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    Salam kepada semua and good day to all DDKoinerss~ I would like to know more about coming DAI in core 2.1 which will be launched soon in around May 2020 together with explorer 2.0 that will consist various of information to Stake Holders and future potential stake holders. As I'm aware that DDKoin Asset Issuing (DAI) will enabling new potential ICO projects and create smart contract token with DDKoin Blockchain System:- 1. Will DDKoin will be "BURNED" every time smart contract activities occur? 2. Is there any potential investors eyeing DDKoin DAI for their ICO projects and create their own token using DDKoin Smart Contract?If yes would like to hear more about those potential investors. If NO what will DDK management plan for near future to utilize DAI at its best performance? Below are the example for TRON, EOS & ETH screenshot about coin "burned" which may lead to scarcity due to lesser circulating supply gradually. TOTAL SUPPLY - TOKEN/COIN BURNED = CIRCULATING SUPPLY. If this apply to DDKoin, I believe DDKoin will be very scarce because there will not only reducing stake reward from 10% to 2% every 4th vote but also from its coins that may be burned for smart contracts. Circulating supply will be getting lesser and lesser in market. Hope to seek great answers from experts. Thank you.
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    1. boleh jelaskan mengapa harga DDK tidak berjaya dinaikkan setelah ARP dilancarkan ? ( mengikut video youtube amir crypto ARP boleh menaikkan harga DDK ) 2. mengapa setiap kali harga DDK mencapai harga tinggi yang baru ia tidak boleh dikekalkan ? sebaliknya ia terus merudum jatuh ke $1.00 ? 3. apakah ramalan harga DDK selepas halving pertama berlaku pada bulan 6 ini ?
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    Looking forward for this kind of update.
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