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  1. Just from my unsolicited opinion. I think it's all about market timing. if time reduction for staking rewards had shorten, depletion of unmined tokens will be quicker and definitely, supply will grow. As of the moment where so few are familiar with DDKoin, not to mention cryptocurrency, it will be unwise to maximize the supply right now because it will only lead to devaluation of tokens. Even we increase the circulating supply, we could still not improve the rank if price comes low. But if price increased , so is the rank in CMC, which could be achieved through token scarcity. Besides, the only thing that will drive the of scarcity is the utilization of the Token which is currently develop by the foundation. I believe we are on the right track, the way the foundation introducing DDKoin to the world and developing the technology at the same time.
  2. As mentioned by founder @Arai_Ezzra that DDKoin will continue as long as we use or contribute fees because it will be burn through "Proof of Burning" mechanism under DDK Core 2.1. So does it mean that the 2% distribution rate will be retain all through out? Let say yesterday the Staking rewards gone depleted already, and today DAI burn some tokens and put it back to genesis address and become part of the staking reward allocation, then how would it be distributed?
  3. Designed block generation per minute should be 6 blocks (10secs per block). But as observed, 6 blocks per minute weren't achieve at all times. Sometimes it generating 2 blocks per minute only. Since halving need a certain number of height before it take effect which is 3,156,000 and was pre-calculated to be reach in a span of a year, then we could expect that this would take more than the pre-calculated date if the rate of block generation would continue like this. So for the sake of our own awareness, what are the factors affecting the block generations? I encourage everybody to share their ideas regarding this matter.
  4. Guys, I am exploring surface exchange platform and somehow noticed their order book. Medyo di ko magets yung ibig sabihin, unlike dun sa ibang platform. As shown below, ang pagkakaintindi ko eh yung amount ay pending or untraded volume out of the total volume in size. Tama ba? Usually kasi, merong amount, price, and total. Yung amount is the remaining volume pending to be traded in a particular price, and then the total is the overall price (amount*price).
  5. Sure bro! Hoping our KABAYAN's will join us here doing noisy things hehe... Anyway, for me, this is one way to remotely collaborate ideas how can we be benefited in this kind of technology. Who knows, we may able to develop our own projects, a pinoy made, once DAI is launch. All we need are the right people with the same perseverance like us. I'm really looking forward for that opportunity to come! We Filipinos must work hand in hand ?, not to drag other people down, but to lift up! Go Pinoy! Magtiwala tayo sa sarili nating kakayanan! Kaya natin to! ??
  6. Reading all these talks really makes my brain bleed ?. On the other hand, reading it from time to time makes me understand somehow. I do believe even I'm not as fast as you, perseverance in learning will give me a step closer in understanding it fully. That's why everyday, from time to time, I always checking this forum for any valuable information. Anyway, speaking of transparency, I am very optimistic that launching the new explorer will boost the confidence of the stakeholder. This platform is so transparent that any information you needed to see is already one click away. I was really amazed. Thank you dato @Arai_Ezzra and team for making it possible.
  7. Couldn't agree more! @zmeldg is absolutely right. We encourage our KABAYANs ?? to participate and make use of this channel to learn and explore. Let us keep this channel so noisy and busy tackling DDKoin related matters. Having an active and lively channel, people's interest will be boosted, so to speak. Let us raise our ?? to give support to the foundation. Because our presence is enough to make them feel that Filipinos are just right behind the, giving the support that we might have. Happy staking!
  8. Congratulations to all guys!? Just keep ourselves in taking part of this kind of exciting events. Let us not get tired of it, win or lose. The fact that we are participating, we are indeed rewarding ourselves with knowledge and wisdom along the process. I encourage everybody to join in this exciting contest. It's not only for me, for you, for us or for the foundation, it is for the future of everybody. Let the world hear and see the beauty of DDK technology may bring. The more we expose DDK to public, the faster it will be sky rocketing ? Just keep it up guys!
  9. Blockchain is an inevitable technology of the future that rise to aid our financial needs. Choosing the correct blockchain that suits to your needs is one of the challenges. Though some of the blockchains are identical, still they are not 100% identical. They vary based on their technology, structure, components, consensus, services offered, and profit generation. If you are looking for blockchain that would aid your financial needs, you better choose DDK blockchain as your partner. DDK is a new blockchain technology emerging out in the market bearing its innovative concept giving economic opportunities. To have better understanding on how would you consider DDK as a future asset, here’s the interesting facts about DDK. 1. Profitability DDK platform has its own crypto currency use in its platform which was called DDKoin token. This tokens holds a value depends on the supply and demand in the market. Since this platform considered to be new, we, the stakeholders, the early adapters, have the opportunity to acquire great numbers of DDKoin inside the platform by means of staking. Based in https://explorer.ddkoin.com/, 81% of 45million tokens are still unmined, and said to be mined through staking at an estimated 9 years from now. Through staking, stakeholders are entitled to have 10% of the total staked as a reward every month, where rate will be gradually decrease once a certain block heights were reached, but on the other hand, it will help strengthen its value. In that way, earning of DDKoin is easy as waiting while having a cup of coffee. The more you staked, the more you earn. Speaking of price, having a piece of it requires no more than 4usd as of the moment, giving us a head start to acquire at low cost and wait until its potential define its value in the near future. With that facts, profitability of DDKoin is certain. 2. Transparency One of the aspects makes DDK appealing is its transparency. DDK had just launched its new block explorer where we can check the status of our transaction. Not only the activity of transaction where and when it was sent or receive, but also the delegates, current height blocks, public address, total and circulating supply and more. Another feature of this explorer is that the current price value of DDKoin can be presented in a currency of your choice. That means, you can just simply choose whatever currency listed and check the converted value of DDKoin. How convenient isn’t it? Feel free to explore this link https://explorer.ddkoin.com/ at your own pleasure. 