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  1. well apparently i can't remove the pictures that i have attached in edit part. The pictures attached has nothing to do with the post. It was my mistake. What a bummer lol
  2. Hello community! I would like to suggest DDK management to setup DDK Wiki like many other coins did. This is a very good example for Polkadot coin
  3. susah nk tolong ni tuan kalau tkde gmbr sebelum dan selepas. ada bbrpa benda kena ingat masa voting (ikut pengalaman saya) 1. Masa yg tertera dalam mainnet mungkin berbeza dengan masa pada phone atau laptop. Contoh, masa dalam mainnet lambat 5 minit dengan masa di laptop saya. 2. Vote tidak akan successful kalau block tak berjalan. Sebab tu penting untuk check status block sebelum membuat voting. Boleh juga check di
  4. Overall DDK has better technology than DNC. In crypto world, time is an essence. Patience is virtue. If you have been trading crypto, you will understand what i'm saying.
  5. Why is Coinmargin is not listed in CoinMarketCap exchanger's list ?
  6. Saya berharap DDK didaftarkan dalam exchanger yang ada offer leverage trading pada masa hadapan ?
  7. Questions : 1) Why not we reduce the time needed to get staking rewards? Instead of 4 times vote, lets say we can get the SR after 3 votes. Or every vote for every 5 days. This way, the circulating supply will increase faster right? Thus, it will increase the market cap. Higher market cap = Higher rank in CoinMarketCap 2) If i get this correctly, when the supply has reached 45 million there is no more point to stake DDK because there is no more staking rewards. So most circulating supply will probably being traded in exchanger. So stakeholders must learn about crypto trading too at the end if they wanna make more profit. ? Otherwise if a large number of merchants accepting DDK as payment, that will change the whole story. Main problem is i really don't know what to expect when the staking rewards has finished.
  8. From my calculation since 7/7/2020 the amount of airdrop 2.0 left was 193976.3882 and as of today it reduced to 147541.2648 About 46 000 DDK difference in 6 days !
  9. Thank you for your insight! This is very helpful for some stakeholders who doesn't fully understand what ARP is. This post surely will boost confidence to stakeholders on where DDK is heading to. ?
  10. Rasa sangat beruntung mengenali DDK pada tahun 2018 dulu. Sehingga kini masih maintain Staking and Voting ?
  11. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa