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  2. Hi Everyone, Although COVID-19 pandemic is retreating in some countries, but its still at large in others. People are shrinking away from conducting transactions on paper-based currency as it may cause spread of virus. In this scenario, the concept of cashless transactions is gaining traction and people are shifting to online eCommerce portals that accept cryptocurrency such as the DDK Merchant. For more info on DDK Merchant, please visit this link: Analyzing the trend, we have developed an article outlining how DDK Merchant is the best online shopping platform in COVID-19 Pandemic. You can read the article here: Stay tuned to DDK Blog for more such articles. For News Updates Join DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram:
  3. The year 2020 is still plagued by the Coronavirus pandemic and while some countries have lifted the lockdowns, the spread of the disease continues. Since COVID-19 spreads through touch as well and can contaminate mediums temporarily, many governments have issued notices urging people to be careful while handling cash. Many disease experts think that paper-based currencies can spread the disease as it is a surface that can carry the virus. The same is with the plastic cards as they exchange hands when it comes to swiping on machines. In this instance, the need of a cryptocurrency becomes vital and cashless transactions are needed to stop the spread of the virus. Quickly analyzing this danger, the DDK Foundation worked hard to find a way to contain the spread and launched DDK Merchant. DDK Merchant is an ecommerce platform that accepts digital currencies such as DDKoin as payment for products and services listed on it. This makes DDK one of the strongest currencies to support micropayments and perhaps the only digital currency that has stepped forward to combat the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. One mustn’t forget the minds behind the DDK who made it all possible. Today DDK Merchant is visited by thousands of people who use it to buy their daily needs and pay in cryptocurrency as per their preference. There are also many merchants listed on the portal who are offering their products and services online and accepting DDK as payment. This is the first move towards a successful decentralized economy that is built on cryptocurrency and everything is transparent. Going cashless was the need of the hour and the DDK platform presented the perfect solution of the issue in the form of DDK Merchant. Breaking down into the technicalities and reasons why it is economical to shop at DDK Merchant, here are some facts. DDK Merchant offers Crypto borderless transactions with low crypto transfer fees of only 0.01%. Now Isn’t it the convenience we always wanted? For more info, please visit this link: The DDK Foundation has also observed that many businesses have suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic and DDK Merchant is the perfect solution for them. While people are staying at their homes, they are still buying their daily needs online. Many businesses couldn’t adapt to this rapid change and had to close, but those that did, ended up with great profits. But still, DDK Foundation is offering all businesses a great chance to come online and benefit from the world of crypto currency. Market your products or services to thousands of people willing to pay through cryptocurrency. Everything on DDK Merchant is secure and all transactions are safe. DDK Merchant allows you to use peer to peer transactions (P2P) through DDK Main-Net platform to buy and sell products. Registering yourself on DDK Merchant means that you also have a chance to promote your business offerings to the vast DDK Community. So, register now and become a part of this ecosystem. Click the link below to add yourself to the merchant list: The post DDK Merchant: The Best Online Shopping Platform in Covid-19 Pandemic appeared first on DDK BLOGS. View the full article
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  5. Hi Everyone, On this auspicious day, the DDK Foundation Team wishes all Malaysian DDK Stakeholders a Happy Malaysia Day. Today we are free and enjoy the comforts and rights of a Malaysian citizen. Let’s not forget the sacrifices of everyone who made it all possible for us. ✌ Let’s work hard to make Malaysia a prosperous country. To Get Latest News, Please Join Our DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: Blog: Malaysia_Day_GIF.mp4
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  7. Hi Everyone! KOSMO Newspaper just published a great article on their recent interview with CEO of DDK Ms. Shuhada Zainal. 🎙 In her interview, she shared about her vision and revealed that she was born to be a digital financial entrepreneur. She also shared some amazing facts and inspiring stories about her life experience and the challenges she faced especially in Blockchain Technology. It was a great and inspiring article and if you missed that you can read it online by following the link below: If you think that this article was good then we have another very special surprise for you. With the aim to create digital financial entrepreneurs, MBA is organizing a great event at the Mudzaffar Hotel, Ayer Keroh, Melaka on 25th – 27th September 2020. The Secret of the Crypto World event will be graced by the presence of DDK Master Founder YH Dato' Azrainuddin Zainal, DDK Project CEO Ms. Shuhada Zainal and DDK Delegates and Crypto Trader Mr. Mohamad Azman Norman. The main agenda of the event will be DDK Ecosystem, Trading & MKS and DDK Core 2.1 and the program is FULLY collaborated with the DDK Delegates Malaysia! For complete information on this event and to book seats please visit and follow MBA Facebook page
