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    The Airdrop Reloaded Program version 2, allocating another 900,000 DDK for distribution is nearing its full consumption. This is after consuming exactly 61% of allocated amount in just less than four months after its launching on 21st of February of this year. The reward is so enticing that it is expected to end soon. The details of the airdrop reloaded was published in an announcement as shown below: https://announcements.ddkoin.com/?p=1047#:~:text=Chain referral%3A DDK has a,the same as Airdrop 1.0. To be able to benefit from this program, a new set of requirements should be followed. One particular requirement is that, the account should be created after the launching of ARP 2.0 and as shown in the attached image, there are three minimum requirements to be able to qualify. To enable referral link, user should have minimum one (1) staked DDK. On the other hand, to qualify for the direct referral, user should have a minimum of 100 staked DDK. Lastly, to qualify for the chain referral reward, one should have at least 500 staked DDK in a particular account. Referral reward is 10% of whatever staked amount of the new referral and is divided into three levels while chain referral has a total of 20% of whatever referral reward got by the new referral and this is divided into 15 levels. Imagine a total of 30% free DDK for those who will be diligent enough to introduce DDK that will make the community bigger and stronger.Throughout the duration of the ARP, you need at least 9,000,000 newly staked DDK (considering only referral reward) to consume 900,000 ARP reward. That's a massive demand. I have been closely monitoring the performance of the ARP 2.0 for the past 3 months by the tabulating the specific consumed amount in a particular day. The daily consumption ranges from as low as 0.37% to as high as 0.86% of the total 900,000 available DDK for ARP daily. That has an average of 0.55% daily consumption or 4,950 DDK. But with the onset of launching Explorer 2.0, the consumption went up to an average of 0.73% daily or equivalent to 6,570 DDK. This rate significantly reduced the projected number of days that the ARP allocated reward will last. On the 3rd week of May, the projected date that ARP will last was up to 9th of September this year but as of this writing, the ARP will only last up to 17th of August. This milestone is proven by the recent spike in DDK value, even reaching 4 USD in Exmarkets Exchanger and even higher in other GE. This will change as more stakeholder choose to stake. Below is the recorded performance of ARP 2.0 % Left ARP UNTIL 8/17/2020 Consumed Ave Daily 38.83% 900000 362849.4439 0.59% 0.58% 06-Apr 20.86% 187695.3444 0.37% 0.37% 07-Apr 21.23% 191066.1634 1.27% 0.42% 10-Apr 22.50% 202526.1464 0.41% 0.41% 11-Apr 22.91% 206190.5894 0.92% 0.46% 13-Apr 23.83% 214514.1950 4.43% 0.55% 21-Apr 28.26% 254345.9760 0.55% 0.55% 22-Apr 28.81% 259293.1592 1.49% 0.50% 25-Apr 30.30% 272662.2497 0.74% 0.37% 27-Apr 31.04% 279339.3038 2.63% 0.53% 02-May 33.67% 303007.0000 2.89% 0.48% 08-May 36.55% 328973.8594 0.75% 0.75% 09-May 37.31% 335757.7844 0.86% 0.86% 10-May 38.16% 343459.3720 1.46% 0.49% 13-May 39.63% 356638.7683 3.19% 0.64% 18-May 42.82% 385391.2024 1.72% 0.86% 20-May 44.54% 400897.9737 0.63% 0.63% 21-May 45.17% 406564.2958 1.29% 0.43% 24-May 46.46% 418165.4558 1.50% 0.75% 26-May 47.96% 431635.5833 6.54% 0.73% 04-Jun 54.50% 490492.6229 1.42% 0.71% 06-Jun 55.92% 503256.7457 5.25% 0.75% 13-Jun 61.17% 550544.7883 Therefore, the remaining 349,455 DDK intended ARP will only last up to two more months or 65 days more or less. This is not the time think twice of staking more and delay all the selling while ARP is still available. This is the best two months to introduce DDK to more who will benefit from this cryptocurrency. We need DDK as asset for the future is understatement because DDK is the future. Keep staking!
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    Salam kepada semua and good day to all DDKoinerss~ I would like to know more about coming DAI in core 2.1 which will be launched soon in around May 2020 together with explorer 2.0 that will consist various of information to Stake Holders and future potential stake holders. As I'm aware that DDKoin Asset Issuing (DAI) will enabling new potential ICO projects and create smart contract token with DDKoin Blockchain System:- 1. Will DDKoin will be "BURNED" every time smart contract activities occur? 2. Is there any potential investors eyeing DDKoin DAI for their ICO projects and create their own token using DDKoin Smart Contract?If yes would like to hear more about those potential investors. If NO what will DDK management plan for near future to utilize DAI at its best performance? Below are the example for TRON, EOS & ETH screenshot about coin "burned" which may lead to scarcity due to lesser circulating supply gradually. TOTAL SUPPLY - TOKEN/COIN BURNED = CIRCULATING SUPPLY. If this apply to DDKoin, I believe DDKoin will be very scarce because there will not only reducing stake reward from 10% to 2% every 4th vote but also from its coins that may be burned for smart contracts. Circulating supply will be getting lesser and lesser in market. Hope to seek great answers from experts. Thank you.
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    Question : 1. Will DDKoin will be "BURNED" every time smart contract activities occur? Answer : YES. We are implementing PROOF OF BURN (POB) feature to all DDK Token created. When new DDK TOKEN created, the smart contract will ask the token creator to BURN DDK liquid as "initial price" for their token as pegged value before the token listing in any exhanger. The total DDK liquid burned for creation of the token will be re-enter BACK into DDK Genesis Address that is currently keeping the allocation of STAKING REWARD. Meaning of that, the 45 Million will not be finish on 2028 and it might running forever as long people create DDK TOKEN and people use DDK TOKEN to make transaction. Question : 2. Is there any potential investors eyeing DDKoin DAI for their ICO projects and create their own token using DDKoin Smart Contract?If yes would like to hear more about those potential investors. If NO what will DDK management plan for near future to utilize DAI at its best performance? Answer : Currently there is more than 5 project integrated DDK inside their application. However, we cannot make any announcement as endorsement for any company unless they already go through our screening process to evaluate their projects. Details can be seen from here posted December 2019 : English version announcement : https://announcements.ddkoin.com/?p=872 Malay version announcement : https://announcements.ddkoin.com/?p=921 However because of nature of DDK is open source that anyone can take the code and API to connect to our DDK BLOCKCHAIN to do any transaction by their own the ecosystem, everyone need to do their own "Due-Diligence" on any project integrating DDK inside their platform. DDK will grow to another level when DDK enable people to create token inside DDK. This is the link to get the DOCUMENTATION on how to integrate DDK inside your application/platform : https://github.com/AraiEzzra/DDK.REST.API.CLIENT/blob/master/README.md
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    Hello guys, here i posted all the web wallet that available for DDK Mainnet . However before you make the transaction you are asked to confirm the following : 1) Check Debugger on which wallet is running at : https://debugger.ddkoin.com/node - The ID for wallet name is based on "DDK-COREXXX" (XXX is the name of the wallet ID 1 - 17) 2) Once you make sure the wallet is running you are logged in and should see the current block in sync with your current location at this page on DDK Mainnet wallet : https://XXX.ddkoin.com/blockchain (XXX is the name of the wallet ID) 3) To Confirm that your transaction is stamp on the block and distributed to all DDK nodes you can check the transaction confirmation from DDK Explorer : - https://explorer.ddkoin.com/ - https://ddkexplorer.ddkoin.com/ - DDKOIN Wallets : http://newcore-mainnet1.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet2.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet3.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet4.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet5.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet6.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet7.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet8.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet9.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet10.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet11.ddkoin.com https://mainnet12.ddkoin.com https://mainnet13.ddkoin.com https://mainnet14.ddkoin.com https://mainnet15.ddkoin.com https://mainnet16.ddkoin.com https://mainnet17.ddkoin.com
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    Why I Choose Exmarkets as my Trading platform for my DDKOIN? https://exmarkets.com ( 1 ) Exmarkets is the most active exchanger where DDKOIN buy & sell happen every minutes. ( 2 ) DDKOIN can be exchanged / paring with Btc, Eth, Usdt, Usdc & Vndc. ( 3 ) No Deposit & Withdrawal Fee (Free Of Charge) ( 4 ) Very Low of Trading Fee. Only 0.1% for Buy & Sell. ( 5 ) Very Fast Withdrawal processing. Somehow you also can trade your DDKOIN in other listed exchangers as below: ( 1 ) https://www.dobiexchange.com ( 2 ) https://vindax.com ( 3 ) https://finexbox.com ( 4 ) https://surfacexchanges.com (NEW) https://ddkoin.com https://explorer.ddkoin.com
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    Hello Philippines! Hello Filipino stakeholders! Mabuhay! The Admin is generous enough to create a channel for us to collaborate, exchange ideas, mentor each other and share valuable information related to blockchain, cryptocurrency and of course DDK. Let's us take advantage of this platform to record and document what we know to teach incoming stakeholders to make the community stronger and to create a greater adoption. Documented knowledge can secure the future and avoid potential mistakes in adopting the technology. The least we could do is to show that we care for the community and be responsible to pass on or pay it forward. Hope to see more volunteers and more contribution in this channel. Questions will definitely be accommodated by the Admin and you can also see even the founder himself and CEO answering direct questions. That is a sign of great commitment. Something to trust that everything is in place. Keep staking guys! Z
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    Thanks for this post! Hello sa mga Pinoy DDK Stakeholders! ??
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    DDK is the future. No doubt about it. Its existence is beneficial. It has a heart for the victims of pandemic. Its success is divinely guided. All that was promised was delivered not by the time man has planned it but with the time all things are allowed to happen. The trials along the way has revealed who the true community are and those with hidden agendas were destined to vanish. Malicious intentions didn't succeed. Be it by an individual or organization such as a Global Exchanger. Those can't be prevented by man alone. No one else can, only divine interventions. Anything about DDK is well thought. The blueprints were intelligently executed and those behind the project is gifted with unquestionable intelligence. DDK's transparency is evident. It utilizes all the possible medium where the community can learn and see everything that is happening with DDK. The Management's commitment and untiring dedication to deliver is the power that resulted to the creation of strong community. Said community will further help in bringing DDK to success that will provide blessing that there will not be room enough to store it. DDK blockchain's legitimacy is proven by the platform that delivered all that was written in the Smart Contract. It will take days to mention each of the functionalities, the rewards being provided and all the characteristics that was mentioned in https://ddkoin.com/. Despite all the the undeniable features of DDK blockchain and the economic opportunities it created to its strong community, it is worthwhile to mention five interesting facts why we need to have DDK as our future asset: 1. DDK, just like all the top cryptocurrencies, is here to stay - In an article released and can be read in this link, https://www.goldmoney.com/research/goldmoney-insights/payments-panic-and-the-ending-of-fiat-currencies, it was mentioned that "The timescale for the demise of unsound fiat currencies is likely to be very short, by the end of 2020 - exactly three centuries since a similar fiat currency experiment failed in John Law’s Mississippi bubble.". This and many more article proves that fiat currency will soon vanish and will have no value because of the uncontrolled addiction of printing more money out of thin air. 2. DDK's value will appreciate - we can't escape comparing DDKoin as a cryptocurrency to Bitcoin. As of this writing, Bitcoin price is $ 9,505.74 when its starting price in 2011 was only at $ 0.30. We are confident that the success of Bitcoin, although in a different scale, will be the success of DDK because although they are similar in some ways, DDK preponderate Bitcoin in so many ways. This article explained how by staking you get DDK in return, much simpler than mining Bitcoin. https://blog.ddkoin.com/2020/05/22/theres-no-place-better-for-staking-voting-than-the-ddk-platform/ 3. The convenience of cashless - contrary to the belief that if you don't have cash, you are an unfortunate individual; nowadays you can actually survive without any cash. If you have $20,000 and managed to buy DDK at its current price, you will be getting almost 7,000 DDK. Staking said number of DDK will assure you of 700 DDK every month as staking reward (well until the next halving). That amount can now be withdrawn and deposited to a Global Exchanger and exchange with any cryptocurrency that can be exchange with local money or fiat. You dont have to withdraw and hold the physical money because you can directly settle bills using e-wallets or online banking after doing fund transfer. 4. DDK is a way to make money while you sleep - “Don’t work for money, let your money work for you” is the most popular term utilized in the finance world. No one can become rich and stay wealthy by just working for money. Bills are filing up, family's need never ends, and its hard to cope up with the ever changing lifestyle. The opportunity DDK provides will help an individual cope with all the financial need and challenges brought by these challenging times. Clearly, DDK is an asset that puts money in your pocket even if you are no longer working. 5. You and you alone manage your DDK - You have full control of your asset. No third party will ever dictate what you will do with it. You own the opportunity but you alone is responsible for the potential risk. No one gets a cut or will ever ask a percentage of your DDK. No regulation shall ask that having to own DDK will require payment to institutions. Its decentralize nature is a freedom that you should be responsible enough to carry on. Clearly, owning DDK today will secure individual's future. It is something that should not be neglected. DDK is a financial freedom. Happy Independence Day, Philippines
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    Hope Founder/Management to updates some information and future planing of launched the newest Core. Would be very happy to see a reply very soon. #StaySafe #FightCovid #FaceMask#Sanitize ____________________________________________ #DDKROCKET#StakeVoteTrading#KeepLeaning#DPOS#Decentralize
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    Looking forward for this kind of update.
