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  1. Salam perkenalan juga @Suratno. Ya, kami semua belajar & berkongsi bersama-sama. ??
  2. A big thanks to CEO @sueredzza for the effort in presenting and clarifying the affiliation notice shown in CMC. May more people read this and share out to understand where we stand. DDK is not a scam but genuine project. May DDK grow strong in crypto market. ??
  3. Totally agreed sir @Arai_Ezzra that the centralised system needs changed to be blockchain and decentralised. I believed in this project, just need to chase away those who keeps trying to sabotaj and damaging this project from being successful. Currently many of which who are frustrated and unhappy were : 1) New stakeholders that joins April-May 2018. The unethical greedy leaders were promoting 1DNC = 1 DDK = will sky rocket RM1000 once system migrated from Jun 2018 and reopens in July 2018. Many were asked to buy more at rate RM800-850/DNC at that time so that can be converted into DDK. Hence, with the false thought given that inflated returns and just 1short month of migration, many felt worth the investment and thus pump in lots of money to buy DNC as many promotes DNC is real during May 2018 (which for New Stakeholders, who had NEVER experienced a single cent of profit/earnings). All were just hearsay. They were promised with all kinds of benefits, but no one stood out to say that such promotion about DDK is not true. (Unlike now, team will say DDK takes time to grow, don't borrow loan to invest in DDK, etc) It's true DNC has profited many existing ETPS members during 2.5yrs, but it had NEVER benefited those newly joined. This group of investors are the most innocent ones, though some may say it's their fault never study this project properly from the start... But many usually invest begins with the trust in someone who explains and show them hard solid gold coin and mthly earnings. ? 2) Existing stakeholders who wanted to pull out by taking out their DNC into physical gold were asked not to. But rather keep it and let it convert into DDK to become higher value in short period. Since because they have been earning monthly and feel trusted with the system, they pump more and took out their savings to generate more income for families. Thinking they will be able to start generating funds in 2months, similarly with false promotions by unethical leaders/uplines, many also agreed to buy more when they see the crowd cheering and showing how DDK will soar once migration ends in July 2018. But then, it started to take a toll on many when the migration took longer than said although it was faster than other coins. But those weren't their main concern. The problem arises when those benefits and soaring of prices which they should see immediately in August 2018 were nothing but flowery imagination. Then, many still tried to be calm to understand that this is just a process we need to go through to make it better and all stick to it through thick and thin until migration completes. During this period, many were slowly being educated directly with the right information that were supposed to be given by leaders/uplines (which did not happen in the case of many because they were just greedy pocketing money from investors). On top of that, with forum created, many starts to learn the truth directly from founder @Arai_Ezzra about the project which were not fully disclosed to investors when they join before migration. So many were not prepared for what is coming and that is what make them lost and devasted. Those who newly join now will be able to enjoy low price buying DDK happily, while those newly join just before migration were stucked with debts. Hence, I believe main issue which provokes them were things that was promised to them by previous leaders/uplines unfulfilled. Started with the unethical group of people in this project who wants to earn fast money and did not fully disclosed necessary information for investors to consider before joining. Then in the midst of migration, these investors were left all by themselves while those leaders/uplines pull out. So end up anger were released towards the founder and management. ? But is too late to do anything now since the coins has already been bought previously. Trust with the project is still there. More promotions, seminars, training, trading classes should be held to educate more stakeholders worldwide (hopefully lesser charge/free so that more unaffordable SH can join). Main issue now is people do not know how to trade correctly, thus causes price slump. What's past is past. DDK is a genuine project worked hard by many teams with sweat and blood. I believed all are praying and hoping a success for this project because we ourselves are stakeholders too which we had put our hard earned money in it. Right? ? Meantime let's study and learn how to trade correctly, how to put prices wisely in GE, understand DDK's project concept and plan so that we don't get swayed easily. Migration has been completed, platform DDK is ready, DDK listing in GE & CMC done. Now we are at the trading and promoting stage. With positiveness, right trading method, no sabotaj with hanky pankies can help push the price up. Success is when all stand together firmly, but standalone will make you fall. ? Sharing my 2cents.. sorry being lengthy. ?
  4. Dear fellow DDKians, Just to info, on and off the block may still stop for some mainnet links. So please always check the blocks before doing any transactions ya. If the link you use is not working, please login another mainnet link. We have 11 mainnet links as below: ? newcore-mainnet1.ddkoin.com ? newcore-mainnet2.ddkoin.com ? newcore-mainnet3.ddkoin.com ? newcore-mainnet4.ddkoin.com ? newcore-mainnet5.ddkoin.com ? newcore-mainnet6.ddkoin.com ? newcore-mainnet7.ddkoin.com ? newcore-mainnet8.ddkoin.com ? newcore-mainnet9.ddkoin.com ? newcore-mainnet10.ddkoin.com ? newcore-mainnet11.ddkoin.com Hope helps. ?
  5. Terima kasih @Dare2Rich bagi perkongsian tuan di atas. ? Harap info begini dapat memberi sedikit sebanyak edukasi kepada kita semua dan memahami kitaran pasaran wang kripto ini. Seperti yang kita selalu dengar – yang naik akan turun, yang turun akan naik... Bersabar lah dan harap kita semua adalah golongan yang optimis! Sama2 kita jayakan projek DDK. ??