  8. Hi Everyone, The blockchain technology brings a decentralized world to everyone who loves security and transparency. The decentralized system is much better than the centralized system but the world today is mostly centralized. It is not going to stay like this forever and this is why we have developed this article to tell you the differences between centralized system and decentralized system. For News Updates Join DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: #knowledge #MBA #Blockchain #ddk #ddkplatform #DPoS #AEPoS #blockchaintechnology #community #Contest #DDKoin #2020keepsupportingDDK #CORVID19 #StaySafe #DUREF
  9. Three main systems are used to manage everything we know today. They are centralized, decentralized and distributed system. In this article, we will be discussing the centralized and decentralized systems and highlighting their respective strengths, weaknesses and risks. Before we begin, let’s define centralized and decentralized systems and have a clear understanding of them. Centralized System In a centralized system, one or more client nodes are connected to a central server, directly. This system is the one that is commonly used in the world today. One central server enjoys the utmost power. All transparency is dependence on the central server. All clients send requests to the company’s central server and receive responses. The central system stores all data and user information, which other users can access if permitted. The user information here includes user-generated content, user profiles, and more. This system is easily set up and people can start using it immediately. Decentralized System In a decentralized system, there is no central server which means there is no one central owner who can do as they want. This system uses multiple central owners or servers, each of these has a copy of the resources stored with them that the users can access. Contrastingly to the centralized system, it is much harder to compromise a decentralized system as there are many owners with the data. If one central owner collapses, the rest of the data owners can continue to provide data to the users and the system remains intact. Weaknesses and Risks of Centralized System A centralized system is prone to failures. Here one system or one owner has all the power and they can change anything without notifying anyone. Since one system holds all power and data, it poses higher security and privacy risks for users as if the central server is compromised, the entire system is compromised. Another weakness of the centralized system is that users who are far from the server have to suffer longer access times to data than those users who are nearer to the central server. Why a decentralized system exists and what solutions it provides? A decentralized system exists to provide solutions to the faults and shortcomings of the centralized system. It provides much-needed transparency and engagement to all users and is stronger when it comes to data security. In a decentralized system, there are numerous stakeholders and everyone is aware of the changes that are being made. Power is distributed among everyone and there is no single server that holds all power. In case one server collapses all resources remain active and continue to operate. This allows the system owners to repair faulty servers while the system continues to run normally. In terms of overall system uptime, a decentralized system provides a great improvement over a centralized system. The access time to the data of a decentralized system is also faster than the centralized system as the owners have the power to create nodes in regions with high user activity. Centralized Wallets Centralized wallets function in a similar way that a traditional stock exchange or brokerage account does. Central wallets are owned and operated by a central system and it maintains the ultimate authority over the wallet and transactions done through it. Centralized wallets usually do not have private keys of their exchange account’s wallets. This places the owners at the risk of foul play and mismanagement by the centralized server which is operated by the third party. Decentralized Wallets Decentralized Wallets have no central authority over them and are completely decentralized. This is done through the leveraging of the capabilities of blockchain technology. Since it is powered by the blockchain technology, it offers users more financial security and access to data than a traditional centralized exchange. Here are three benefits of keeping and trading crypto in decentralized wallets. A decentralized wallet can’t privately save users’ data and sell it to anyone else. So, your data and information are always safe and secure. In a decentralized wallet, external regulators or governments can’t interfere or breach the data or information of the users. Decentralized wallets have no central server controlling everything, so there is more financial security hare and better access to data than a centralized wallet. DDK ecosystem The DDK ecosystem is fully decentralized and is built on strong foundations of the blockchain technology. The DDK Platform is transparent and is very engaging. It keeps all of its stakeholders in the loop and they are notified of all changes. Since nothing is centralized, the DDK stakeholders have the power to vote and stake. It is a unique platform that offers beneficial solutions to people associated with it. It also offers a decentralized wallet that is secure and free of risks and concerns. For News Updates Join DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: The post Decentralized Vs Centralized: Which one is Better, Stronger and Faster? appeared first on DDK BLOGS. View the full article
  10. Hi everyone! MBA team always had been trying to arrange events and seminars for our community’s knowledge and learning. Now we're back for September promotion! This Advance One to One session is exclusively for our community which will be presented by our honored DDK Delegate and Crypto Trader, Mr. Azman. For registration and price package details, please refer the google form link below: This seminar is organized by Mutant Blockchain Academy in collaboration of the DDK Foundation and Innovative International College. It’s a golden opportunity that you must not miss out! Join us now!