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    Assalamu alaikum.... Hai semuanya, terima kasih pada founder, CEO dan semua pengguna forums ini. Langsung saja ya Perkenalkan Nama saya Abdul Rouf, saya adalah DDKoiner, lebih tepatnya adalah salah satu stake holder dari Indonesia, sebenarnya sudah lama sih saya punya akun ini, tapi melihat postingan di instagram @DDKoin_Official bahwa ada BountyContest yang mengharuskan daftar dan Login, jadi saya login lagi dan lihat-lihat seputar postingan dalam forum ini, ngomong dah lama juga saya tak pernah login ke forum ini, kangen sih..... Tapi mau gimana lagi ya, terlalu banyak aktifitas, jadi saya hanya melihat info dari IG dan FB saja, Ok hanya itu aja teman-teman. Sebenarnya ada yang ingin saya posting tentang bagaimana menaikkan ddk ini, tapi agak sulit jelasinnya kalau melalui tulisan, Tunggu aja ya postinganku selanjutnya di forums ini. Saya Punya permintaan kepada tim IT khususnya pada forums ini, kalau bisa lengkapi untuk kirim foto, video, yang bisa kita lihat di beranda setiap user forum ini. Biar beda aja forumnya dengan crypto yang lainnya, kalau bisa Forum ini jadi mirip media sosial, seperti FB dan lainnya, kan dengan begitu lebih enjoy kita ada di web ini dan mudah juga kita promosi tentang DDK-nya, apa lagi kalau ada aplikasi Medsosnya. Ok sekian teman-teman, maaf kepada tim IT kalau banyak permintaan hehehehe Wassalamu alaikum wr wb
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    It's either we adopt or be left behind. This is my take on digital transformation of society through cryptocurrency. DDK for me is the next big thing. Hello, my name is Zmel Grabillo from the Philippines. I am working in Maynilad Water, one of the concessionaires of the Metropolitan Waterworks, handling two business areas covering several cities in Metro Manila particularly the Cities of Valenzuela, Malabon, Navotas and potions of Caloocan and Quezon City. My job requires a lot of time to focus on a lot of major key performance indicators. Just like in any other organization, the measure of success is sustained growth. Therefore gearing up for the future is very important. Not only that, sustained growth should be aligned to meeting the service obligation specified in the Business Plan as indicated in the Concession Agreement. So everything that we do should be coupled with efficiency, prudence, and satisfying customer or customer experience. Bottom line, I don't have a luxury of time to work on complicated things requiring time but of no value or less beneficial. I came to know the then, DNC using ETPS wallet platform in October 2017 from a respected senior colleague. The marketing plan and the reward system were few of the reasons I got interested plus the fact that it was not so time consuming because you have the option to just make it a passive income or invite others to join and enjoy the same benefit of the passive income. Back then, I don't have any background about blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICOs, POW/POS/DPOS, and other known terminologies relating to the technology. This made me uncomfortable during the migration to DDK platform and to the conversion of DNC to DDKoin. I was confused, uneasy and unsure of the future. But the transparency, constant communication in many medium and platform of the management made me to hold onto and surprisingly buying more towards the start of the migration. I can't say it was a wise decision. Most will say it was a big loss comparing the amount in Phillipine peso (Php) of the purchased of DNC to the volatile and decentralize value of DDKoin when it was launch up until now. But that didn't hinder me from discovering the opportunity of the DDK blockchain and what it has to offer. Again, it was the faith of the management and other shareholders and the transparency of all the works involved that made we believe more. I thought I will not be able to recover if I just rely my own investment on the decision, suggestion and analysis of others. At this point, I started doing my own research (DYOR) and I kept on asking questions to colleagues who understand the subject matter better. So when i started creating my first DDK account in September 2018, I was ready to gamble and decided to move forward. I began trusting myself and keen on discovering new things related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. I also appreciated the development done with DDKblockchain from the day it was launched. More than eighteen (18) months had past and I did the right decision. I understood more the fluctuation of DDKoin value and despite it's volatility, I am still gaining something to settle utility bills. It still doesn't take so much of my time as it only requires a vote every week and gains every after 4th vote. It was the easiest investment cycle I have ever encountered - stake, vote, get reward, stake, vote and so on. I am more excited of what the future holds for DDK but I am certain that this is the future. Its blockchain surpasses a lot of crypto project out in the market. Even some of the known coin will be having a relaunch which will utilize DPOS protocol. I have also learned to trade DDK to other crypto and do it if I have spare time to do so. I have developed knowledge in understanding the complexity of the variety of exchangers. This i owe to DDK and to all the great minds behind it. This made me inspired to pay it forward and orient more colleagues to learn the technology and create opportunity for them as well. I have allotted 10 DDK of my winnings in the #workfromhome challenge to give a free one DDK each to ten of my Filipino friends who are interested in learning blockchain and cryptocurrency. We will be having their first session through MS Teams, a work from home set-up, tomorrow, 25th of April, Saturday 9 AM. With the expected use cases in the coming years, DDK will be bigtime. Appreciating all the hard work of Datu Arai Ezzra and CEO Nurshuhada Zainal and the rest of the DDKoin team. Thank you as well to all the friends whom are all great influencers and teachers in discovering the norm of the future. I am certain that I will not be left behind. PS: Sharing one of the segment of our company newsletter featuring the work that I do. Keep on staking, Z
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    Greetings to Founders, CO-Founders, Management Teams, DDK Developers, and Stakholders ? I will introduce myself to the DDK community. My name is Hadinata Siddiq, from Indonesia??. My job is a lecturer in a private high school, a blogger, and also serves ordering articles?. I joined DDK through the DNC product in June 2017 and after Soft-Fork (Migration) finished automatically I have an account on the DDK platform. In the beginning I joined from a friend who immediately met me and told me about DNC products. At that time, I just assumed that this was an ordinary business that would benefit when I joined. But, when there was a plan to crypto, I began to be interested and learn about "what is DDK?" In some of my online jobs, payment via Bitcoin. And I have never thought about the technology used by Bitcoin. All I do is accept Bitcoin, then convert it to IDR. It turned out that through DDK I began to learn about alcoin: Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, and other crypto coins. Learning a lot of coins, made me even more familiar with DDK and saw the various potentials it had. DDK has educated me about cryptocurrency?. It is not enough to say "thank you", but I have to support this DDK project according to my ability. I am very confident that DDK will provide many benefits to its stakeholders and prosper in the future as a cryptocurrency product. Anyone who can see economic opportunities on DDK will surely continue to be with DDK and is always optimistic about spreading positive information about DDK to everyone. For me, DDK is a financial solution, crypto mining solution, digital transaction solution, investment solution, savings solution, and good-spread solution?. Special "thank you" to dato' @Arai_Ezzra ?
