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  1. Hello Mr/Mrs, This is not a link to open the Surface platform but it was an API to track it's volume and booking order, in case particular platform need to use it. If you want to access Surface Exchange platform, you can go to Thank you.
  2. Basically, there's so many ways to raise DDK price. In fact, it will be better if DDK price goes up by naturality based on the behaviour of a trader itself. Firstly, DDK price will goes up when DDK itself has their own main usage that makes the peer take it as a must to consume it. Not only relying to buy and sell in exchange platform, DDK can be burn into mass adoption by the existence of a smart-contract. When DDK open it's DAI, every project made from DAI will use DDK as an utility fees. So in this terms DDK will be a daily needed for a project issuer since they need to pay utility for their project.
  4. Hello everyone, let us introduce 6 headliners that can be categorized as top managing members in Surface Organisation :- Ismail Abinting (Head Of Organisation) Nurul Insyira (Head Of Finance) Samli Sani (Head Of Networkers) Ramadhan Ali (Head Of Traders) Aelvin Richard (Department of Service Provider) Anne Phoebe Degalima (Consortium Managers) Join us now!
  5. 1. The most fastest Blockchain ever built. 2. Reserving lot of rewards for stakeholder. 3. The most consumed crypto in South East Asia. 4. Decentralize data-keeping through DPoS consensus.
  6. The topic is about Blockchain. Certain people whether hodlers or non-hodlers society always confused about the open-source and transparent data. After looking to the community that make savings or sometimes invest in cryptocurrency and utility token of digital wallet. Transparency in Blockchain is not about we know who the founder is; or who’s behind the products. It’s all about the transactions, data keeping, and coding flow for fork purpose. Why transparency is not about man behind the product? Because Satoshi Nakamoto remain anonymous until this day but the data from Satoshi’s product can be seen and can be fork anytime and anywhere also mining it anytime and anywhere but don’t steal electricity from TNB for it. Let’s take a look at the Banking Monetary System. When someone’s saved money in a bank. The central authority which is the bank will lend your money to the debtors who making loan from them without your knowledge and the transaction cannot be seen because of many factors just like physical transaction and central server governed by an authority of the entity/institution. With the existent of blockchain with its transparency, you can access your data in a transparent way; from where your asset comes and where your asset goes. In that case, there’s no central authority can lend your money to anyone. That’s for the transparent transactions (transaksi telus). How can central authority silently lend your money when it was in blockchain? You owned your own SEED and Private Key. In the sight of developers, transparency and open-sourced is important for them to build project under project from the code and how to make research on it. Last but not least, I owned Bitcoin but I don’t know who Satoshi is. vote : surface_official
  7. Click the link below in order to real the full article.