  11. Hi Sean, This is my personal view, yes DDK Core 2.1 will definitely affect the timeline of the reduction of staking rewards but relatively the other way around you suggested or guessed to happen. This is on the premise that what was specified in the whitepaper and translated into a smart contract regarding staking reward will not change. If this excerpt; "Staking Rewards - this reward is given to community members who freeze their DDKoins in a staking contract for 6 months or more. They will receive a reward of 10% on staked amount, which will decrease in the first year and then every 6 months, by 2%" will not not change then we expect that realization of reduction's timeline will be affected. In what way? It will take a shorter period to realize the reduction. How is that? Let's assume that DDK Core 2.1 will be launched when block height reached 3,153, 600 blocks (this is the time where reduction will happen, from 10% SR to 8% SR. With the current Core 1.0, next reduction happens after 1,576,800 blocks and all these are based on the following performance: 10s = 1 block ; 1 min = 6 blocks; 1 hour = 360 blocks; 1 day = 8,640 blocks; 1 year = 3,153,600 blocks; therefore: 1/2 year (or six months) = 1,576,800 blocks With DDK Core 2.1, it will definitely happen so fast because performance will be: 30s = 1 block; 1 min = 2 blocks; 1 hour = 120 blocks; 1 day = 2,880 blocks; 1 year = 1,051,200 blocks; therefore: 1/2 year (or six months) = 525,600 blocks This means that with Core 2.1, it will only need to reach a block height equivalent to 525,600 blocks to reduce 8% to 6% staking rewards compared to 1,576,800 blocks with the current Core 1.0. But that will be just the indicator of when halving will happen or at what block height. the most important thing is the rate of how many blocks are created based on the transactions done by SH. Another thing DDK Core 1.0 can only do 25 transaction per seconds (TPS) while DDK Core 2.1 would be around 217 TPS. But remember that to create blocks there should be more transactions to be executed. The creation of blocks therefore will be based on the number of transactions done in Blockchain. Meaning, the activities of the SH define when will be the next halving. If you recall, based on the max performance of DDK 1.0, it will only take a year to enjoy 10% SR but we are still enjoying the 10% SR in more than 2 years now until the halving on Nov 2020. Why is that? Well because we are only creating an average of 3.4 blocks per minute compared to the capability of DDK 1.0 of 6.0 blocks per minute. So, that contributed to having been able to enjoy the 10% SR longer than expected. Bottom line, if there will be more transactions that will be done within the blockchain then halving or reduction of SR will happen faster than expected. Personally though, I see it as a delay as well to increase the price of the DDK because of the following: 1. 10% SR contributes to the flooding of available supply while there is lesser demand or new SH acquiring liquid DDK for staking 2. Lesser blocks created than its capability will prolong the delay in the expected halving. That lesser blocks created will mean fewer transactions done and may translate to fewer staking activity done in the blockchain. I hope I have shared insights for this question. Z
  12. Good day, First of all I would like recall about the DDKoin Monthly Stacking Reward reduction such as : 10% - until 3,153,600 Blocks 8% - 3,153,601 - 4,708,800 Blocks 6% - 4,708,801 - 6,264,000 Blocks 4% - 6,264,001 - 7,819,200 Blocks 2% - 7,819,201 Blocks Onwards/ Forever As I am aware that DDKoin Management Team announced "DDK Blockchain 2.1" on August 21, 2020, I noticed that New Core 2.1 had done many upgrade features one of the example is Blockchain transactions now will have the option to include auxiliary data also referred to as metadata that may provide additional data about how the block has been generated. Core 2.1 is presented with an estimation of 1 block is 30 second. 1 block can fit a minimum 1 transaction to maximum 6000 transactions per block. 1 transaction is ~64KB and 1 block maximum size is 1MB (Not MiB). Meaning DDK Core 2.1 would be around ~217 TPS (Transaction Per Second). Base on 30 seconds per block after launching Core 2.1, will it affect the timeline of the reducing of staking reward? Does it means that 8% , 6% AND 4% monthly stacking reward will last longer period for DDKoin communities to be enjoyed? This is because base on my understanding, the longer time needed to create a block from (10 seconds to 30 seconds) the longer time may it takes to reach every percentages (%) reduction blocks. Would like to seek great answers from experts and thank you in advance.
