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    Improvement at DASHBOARD SITE - A more User Friendly. 1. Transaction Type : SEND for those who send, RECEIVED for those who received. This will make easier and faster to check. 2. Stake - NEXT VOTE MILESTONE- The date should be color in RED : before time to vote and Green : time to vote. This will avoid too early or too late voting. 3. Refferals Chain - Should also shows the Up-line Refferal Link to be seen - This is to make easy to check Where we come from and where thus the Ref Reward goes. 4. Delegate Search - Should able to search 3 Delegate in a row. At this time only one at a time. This will make Voting process faster. 5. Passphrase - PP 1 : 1st level Sec : Should able to be use for all transaction in or within the acc. Sign-in Acc, Voting, Staking and all Transaction that does not moving/Transfer out of DDK. PP 2 : 2nd level Sec : Should Only be use when involving Transferring of DDK. ( This 1st & 2nd Level Security systems will allowed me to make my job easier if I have many-many accounts, and I need to give the job to other staff.) I hope this Suggestion will make a change and DDK look more Professional, rather than it look like 'Amateur'. DDKOIN ARE INTERNATIONAL...................... T.Q
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