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    Fifth video. Blockstream is doing it continuously and consistently. This time around, they are streaming about rewards, particularly the staking reward. This is a captured truth about the 10% staking reward that a SH gets every after fourth vote. Here the actual example is an account with 500 DDK due for voting with staked amount of 50 DDK with 3 votes and 100 DDK with 11 votes. Therefore, after the vote they will have 4 votes and 12 votes prompting it to get 10% of the staked amount or 5DDK and 10 DDK respectively. Who would not want a free DDK by just staking and voting? Kudos Blockstream. Mabuhay Philippines.
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    They say Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization or Cryptocurrency Market Cap is a useful metric to know the the real value of cryptocurrency. So how do we compute Market Capitalization of DDK? Market Capitalization is computed using this formula: Market Cap = Total circulating supply x price of each coin Market Cap is the product of Total Circulating Supply and the price of each coin. Therefore, the drivers for DDK to increase its Market Cap is through an increase in the Circulating Supply and increase in price. To increase the circulating supply of DDK, there should be an increase in number of staked DDK to have an increase in the issuance of new supply brought about by staking rewards and airdrop rewards (referral and chain referral reward). On the other hand, to increase the price, there should be higher demand than unstaked amount or available liquid DDK being sold (supply of liquid DDK). We significantly reduce supply of liquid DDK if we stake DDK which is also the way to increase the circulating supply. Is therefore a cycle. How do we increase demand? We can answer this without blinking an eye. Increase Adoption. Adoption means educating new shareholders and allowing them to understand and decide for themselves what they are willing to invest that will provide opportunities to them. Increase in demand should not solely rely on the existing shareholder who are just increasing their DDK. As shareholder, we must then should be responsible in educating people and teach others to embrace this technology - DDK blockchain. We can say therefore that any project that will limit staking or any institution who will preach not to stake is not helping the price to go up, thus not helping to increase market capitalization. That is, inconsistent or veering away to the objective of the DDKoin and blocking the dream of the shareholder to maximize the opportunities they can get. Next question is, is it bad to have a lot of available liquid DDK that could be sitting in global exchangers? Straightforward answer is, It depends! If these liquid DDK are used to be traded to other crypto currencies or stable coins and the trader happened to benefit from the volatility of its prices and all the gains he acquires will be used to buy more DDK for staking, then we can now close the loop and say - DDK has the brightest future. We will reach the glory days of DDKoin. With all the projects linked to DDK like all the merchants increasing the use cases of DDKoin, that will all increase adoption. I must say, DDK has a very clear direction. It is not easy to learn crypto including all the technology that revolves around it. Truth is, you can't just sit and wait gains. You really have to work for it. As a matter of fact, DPOS revolutionizes the POW that have been introduced by Bitcoin, and that significantly reduced the work to be done by just staking and voting once a week. But it is still work. Trading on the hand is also unconventional in itself and a trader really invest a lot not only money (or crypto for that matter) but also time not only to watch for the price but to understand and study the science of trading. It's all good because it is work. In physics, work is the product of force and displacement. You really have to exert effort (equivalent to force), in Filipino magbanat ng buto, and you really have to move forward (not stagnant). That will include change. The question is why do we have to work if we can get something for free? Oh will, free things will not last. "Sa pawis ng iyong mukha ay kakain ka" - hind kelan man mababali. That is the same reason we say, there is so such thing as free lunch. If others will offer you free things, you will end up paying for it in an expensive way in the end. So, work! Do your own research and manage your own asset. Part of the work in understanding all about DDK, the recent increase of market cap of DDK from 26,245,075 USD (June 28, 2020) to 28,905,362 USD (July 3, 2020) with variance of 2,660,287 USD in just 5 days is remarkable. Why did I say remarkable, well for the whole month of June, Market Cap of DDK seem pegged to just more than 26,000,000 USD and never even reached 27,000,000 USD. Circulating supply has a steady growth rate of 0.05% daily, not much of the contributory factor in increase in market cap, same with the adoption rate (increase in new coinholder) with the 0.068% daily. But noticeably, there is an increase in the number of total staked amount that could drive increase in price since there is a reduction in supply of liquid DDK and demand is increasing. As a matter of fact, in previous days the difference of circulating supply vs total staked supply is always more than 1.6 M USD but today (July 3) it is only 1.57 M USD. Same reason the price is increasing with +4.04 % increase. Even if Bitcoin has a decreasing trend in price, DDK stays strong! We are never wrong in investing time and money with DDK.
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    @zmeldg That's a great review you had there. I can't contain my excitement when I saw how they explained it well. I hope all of our fellow Filipinos would really catching up with the way they want to know all about DDKoin. Kudos to that channel! Kudos to our fellow Filipinos! ?? I hope they will continue doing video tutorials like that. It's really helpful. ?
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    Came across with this post from DDK Philippines showing a video on How to Create DDK Account from Blockstream . This is new and with Filipino touch and I just thought that it should be shared here so more SH would benefit from this. I think the overall video is a good guide, not only to basic Hows but providing basic knowledge on blockchain and cryptocurrency. I hope they release more usable videos and guide to help more stakeholders. The video used Taglish (Filipino - English) as medium or dialect but Non-Filipino viewers can still understand. I think this kind of initiative will boost the Filipino community's adoption of DDKoin and will bring significant increase in coinholders. This demand will bring about positive coin market capitalization. I am so excited that Filipinos are stepping forward in a slowly and consistent manner that will eventually sum up to a big leap. Excited to see more hows videos such as how to buy in exchanger and how to cash out in pesos. Way to go, Filipino!
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    Market Cap reached all time high of more than 32M USD. An all time high day increase of almost 3.8 M USD. Noticeably there is a significant increase of new addresses, new circulating supply, and fewer liquid DDK (unstaked)
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    My last recorded consumed ARP is 637,774 DDK, leaving a remaining 262,225 DDK - just more than 29% left. The running daily average is at 0.63% but June daily average is at 0.76%, depleting the available ARP faster than expected. As such, the new projection for ARP to last will only be up to August 12, 2020, roughly 47 days to go. Grab it fast and keep staking. Z
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    @zmeldg Let's start into very simple questions na palaging concerns ng mga kapwa pinoy SH natin na, kung ang DDK daw ba ay maaaring withdrawhin into fiat? What could be the best answer to this? Yes, pedeng pede siya iwithdraw para maging fiat currencies. How? Gumamit ng crypto wallet as gateways. Sa Pilipinas ang mas nakilalang gateway is Coins.ph and if you are verified user here, pede ka na ding makapag cash in and out ng fiat papuntang crypto na siya ring available sa platform in form of BTC, ETH, XRP. Since 2017, I was a verified user of Coins.ph and it helps a lot in transacting with our own money from crypto. Knowing na noong mga panahong yun napakahirap pang makabili ng BTC noon. Inaabot kami like 2 to 3 hrs bago maipadala sa BTC wallet address mo ang BTC na binili mo from 7-11 stores. How that changed now? It's really surprising because a lot of excellent and convenient crypto exchanges usually is also served as your crypto wallet because we do trading from that exchange. Well, I just hope a lot of DDK SH here, mostly pinoys would certainly see how DDK works also in ExMarkets. Proving that DDKoin can give us free money whenever we needed it, while trading.