  13. Hi Everyone, This is to inform you all that Malaysia’s Securities Commission (SC) is planning something new to be built into the existing cryptocurrency legislation. They are planning a regulatory framework for wallet providers and this may extend to digital asset exchanges and initial exchange offerings. We’ll keep you informed of further updates in due time. You may read about the planning and steps being taken by Malaysia's Securities Commission here: For News Updates Join DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram:
  14. You are welcome sir. Please refer to this release announcement: Listed in the announcement are new features that users will have. Regards, Forum admin
  15. Hi Everyone, We are always thinking about the best time to buy and sell cryptos. The ideal method would be to buy when the prices are low and sell when the prices are high. But this is not what usually happens! This is why we have developed an article that explains the best time for you to buy and sell your cryptos. You can read it here: To Get Latest News, Please Join Our DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: Blog:
  16. “When is the best time to trade digital currency in the cryptocurrency market?” If you are a crypto trader then you must have come across this million-dollar question. Interestingly, you are not the only one thinking this question. Its something that lingers in the mind of every crypto trader. To be honest, trading cryptos is just like trading traditional assets. You have to observe the price movements of digital currencies. When it comes to trading strategies, market timing becomes rather debatable. In essence, you need to predict the price fluctuations to have a strong trading strategy in the market. For these predictions you will need to have technical and fundamental market analyses along with a deep understanding of global economic conditions. How is timing strategy vital in cryptocurrency investing? When we are talking about crypto investing, we are talking about a relatively new market so there are always some fluctuations here and there. But new markets also offer the highest room for growth and if you are timing your investments correctly, there are high chances that you will end up with some excellent profits. When you are investing in a crypto currency such as the DDK, you must have a deep understanding of the DDK platform. DDK is unique as it offers compatibility with micro payments and comes complete with an ecommerce platform that supports buying and selling of every day necessities ( This makes it a highly usable coin. You can either use it to buy something or hold on to it and wait for it to gain value. In the latter case we advise you to know about the security of your digital assets, its price history, and recurring patterns as these factors will help you in making an educated guess. The more you know how the market works, the better it will be for you and you will be able to take higher risks. High risks usually come with good pay offs. So, when can you buy and when can you sell? If we were to give you a simple answer, we’ll tell you that the best time to invest in crypto was when the prices were low and sell when the prices were high. If you are looking for the second-best time to invest in cryptos, then it could be right now. You can always register at the DDK forum to learn and get update about DDK Still, we recommend that you read the whitepaper first to understand how the DDK platform works and what benefits we have in store for you. You may refer this link At DDK Foundation, we are always giving our educational material related to the blockchain technology through our Mutant Blockchain Academy. You can like out Facebook page to get timely notifications on the educational sessions that we offer at regular intervals. That’s all for this article. Stay tuned to our blog for more such material. Join the DDK community at: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: Blog: The post When is the best time to Buy and Sell Digital Currency? appeared first on DDK BLOGS. View the full article
  17. Thank you admin for the reply. Understand that ddk 2.1 has been released, what difference can stakeholders take note of in mainnet? Thank you
  18. Hi DDK Stakeholders! This is to notify you that some individuals have made fake accounts of the DDK Foundation on Facebook and are using them to scam innocent people. Please Beware of These Scammers️ Remember: DDK Foundation will never ask for any BTC or any other currency transfer to participate in any contest. Disclaimer: DDK Foundation is very concerned and alert on people making misleading information towards DDK tech users. If you come across any misleading posts or pages on the Social Media, please send them to us at Please noted that this is our only DDKoin_Official Facebook page: Your timely information will save many people from being scammed. We will take legal action against those people who mislead or scam others using such practices. DDKoin have obtained logo trademarked and our Top Management will not tolerate any misrepresentation and misuse of DDK logo, marks, or presentations which will result in strict action against people in such cases. DDK Foundation will not be responsible for the privacy, security, integrity, practices and policies of any third-party engagement. For News Updates Join DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Telegram: Instagram: YouTube: Quora:
  19. Hi DDK Stakeholders, The world is still going through a tough time due to the COVID-19 spread. People are following the guided precautions and governments are trying their best to flatten the curve of the pandemic spread. In the current scenario, where coronavirus spreads through touch, people are staying away from the paper or card-based fiat currencies. Experts believe that the best way to move forward is to use Digital Currencies such as DDK because it’s already on the exchange and can conduct micropayments as well. DDK Founder Dato Arai Ezzra shares similar views in his quote. To Get Latest News, Please Join Our DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: Blog:
  20. A country is not just a piece of land but a home for many people who deserve to be free. Independence comes with responsibility and on Malaysia Independence Day, we as the citizens of Malaysia, must fulfill all our responsibilities to keep our nation safe and growing. We faced a strong pandemic this year and all of us Malaysians worked together to fight the COVID-19. We weren’t just volunteers, civil servants, private sector or individuals. We were all Malaysians who worked with their leadership and defeated a global pandemic. ✌ This Independence Day is about “MALAYSIA PRIHATIN” and it shows how government prioritized the well-being and welfare of the people through the initiative of the People's Concerned Economic Stimulus Package (PRIHATIN). Lets vow to work hard in the future and defeat such issues that may come our way. Wishing you all Malaysians a very Happy Merdeka Day! #MalaysiaPrihatin
  21. HI James, As mentioned previously the passphrase portal will open after the release of DDK 2.1. Now that it has been released, we just need to wait on the announcement of the opening of the portal by the management. Regards, Ahmad DDK support
  22. Thank you for the explanation. The reason I said, I don't care either the price goes up or down is because, all the answer that I had receive till now, is all about, the price will goes up, for now the price is low because of this and that. Also the reason we need to change the system and so all. So that is just to point out that, please don't talk about that anymore. As I said, I understand why the price goes up and down. I understand why the system need to change. I had been buy bitcoin, ethereum and ect for this past couple month, and believe me I understand the feeling of the price goes up and goes down every time. It just that, the barter system is just not correct. Sure you can ask, what if DDK is currently priced at 300 USD? Its true it will be great for all the people who have it. But for now it just not correct. If the starting price is USD 100 and 1DNC is 100 USD, then we can accept it is indeed 1DNC equal to 1DDK. Then from there, if it goes down, then that is the fate of cryptocurrency price. If it goes up then it will be great. I understand we have a lot of community. It just that, the starting point is not very fair. I believe people who buying the DNC and then getting DDK which the starting point not equal to what they paid for it, are getting disappointed about it. First off all, not enough explanation about the price and everything. Yes, I read the document from 1st page to the last page and either I am missing the word explaining the price of the DDK or what I dont know. But I dont see it. I believe people selling it, because of feeling disappointment from the beginning. Not all people understand the detail of the background about cryptocurrency, why the system need to change or what, it just that, the feeling or hope when they buy DNC is not reflected with DDK. In the beginning when they getting the DDK they already lost from that. You guys cannot blame them from feeling like that as that is a fact. When they buy DNC at 100 USD what they getting from the starting point is 1DDK which is start at 31.07 USD (This is from the history I can find about DDK highest price from internet. Correct or wrong I dont know). Nobody in the world really like that, paying for what is not the value of it. So the conclusion from this question is, there is not judgement or what so ever, but just the feeling/hoping from admin, the price of DDK will increase to the price of DNC. Sincerely, Thank you.