3. High Security DDK has its decentralized blockchain database, so shutting it down by unknown source is close to impossible. That’s because DDK has total of 352 delegates which 101 of it are active, are spread out across the globe. These delegates or nodes are those who has given position to process and manage transaction in a DDK platform, once a transaction was recorded, it will be broadcasted and distributed to all the delegates and these delegates as a node, will keep the same record. Therefore, DDK blockchain will always run as long as there is a working node present, and that makes everything secured. Moreover, DDK platform wallet offers two authentication passphrase, enabling the user to perform transaction such as voting, staking, and sending in a secure manner. Having a two strong keys, possibilities of getting hacked is almost impossible. And that makes your tokens inside your wallet secured. 4. Speed Transaction speed is one of the characteristics that makes one blockchain better than the other. Of course, you don’t want to be in a place where you always have to keep waiting for the transaction to be completed. DDK platform offers high speed where blocks are created in every 10secs with 250 transactions per block. Compared to well-known crypto like Bitcoin where blocks are created every 10mins, Ethereum with 15-20secs per block, Litecoin with 2.5mins per block, DDK platform speed is more competitive among those mentioned altcoins. 5. Usability This frequently ask question, “what’s the purpose of DDKoin?” is common to all cryptos. Since we are claiming that DDK platform, can facilitate its user with creating opportunities for supporting economic growth using its advance concept, let cite some facts about ongoing project developing under this platform where we can utilize DDKoin as a token. One of the exciting upcoming project to be release is the DAI or DDK Asset Issuing. This is about using a smart contract technology handling financial task automated, independent and record directly to the blockchain. To have a better view, let’s define first smart contract in a simplest way as possible. A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties. These transactions are trackable and irreversible. In short, it is like a computer generated humanoid that acts as the accountant or whoever party involve in any negotiation with a credible and reliable transactions. Could you imagine the beauty in it? Isn’t it good? Nobody can trick us then. Ok, let’s go back from our main objective, since we already knew what smart contract is, so where is the involvement of DDKoin here? In a simplest way, DDKoin will fuel the DAI to create another crypto asset (coin, tokens) under the supervision of a smart contract or simply DDKoin will be converted into other digital asset defined by the clients. And this newly created tokens under DAI will then be use by the clients to facilitate its own financial task. Furthermore, DDKoin as a token bearing its financial value, can be traded peer-to-peer or even be the means of payment as long as it is recognized at the other end as a valid medium. DDK already implemented DDK merchant where you can use DDKoin as payment to a registered DDK merchant. Hope this facts help you somehow understand why we should consider DDK as our future asset. Don't get left behind, be a part of the growing community, be a DDKoin stakeholder!
  10. In my point of view, understanding new technology like blockchain technology are not so difficult for those people who has background in IT, engineerings, enthusiast or any profession related. But how about those people in other fields? Specially those people living in provinces or rural areas where this kind of technology is not so familiar. Talking to them using techy language is kinda hard for them or takes time to digest and absorb. So my suggestion is, why not make any promotions or any visual presentation that can be easily understand. Why not create some analogous presentation that they may easily visualize this technology and can get benefited? Yes, we are like teaching like ABC and 1+1 for those people can't easily comprehend in this kind of innovations. Lets take this as an example, in promoting or introducing blockchain technology, how can we explain or show them it in a simpler way? My idea is to create an animated clip where blockhains are compared as ledger, and once transaction is carried out, it will be put in the block. Something like that. Yes, me too, I'm not that well versed in blockchain and I'm having a hard time to understand and research thoroughly due to my other priorities in life, but somehow, I can pick up the basic idea behind it, not as much as you do guys. But what important is the basic idea of blockchain. Furthermore, this educational video clips has to be compiled, whether it is created by the foundations or one of event winner, and make it availble for download. In this effort, we can easily dissiminate and impart the technology that DDK may bring.
  11. Congrats to all winners! By the way, I think it would be great if all entries is to be posted here just to have a glimpse for all their hard work and creativity. Thanks..
  12. Looking forward for this kind of update.
  13. Greetings to all! I would like to introduce myself to the community. My name is Jonnel, a proud ?? Filipino, and currently working as an Electro Officer in a Tanker Vessel ?. It is a great pleasure to be a part of this community, thanks not only to our founder @Arai_Ezzra, but for all people involve in this wonderful platform ?. The first time I heard this cryptocurrency, honestly, I was so skeptical ?, because I don't know what is crpytocurrency is in the first place. Secondly, I don't know how cryptocurrency works as a financial means of exchange, in short nada. "I don't know anything in cryptocurrency, so why should I invest on something I really don't understand", that's what in the back of my mind. Then a friend of mine introduced this DDK and explained to me in the most simplest way the term cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Then something inside pop in my mind, urging me to check what is he talking about, a curiosity that I can't ever resist. ? And through research and reading articles while my having my brain bleeds out ?(because of the terminology I haven't yet encountered?) about crytocurrency and blockchain, I somehow understand how blockchain works and how it's technology be utilized for the future. Furthermore, after reviewing the vision and goals of DDK platform, on how they can have an economic impact through it's blockchain development, and their advantage to other cryptocurrency, I suddenly felt like "WOW ?, I must participate and be part of this pioneering technology". And then at that moment, my perspective about cryptocurrency changed from skeptical to optimism. I will support DDK to the end not because it's new to me, its because I believe in its technology.
  14. Is global arena or virtual arena was an example of project made from dai?