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    IR 4.0 DI KOLEJ ANTARABANGSA INOVATIF BERSAMA DDKOIN DDK CEO Nurshuhada Zainal is teaming up with Innovative International College CEO Shahawati Bt Umar to illuminate the general audience about a very important topic “Blockchain and Education”. ? The live session is on Sunday 21st June 2020 at 11:00 am (Malaysia Time).
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    Sure bro! Hoping our KABAYAN's will join us here doing noisy things hehe... Anyway, for me, this is one way to remotely collaborate ideas how can we be benefited in this kind of technology. Who knows, we may able to develop our own projects, a pinoy made, once DAI is launch. All we need are the right people with the same perseverance like us. I'm really looking forward for that opportunity to come! We Filipinos must work hand in hand ?, not to drag other people down, but to lift up! Go Pinoy! Magtiwala tayo sa sarili nating kakayanan! Kaya natin to! ??
  25. 1 point
    Reading all these talks really makes my brain bleed ?. On the other hand, reading it from time to time makes me understand somehow. I do believe even I'm not as fast as you, perseverance in learning will give me a step closer in understanding it fully. That's why everyday, from time to time, I always checking this forum for any valuable information. Anyway, speaking of transparency, I am very optimistic that launching the new explorer will boost the confidence of the stakeholder. This platform is so transparent that any information you needed to see is already one click away. I was really amazed. Thank you dato @Arai_Ezzra and team for making it possible.
  26. 1 point
    Yey! Glad you are here @Iamced. Let's joint force and help Filipino understand how beneficial DDK is. Let's also educate them to invest intelligently and protect their own asset. Let's do it. Let's make this channel as loud as possible. I am so excited of what we can reach and the extent of who we can inspire and help if we collaborate. Hope we can invite more Filipinos with the same passion and perseverance. A stronger community will definitely boost the value of DDK and adoption of the Technology. In the coming days, I am planning to write basic steps where we can copy this link to help our Kababayan. "Baka marami pa tayong maiahon sa kahirapan pag natutunan nila ito".Mabuhay tayo Pinoy! Keep staking, Z
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    Congratulations to all guys!? Just keep ourselves in taking part of this kind of exciting events. Let us not get tired of it, win or lose. The fact that we are participating, we are indeed rewarding ourselves with knowledge and wisdom along the process. I encourage everybody to join in this exciting contest. It's not only for me, for you, for us or for the foundation, it is for the future of everybody. Let the world hear and see the beauty of DDK technology may bring. The more we expose DDK to public, the faster it will be sky rocketing ? Just keep it up guys!
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    Daily rate taken today, 63.43% consumed today (6/15/2020) vs 62.46% consumed same time yesterday (last night) 6/16/2020, stands at 0.97% daily consumption of ARP allocated reward. 0.97% is the highest ever rate recorded consumption. That is translated to 8,760 + DDK consumed available airdrop. 15-Jun 62.46% 562149.2586 0.97% 0.97% 16-Jun 63.43% 570910.4704 8761.2118
  29. 1 point
    Thank you Master @Arai_Ezzra. Will do, will keep updating the latest figure regarding ARP and give a good view on what's happening.
  30. 1 point
    Nice info @zmeldg , Keep posting on this thread for latest info and value for users to read and aware. ?
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    Setelah 3 bulan kita telah pun mengharungi krisis COVID-19, para petugas barisan hadapan telah bekerja dengan keras tanpa mengira masa cuti mahupun rehat untuk memastikan penularan COVID-19 di Malaysia dapat dibendung secepatnya. Dengan bijaksana pihak kerajaan Malaysia telah membuat strategi rapi dan tepat untuk menangani masalah COVID-19 yang merangkumi 6 fasa utama iaitu: Resolve (Ketegasan) Resilience (Ketahanan) Restart (Memulakan Semula) Recovery (Pemulihan) Revitalize (Memperkasa) Reform (Menyusun Semula) Kita kini berada di fasa ke-4 iaitu Recovery (Pemulihan). Akibat penularan wabak COVID-19, ekonomi dunia kini menghadapi krisis yang terburuk sejak zaman Kemelesetan Ekonomi atau Great Depression pada tahun 1930-an. Kerajaan telah menyediakan Pelan Jana Semula Ekonomi Negara (PENJANA) yang telah diumumkan oleh YAB Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Muhyiddin Bin Haji Mohd Yassin (Perdana Menteri Malaysia) pada 5 Jun 2020. Terdapat 3 teras yang telah diketengahkan dalam perbentangan program PENJANA ini yang boleh dinikmati oleh semua rakyat Malaysia yang berkelayakkan seperti dibawah: Teras pertama: Memperkasakan Rakyat (Empower People) Setelah beberapa siri pakej ransangan yang telah dibentangkan oleh kerajaan, kini pakej ransangan telah diperhebatkan dan untuk memastikan bahawa kuasa beli dan simpanan rakyat dapat ditingkatkan serta menggalakkan perbelanjaan domestik. Tambahan pula, kerajaan sangat komited untuk memastikan tahap pengangguran dan inflasi negara terkawal. Teras dua: Melonjakkan Perniagaan (Propel Businesses) Pakej ransangan kali ini diperhebatkan lagi dengan memfokuskan kepada para peniaga terutamanya di dalam sektor perniagaan tempatan supaya terus kekal relevan dan secara tidak lansung dapat membantu merancakkan lagi percambahan ekonomi negara yang akhirnya dapat menambah pendapatan negara. Teras ketiga: Meransang Ekonomi (Stimulate The Economy) Agenda pembangunan ekonomi negara akan terus diperkasakan dan kebergantungan kepada sumber sedia akan dikurangkan. Kerajaan juga akan memastikan hasil kerajaan dapat ditingkatkan melalui mekanisma yang pelbagai. Disamping itu juga, platform e-dagang dan perniagaan digital akan turut diberi tumpuan khusus kerana mempunyai potensi yang besar dan meluas. Maka disini jelas dinyatakan kita menghadapi krisi ekonomi. Sebagai rakyat Malaysia, kita harus bersyukur kerana kerajaan telah menyusun strategi yang terperinci akan tetapi kita harus lebih cekap dan berinovasi dalam menempuhi cabaran ekonomi disebabkan penularan COVID-19 ini. Memanfaatkan peluang yang ada merupakan salah satu tindakkan yang bijak untuk menyelamatkan diri dalam kancah ekonomi yang tidak menentu. Disenaraikan juga penyelesaian yang sedia ada yang telah disediakan oleh DDK Foundation untuk membantu meningkatkan ekonomi kendiri: Investing in Staking & Voting Ecosystem Ganjaran boleh dimiliki dengan lebih meluas dan mudah. Hanya di rumah sahaja para ‘Stakeholder’ boleh melipat gandakan jumlah nilai DDK. Sistem yang tersedia di DDK Platform telah menyediakan ganjaran Staking & Voting yang mudah dimiliki pada setiap bulan. Digital Merchant Para usahawan yang mempunyai perniagaan kecil atau besar boleh mengiklankan perniagaan mereka bukan sahaja di media sosial tetapi di platform yang telah disediakan oleh DDK seperti ‘DDK Merchant’ dimana jangkauan kawasan pembeli akan lebih meluas. Dengan cara ini para perniaga tidak memerlukan kedai fizikal untuk beroperasi kerana semua boleh dilakukan di dalam talian sahaja. Trading Cryptocurrency ‘Trading’ merupakan satu aktiviti yang membolehkan para ‘Trader’ untuk melaksanakan proses jual beli nilai ‘cryptocurrency’ yang ada di dalam pasaran. Untuk mendapatkan keuntungan dari aktiviti ‘trading’ ini, beberapa strategi dan kemahiran perlu dipelajari. ‘Trading’ juga