  23. In addition to that, this statement "In the future, either the DDK goes up or down, I don't care'" saddened me personally. The community, more than anyone else, should care of the current and future of DDK. They should be the fuel powering the blockchain and revealing the true value of DDKoin. By doing that, the SH will benefit to all the hardwork and passion of the founder to help a lot of people in providing financial freedom.
  24. Hi Devein, I envy you for having to experience trading for a year now and you have a deep understanding on the volatility and the factor affecting the cryptocurrency prices. Having been exposed in trading for only a few months, I see the whole lot opportunities especially now that DEFI is the new ICO. We are glad that the same road will be track of DDK Blockchain with the release of the Version 2.1 soon. On the other hand, i guess the simple answer to your question is that, because it was set to be like that, that during the migration 1 DNC = 1 DDK. Maybe confusion lies whenever we convert both with USD, MYR, PHP, SGD, IDR, VND and any other fiat currency. Maybe the right question is, what if DDK is currently priced at 300 USD? Would we ask the same question of why 1 DNC = 1 DDK? I guess we can consider this as a rhetorical question. The we go back to the comparison of the two if we are actually at the losing end or we are just missing the true opportunity of DDK that is why we try to go back at looking at the fiat equivalent of it all. DNC (Dinar Coin), is a digital asset pegged to the value of 4.25 grams of 999.9 Karat Gold. It was set like that and the one who set is the central body who is the management. A lot gained in that process and gains are through an automated and self-generated system, which basically is centralize. On the other hand, DDKoin is created with DDK Blockchain through a smart contract and no one can control what you will do with the asset and no one will tell you what price would you like to sell it. You can even set 1000 USD in the exchanges. Things is DDK can be more the DNC equivalent pegged value but since you mentioned that you understand the factors affecting price, maybe we should all help to educate others to value their DDK. We can educate them how to trade, educate them what is blockchain and cryptocurrency and let's all start cancelling sell orders and start putting first 200 USD to make it equal to a pegged price of DNC then rally 300 USD to make us all blessed and leave the past of DNC behind. With your acquired knowledge, I guess the table above is quite self-explanatory and will give as hope of the future. Cheers mate! Co-SH
  25. Yes, I understand it. I have been trading crypto over a year now. Just what I am not understand is, why our 1DNC is being treat as 1DDK? If lets said, DDK start off from 50 USD, shouldn't we should get at least 3 to 4 DNC depends on the price of the DNC? I am not saying anything about the change from DNC to DDK nor why we need to change the system, I am also not saying why the DDK goes up and down as I understand crypto trading. It just that, why make lets said 100 usd price equal to 1 usd? Lets said a person, give you 100 USD to borrow, then you return it with 1 USD expecting the 1 USD will increase its price to 100 USD, does it sound fair? I know this is not forex, but the concept should be the same and easier to be understand. In the future, either the DDK goes up or down, I don't care, but shouldn't we should receive the amount we paid equal to the price of the DDK in the time the token is being convert.? I just don't understand what is your judgment to convert the 1DNC to 1DDK? Thank you Sincerely
  26. Overall DDK has better technology than DNC. In crypto world, time is an essence. Patience is virtue. If you have been trading crypto, you will understand what i'm saying.
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