  6. Great effort done for the benefit of the native (Dusun) citizen. May the proper knowledge of DDK and education be spread farther to all people and countries with less language barrier. ??
  7. Terima kasih @Khairudin membuat pengiraan yang senang di fahami buat semua. ? Oleh itu dengan pengurangan % staking reward mengikut block height, bukan sahaja staking reward yang kita terima berkurang, ia juga bermaksud DDK cair di pasaran juga akan berkurang. Apabila Supply berkurang (dari 100ddk ke 80ddk), dan adanya Demand yang tinggi seperti masa yang kita menerima 100ddk itu, harga DDK seharusnya meningkat. Rules of Demand & Supply. ??
  8. Agreed with @DJamesDK. Whomever needs clarification for obtaining passphrase from ETPS may refer to this discussion topic ya. ??
  9. Salam kenal semua @Atjeh DDK @Hamid Hamidi. Saya pula dari Malaysia. Sama2 kita membantu dan berkongsi info buat manfaat semua. ??
  10. Salam @Khairudin Update yang menarik. 1) Option For Vote : – Mengapa perlu downvote? Semasa kita click "Vote", semua Stake DDK akan auto vote. Bukan satu per satu dan ini membazir masa bagi yang punya beratus akaun. ? – Jika ingin buat staking baru, buat lah pada hari yang anda ingin Vote (tapi sila Stake dulu sebelum buat voting, supaya boleh vote sekaligus), ATAU cara lebih baik, buka akaun baru (jadi referral sendiri) untuk staking baru - dengan ini anda dapat direct referral 10% once stake sukses. 2) Stake / Status : – Seperti yang di kongsi di atas, bagi yang ada beratus akaun, cara ni susah sikit. Sebab banyak masa digunakan untuk tick satu per satu instead of just vote akaun by akaun. Lagipun kita ada "Vote Count" untuk lihat berapa kali lagi sebelum Stake matang jadi liquid. – Biasanya takde Stake yang sedia untuk vote dan yang masih menunggu untuk vote, kecuali anda Stake pada hari bukan voting. Oleh itu, jangan vote sehingga Stake yang lain tiba masanya untuk vote. Jika tidak, fee untuk vote akan di tolak bagi semua Frozen Stake DDK, tetapi yang di ambil kira hanya lah yang boleh vote pada hari itu. Yang belum tiba masanya tidak akan di kira vote nya. So membazir lddk bayar untuk fee. Oleh itu, seperti saya katakan diatas, buka akaun baru bawah sendiri, Stake dan boleh vote terus buat kali pertama. 3) Profile / Merge Account : – Merge account mungkin tak jadi sebab setiap akaun ada DDK Address dan passphrase tersendiri. Untuk combine frozen Stake DDK, platform DDK ada satu fungsi dipanggil "Send Stake". Tetapi fungsi ini belum sedia lagi digunakan, lagipun untuk Send Stake fee adakah 10%. Mahal dan tidak digalakkan. Ada lagi info buat ni, tapi cukup lah buat ini.. ? Harap membantu dengan sedikit info saya. ?
  11. Harap dengan adanya Airdrop 2.0 akan boost keyakinan dan keinginan orang ramai untuk memiliki DDK. Sila bantu lah naikkan harga DDK dengan menjalankan lebih promosi mengenai DDK, edukasi serta training gunakan sistem DDK, cara trading dengan betul, dan memberi pemahaman DDK yang betul supaya semua stakeholder tahu bagaimana menjaga harga DDK dan bukan membuang harga/ikut membuta tuli. Nampak sekarang ramai yang panik dan membuat keputusan yang tidak wajar. Ada juga traders yang tidak bertanggungjawab dan bermain dengan harga di GE untuk kepentingan diri sendiri. ?
  12. Noted sir. Was wondering why the mainnet bit lagging and went to check on the Blockchain to realise that it was not running consistently. There's been some pauses in between. Some links are unable to login as well. Thanks for the update again sir @Arai_Ezzra
  13. Hi @Abdullah-sallam It is decentralised now, no longer the responsibility of the management to govern the price. It's the stakeholders as a whole to protect the DDK price. Who are those selling DDK at low price in GE? The team has put in much effort to get DDK listed in CMC, we wouldn't want to risk CMC withdrawing DDK out from CMC for manipulating DDK price right? All I can say is, hope that all TDs will provide more seminars, education, awareness and guidance to stakeholders worldwide on how to trade correctly in GE. So that everyone can trade wisely and not fighting/competing on who can get their DDK sold faster in GE by putting a lower price. Wake up stakeholders, you know your DDK's worth and value. Don't loose to the demand. Just my 2cents. Hope helps. ?
  14. Yes, a big thanks to Dato @Arai_Ezzra for the clear clarification. DDK communities who origin from ETPS since 2016 would know that it had run for 2.5years without fail. Thus with further clarification from the founder, may all be strengthen and not easily succumbed by those to aims the fall of DDK. Stay strong DDKians! ??