boleh dilalukan di mana-mana sahaja dan mudah untuk dipelajari. Cashless Payment System Kini proses jual beli menjadi lebih mudah. Tanpa melibatkan pihak ketiga menjadi penyumbang utama proses, transaksi menjadi lebih cepat dan mudah dilaksanakan. Tambahan pula, bayaran yang dikenakan untuk melaksanakan transaksi jauh lebih mudah. Dengan cara ini, aktiviti jual beli dalam perniagaan ini dapat diperluaskan di luar Negara dan dapat mengurangkan kos operasi perniagaan. Future Blockchain & FinTech Involvement Sistem DDK yang dibanggunkan menggunakan teknologi Blockchain akan diperhebatkan dan diperluaskan lagi dengan pembangunan ‘DDK Core 2.1’ untuk membolehkan penciptaan DDK Virtual Machine (DVM) dan juga DDK Asset Issuing (DAI). Justeru para ‘Stakeholder’ digalakkan untuk turut serta merebut peluang untuk menyertai blockchain project yang akan dijalankan oleh DDK Foundation. Para ‘Stakeholder’ perlu sentiasa bijak merebut peluang yang ada. Telah diperkatakan oleh YH Dato’ Azrainuddin Zainal (Master Founder) dimana blockchain adalah sistem yang tidak boleh disekat dan juga tidak terjejas oleh ekonomi yang tidak menentu. Justeru, penglibatan dengan lebih serius dengan projek blockchain perlu diberi perhatian. Disertakan juga infografi yang telah disediakan oleh pihak Bernama berkenaan Pelan Jana Semula Ekonomi Negara (PENJANA) supaya dapat memberi manfaat kepada para pembaca. Artikle oleh : Mutant Blockchain Academy (MBA) https://www.facebook.com/MutantBlockchainAcademy/ The post Pelan Jana Semula Ekonomi Negara (PENJANA) appeared first on DDK BLOGS. View the full article
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    Blockchain is an inevitable technology of the future that rise to aid our financial needs. Choosing the correct blockchain that suits to your needs is one of the challenges. Though some of the blockchains are identical, still they are not 100% identical. They vary based on their technology, structure, components, consensus, services offered, and profit generation. If you are looking for blockchain that would aid your financial needs, you better choose DDK blockchain as your partner. DDK is a new blockchain technology emerging out in the market bearing its innovative concept giving economic opportunities. To have better understanding on how would you consider DDK as a future asset, here’s the interesting facts about DDK. 1. Profitability DDK platform has its own crypto currency use in its platform which was called DDKoin token. This tokens holds a value depends on the supply and demand in the market. Since this platform considered to be new, we, the stakeholders, the early adapters, have the opportunity to acquire great numbers of DDKoin inside the platform by means of staking. Based in https://explorer.ddkoin.com/, 81% of 45million tokens are still unmined, and said to be mined through staking at an estimated 9 years from now. Through staking, stakeholders are entitled to have 10% of the total staked as a reward every month, where rate will be gradually decrease once a certain block heights were reached, but on the other hand, it will help strengthen its value. In that way, earning of DDKoin is easy as waiting while having a cup of coffee. The more you staked, the more you earn. Speaking of price, having a piece of it requires no more than 4usd as of the moment, giving us a head start to acquire at low cost and wait until its potential define its value in the near future. With that facts, profitability of DDKoin is certain. 2. Transparency One of the aspects makes DDK appealing is its transparency. DDK had just launched its new block explorer where we can check the status of our transaction. Not only the activity of transaction where and when it was sent or receive, but also the delegates, current height blocks, public address, total and circulating supply and more. Another feature of this explorer is that the current price value of DDKoin can be presented in a currency of your choice. That means, you can just simply choose whatever currency listed and check the converted value of DDKoin. How convenient isn’t it? Feel free to explore this link https://explorer.ddkoin.com/ at your own pleasure. 3. High Security DDK has its decentralized blockchain database, so shutting it down by unknown source is close to impossible. That’s because DDK has total of 352 delegates which 101 of it are active, are spread out across the globe. These delegates or nodes are those who has given position to process and manage transaction in a DDK platform, once a transaction was recorded, it will be broadcasted and distributed to all the delegates and these delegates as a node, will keep the same record. Therefore, DDK blockchain will always run as long as there is a working node present, and that makes everything secured. Moreover, DDK platform wallet offers two authentication passphrase, enabling the user to perform transaction such as voting, staking, and sending in a secure manner. Having a two strong keys, possibilities of getting hacked is almost impossible. And that makes your tokens inside your wallet secured. 4. Speed Transaction speed is one of the characteristics that makes one blockchain better than the other. Of course, you don’t want to be in a place where you always have to keep waiting for the transaction to be completed. DDK platform offers high speed where blocks are created in every 10secs with 250 transactions per block. Compared to well-known crypto like Bitcoin where blocks are created every 10mins, Ethereum with 15-20secs per block, Litecoin with 2.5mins per block, DDK platform speed is more competitive among those mentioned altcoins. 5. Usability This frequently ask question, “what’s the purpose of DDKoin?” is common to all cryptos. Since we are claiming that DDK platform, can facilitate its user with creating opportunities for supporting economic growth using its advance concept, let cite some facts about ongoing project developing under this platform where we can utilize DDKoin as a token. One of the exciting upcoming project to be release is the DAI or DDK Asset Issuing. This is about using a smart contract technology handling financial task automated, independent and record directly to the blockchain. To have a better view, let’s define first smart contract in a simplest way as possible. A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties. These transactions are trackable and irreversible. In short, it is like a computer generated humanoid that acts as the accountant or whoever party involve in any negotiation with a credible and reliable transactions. Could you imagine the beauty in it? Isn’t it good? Nobody can trick us then. Ok, let’s go back from our main objective, since we already knew what smart contract is, so where is the involvement of DDKoin here? In a simplest way, DDKoin will fuel the DAI to create another crypto asset (coin, tokens) under the supervision of a smart contract or simply DDKoin will be converted into other digital asset defined by the clients. And this newly created tokens under DAI will then be use by the clients to facilitate its own financial task. Furthermore, DDKoin as a token bearing its financial value, can be traded peer-to-peer or even be the means of payment as long as it is recognized at the other end as a valid medium. DDK already implemented DDK merchant where you can use DDKoin as payment to a registered DDK merchant. Hope this facts help you somehow understand why we should consider DDK as our future asset. Don't get left behind, be a part of the growing community, be a DDKoin stakeholder!
