUPPLY. If this apply to DDKoin, I believe DDKoin will be very scarce because there will not only reducing stake reward from 10% to 2% every 4th vote but also from its coins that may be burned for smart contracts. Circulating supply will be getting lesser and lesser in market. Hope to seek great answers from experts. Thank you.
  8. 中国加油!! 我们祝你们平安!

  9. Good day, I would like to know is there any possibility to remain all newly stake DDK/ recent new stake DDK back to 1st page like it used to be? This is because it will be easier for us to monitor and update our latest stake of DDK more conveniently. Thanks for your concern.