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    Owning a DDK is a blessing. It is an exact definition of freedom that potentially will bring financial stability. But when do an interested party decide to own or buy DDK? Of course buying at low price is advantageous to some extent. But what if the price doesn't reach the level that we decided to buy? What if it is already counting days and what we posted as buying price is still open. Before anyone decides to invest or buy DDK in particular, he should have done some research, read some article and watch some videos about Blockchain and cryptocurrency. It will help a lot. There are things to consider too before buying any cryptocurrency. We have listed 9 items as commonly heard and read in social media by enthusiast and expert in the technology and financial matters. Please check these out: Keep in mind the following: 1. Crypto is very volatile. 2. You can lose all your money. 3. Only invest what you are willing to lose. 4. Don’t buy crypto using credit cards. 5. Do not hand over your investment to anyone who will promise 0% to high as heaven gains. 6. Spend less than you make. 7. Have multiple streams of income. 8. Get out of inflationary assets. 9. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH (DYOR) So if anyone has already set aside an amount "they are willing to lose" (well this is exaggeration of acceptance to whatever will happen to your investment), then do not waste so much time because any entry point is a good point. One, no one knows when DDK will go up or will go down. Two, The earlier you bought and stake, the earlier you get gains. Three, price in between while DDK is in contract is irrelevant since you cant sell frozen DDK while gains can be decided to roll and stake too if price is low. In effect, that gains that were staked will gain again. We have pasted FB post where we did discuss also the mindset that all SH should have in acquiring DDK. Happy reading everyone. Keep Staking! https://www.facebook.com/groups/jomddkoin/permalink/2333444150291016/
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