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    Perkenalkan nama saya Asep Ekas Somantri. Saya berasal dari Indonesia. Saya tertarik sama DDK karna DDK punya blockchain sendiri dan menggunakan metode DPOS. saya jg punya Telegram Channel https://t.me/ddk_indonesia Yuk di tunggu d Channel nya
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    Mungkin semua orang Indonesia cuman aktif di DDK Indonesia Facebook group tetapi tidak disini ? : https://www.facebook.com/groups/519544191583169/
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    DDKoin bukan seperti crypto lain. DDDK tidak bermula dengan sen. Kalau turun terus susah lah nak jual beli. Beli harga mahal. Jual harga murah. Walaupun yang dijual itu hibah bulanan. Jangan sebut pembeli-pembeli tunggu harga $1 nanti semua orang tunggu harga $1 dan tak ada orang mahu beli harga sekarang. ?
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    CLEAR PROCESS FLOW HOW STAKEHOLDERS & TRADER COULD EXCHANGE THEIR DDKOIN INTO FIAT Type of crypto that can be exchanged with DDKOIN may be add up from time to time. Ramitano and Luno is may very popular for Local user in Malaysia to liquid their crypto. Name of the exchanger may be differ for each country. example : Indonesia will use INDODAX.
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    Ya, jika ada idea atau soalan atau luahan berkenaan DDK silahkan dibuat di forum ini sebagai wadah diskusi. Untuk sertakan foto atau video sekalipun dibolehkan di DDK forum ini. Silahkan check dan explore. Selamat datang ke DDK forum @Bismillaah2111 ?
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    They say, charity begins at home. If charity means compassion, kindheartedness and benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity, then we really have to start it at home, but it should not end there. During this pandemic, we see a very challenging future for humanity. New norm will be in place and adaption to technological advancement and digital transformation will be an edge . Those who will have resistance to change will be left behind and will have hard time coping up with the global challenges. Lack of knowledge will contribute to the incoming depression due to a lot of factor such as recession and lack of support from the Government. Who else then should we prepare first not only today but most importantly their future? It is with this premise that I decided to educate my children and make them aware of blockchain technology and cryptocurrrency at a young age. Making them understand how the technology works and how knowledge of these will secure their future and be ready for whatever challenges they will face in the future. Of course, DDK blockchain will be their subject for opening doors to these technology and will be their school in broadening their financial understanding. To make it a little exciting and rewarding, I have formulated a way where they can start investing on their own and do their own staking, voting, gaining, staking again and voting. We have agreed to DDK Investment scheme and reward system based on physical work they do. Out of their monthly school allowance, 25% will be deducted immediately and will serve as their investment. Instead of giving them cash gift, we also decided to give DDK as birthday gift. They will also be rewarded for good standing in school and DDK will also be given for household chores. This a proof that blockchain is borderless, decentralize, secure and transparent. They manage their own account and enjoying enhanced security and financial benefits. More than anything else, they are now more knowledgeable on finances. The number of DDK invested gains every month and this more than an insurance for their future. Soon they will learn trading and other complicated aspect of the technology. There is literally no limit to what they can achieve if they will start young. Even before 45 Million DDK will all be circulated by 2028, they will be ready for whatever the future brings. I hope I have shared valuable material and inspired others. Keep staking, Z
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    Nice job @zmeldg This is truly example on how people can utilise DDKOIN to include as their daily activities to create awareness within their community on Crypto Currency and of course it will open the door to understand more about DDKOIN ?
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    @Bohari , saya juga yakin yang jika dengan adanya sekarang ni 4 exchanger dan 14 pasar yang telah disediakan untuk kita exchange DDK ke BTC, ETH , USDT, TRX, LTC dan VNDC masih belum digunakan dengan kapasiti penuh harga tak akan naik juga. Apabila listing di INDODAX pastinya akan diwujudkan DDK/IDR dan pastinya membuka ruang dan peluang yang lebih luas untuk rakyat Indonesia pastinya. Tetapi sebelum perkara itu berlaku, pastinya akan wujud proses yang perlu kita lalui.
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    @watchdog2, Kita tahu yang CIRCULATED SUPPLY yang sebenar sudah berjumlah melebihi 8 juta ++ dan jumlah staking pula berjumlah 6 juta ++ yang boleh dilihat dalam wallet Mainnet DDK. Mana mungkin CIRCULATED SUPPLY DDK cuma 1.7 juta. Tetapi sebenarnya data 1.7 juta tersebut adalah jumlah DDK unit yang dimigrate dari PREORDER/ICO ke MAINNET pada April 2019 tahun lalu dan untuk COINMARKETCAP update data sebenar mereka menunggu NEW Explorer 2.0 yang akan dilancarkan dalam waktu terdekat. Dari Explorer 2.0 akan mempunyai API address on each address and exact address untuk menentukan jumlah sebenar berapa banyak yang sudah beredar atau CIRCULATE dari market yang akan reflect jumlah DDK Circulated Supply dan sekaligus reflect jumlah MARKET CAPITAL DDK dan tentunya RANKING DDK akan meningkat.
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    utk program ARP kita perlu open new account atau dalam kata lain perlu buat hierarchy yang baru. Hierarchy yang lama tidak akan terima apa2 reward.
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    Hi! My name is Hanz. I've always heard about fintech, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto. I tried downloading cryptocurrency applications but just like nothing serious and never purchased any cryptocurrecy. Until one day, my brother-in-law had told me about Fin Tech, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and DDK. I didn't take it for granted at first, because I was concerned that it was a scam. These days there are so many of the scammers. Since my brother in law always does that, I tried to do some research. I've found a lot of information here. I've read a journal written by Ku Ruhana et. al., 2018 in Jour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems, Vol. 10, 14-Special Issue, 2018 "Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and FinTech Market Growth in Malaysia. I also found out about DDKOIN (DDK) a scam? -Coin.my (https:/coin.my/type/ddkoin-ddk-sebuah-scam/). It made me more interested when I read DDK Whitepaper (https://ddkoin.com/documentation/Whitepaper%20in%20Malay.pdf) and then my response is 'Wow it's brilliant! As I look back, there are several companies which exist to attract people to purchase cryptocurrencies. I don't stop investigating here. There are packages like A, B and C to me that make them look like scammers. Some of them don't educate the buyer but make promises about the moon and the stars, and that can be misleading. But at the same time, I don't deny that some people don't want to know how, but they just want to know what they can benefit from cryptocurrencies. Despite the many challenges to this blockchain technology, Dato Arai Ezrra and his team never gave up. Where this spirit is difficult for all to have. I'm not an easy person to trust other people, but I trust this technology. I do the stack, vote and buy at least 1 DDK a month. Thank you!
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    Greetings to all. Let me introduce myself Rahmadsyah from the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Unlike other crypto coins that I have previously known and followed the programs that they have a roadmap, I followed DDKoin starting from the interest of the DNC system before migrating to DDKoin as it is today. DNC used to have a very good concept in the concept of minting which if migrating to cryptocurrency coins would be very wonderfull. That was what I thought even before DNC migrated to DDKoin now. Even the DNC community used to be up to 200,000 people in more than 10 countries, wow that's amazing. When the initial migration began, many stakeholders who had previously joined the DNC in reality on the ground did not yet understand and understand what is a blockchain, what is cryptocurrency. So that in the migration process that takes a long time, words will appear that DDKoin will be a scam. And the fact is not, even DDKoin is transformed into an extraordinary cryptocurrency coin because it adopts the latest & best blockchain technology, DPOS. I myself was surprised & felt extraordinary expectations from the technology adopted by DDKoin. Only the name of the newest newly hatched product, there will be many processes that have ups and downs. As time goes on DDKoin has been running for almost a year, more and more people have been brought in from the DNC to begin to find out and learn about what blockchain technology is. DDKoin also brings those who don't even know the latest financial technology to explore and learn more. In fact, by bringing it into the DNC period to DDKoin, more instruments can provide benefits for stakeholders to achieve it. Starting from staking, referral rewards, chain referrals and the amazing thing is that many already know how to trade, arbitrate. It's amazing that DDKoin has taken me to this latest world of finance & investment. And finally, I say a lot to all DDKoin teams who are trying hard in building this DDKoin platform even though in the process there has been a lot of slander, insults, but eventually a platform is created that will ultimately help a lot of other people. Greetings success for us. Regards
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    Hello my name is Afif I am from Indonesia, happy to join the DDKoin community. I have long been in the cryptocurrency world since 2015 but started to focus in mid 2017, and why am I interested in joining the DDKoin forum? certainly because of the technology, especially the DDKoin delegation because of the way it works Based on the outcome of the voting process, a stakeholder can become a delegate. A delegate is a democratically-elected stakeholder who is given the trusted position to process and manage transactions on the DDK platform. In return for processing transactions, the delegate is rewarded DDKoin(s) because his participation, as delegate, provides the operation (validate and create block) and record of transactions. Delegates digitally sign the transactions on the network. They, (like default stakeholders) also provide security to the network by operating as trusted delegates to process transactions.? I hope to learn a lot here, nice to meet you! Thankss
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    Greetings to all! I would like to introduce myself to the community. My name is Jonnel, a proud ?? Filipino, and currently working as an Electro Officer in a Tanker Vessel ?. It is a great pleasure to be a part of this community, thanks not only to our founder @Arai_Ezzra, but for all people involve in this wonderful platform ?. The first time I heard this cryptocurrency, honestly, I was so skeptical ?, because I don't know what is crpytocurrency is in the first place. Secondly, I don't know how cryptocurrency works as a financial means of exchange, in short nada. "I don't know anything in cryptocurrency, so why should I invest on something I really don't understand", that's what in the back of my mind. Then a friend of mine introduced this DDK and explained to me in the most simplest way the term cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Then something inside pop in my mind, urging me to check what is he talking about, a curiosity that I can't ever resist. ? And through research and reading articles while my having my brain bleeds out ?(because of the terminology I haven't yet encountered?) about crytocurrency and blockchain, I somehow understand how blockchain works and how it's technology be utilized for the future. Furthermore, after reviewing the vision and goals of DDK platform, on how they can have an economic impact through it's blockchain development, and their advantage to other cryptocurrency, I suddenly felt like "WOW ?, I must participate and be part of this pioneering technology". And then at that moment, my perspective about cryptocurrency changed from skeptical to optimism. I will support DDK to the end not because it's new to me, its because I believe in its technology.
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    Salam yes pandangan anda diterima. Tetapi perlu juga difahami bahawa Web Wallet tersebut adalah satu platform OPEN SOURCE yang dimana code nya boleh diambil dan digunapakai oleh sesiapa termasuklah lah API untuk MODIFY dan UPGRADE TO BETTER VERSION bagi mewujudkan WEB WALLET atau MOBILE WALLET seperti yang wujud sekarang di pasaran (WOW Apps, BSG Platform, Surface Exchanger, SAM Wallet, Win&Win Apps & CoinAM ) dan few other NEW wallets juga yang akan launch integrate with DDK. P/S : Saya rasa zaman awal2 kewujudan crypto dulu di forum BitcoinCoinTalk core wallet mereka yang open source lagi teruk sebab ianya OPEN SOURCE and not good for design and their MAJOR FEATURE is to offer SECURE USER-SIDE AUTHENTICATION tanpa password atau passphrase disimpan dalam Server.
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    Amin insyaallah tentang harga, setelah DDK menjadi crypto currency harganya akan naik dan turun secara "Fluctuative"dan mempunyai potensi dan peluang trading di 4 exchanger dengan 16 pasar untuk JUAL/BELI selain menunggu harga DDK naik. Mana-mana yang tunggu harga DDK naik, bolehlah belajar macamana untuk withdraw dari staking reward setiap bulan GRATIS terima BTC, ETH dan juga USDT sampailah sekitar 2028 atau 45 juta DDK total supply tercetak. Decentralisasi itu adalah salah satu sifat DDK apabila structure transaksi di sahkan menggunakan DPOS dari berbagai NODES dan harga bersifat distributed apabila DDK sudah berjaya listing more than 1 exchanger.
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    @Hamid Hamidi , kamu boleh cuba berdoa untuk DDK menjadi tidak bernilai. Tetapi ianya akan jadi serupa dengan kamu berdoa maunya harganya naik. Ini kerana jika maunya kamu tanpa ACTION ianya tidak akan bermakna apa-apa. Kerana DDK ini sudah menjadi crypto currency sebenar harganya ditentukan di exchanger. Tetapi saya yakin pemegang-pemegang asset DDK tidak mahu ianya jadi begitu. Kerana itu kita dapat melihat volume yang besar secara "realime" pembeli DDK (ASK) dan penjual DDK (BID) di kesemua ORDERBOOK exchanger sekitar $50,000 - $200,000 per hari bertarung jual dan beli ?: https://coinranking.com/coin/kmGGzflTwc8Q+ddkoin-ddk/markets .
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