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  2. Hi, blockchain enthusiasts! As usual, we hope everyone is staying safe and taking extra precautionary steps in your everyday activities, especially if it requires you to be outside. Don’t forget to wear your mask and sanitize your hands regularly. Following our Blockchain for Beginner: FAQs (Series 1), today we brought to you Series 2. To recap, in Series 1, we learn about what is blocks and blockchain cryptography. In today’s series, we are going to learn about blockchain’s transactions and consensus. We also have an interesting topic for Series 3, which is Blockchain Use Cases, so don’t forget to follow our page so you don’t miss out on our posts! There are three key components of blockchain, which is blocks, transactions and consensus. We have learned about blocks in Series 1. So, let us look at blockchain transactions and consensus. Transaction On the blockchain, a transaction usually consists of information, including the information of sender, receiver and value. It is like your credit card statements on your e-banking platforms, the only but very major difference here is that the transaction here is done without a centralized authority, which is in the traditional setting, your bank. How can transactions be authorized if there is no central authority? This is where cryptographic keys are used. As explained in Series 1, you have the public and private keys that allow you to send and receive transactions without requiring a third party to verify the transactions. You can use these keys to perform your transactions to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Remember that the public and private keys fit together as a key pair. While anyone can send transactions to the public key, you’d need the private key to unlock and access the transacted assets. While your public keys can be shared in order to receive transactions, your private keys must be kept secret as it provides you with the ability to prove ownership or spend the funds associated with your public address. If anyone has access to the private key, they will also have access to any assets associated with those keys. Once your transaction is agreed upon, it needs to be authorized before it is added to a block in the chain. How are transactions on blockchains authorized? Through consensus. Consensus A consensus is where the transaction is authorized. Although there is no centralized authority, your transaction must still be verified. You have to understand that different blockchains may have different consensus methods. Proof-of-Work (PoW), Proof-of-Stake (PoS), Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) and Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) are the most popular consensus methods. In a blockchain platform, consensus algorithms work as a set of rules that needs to be followed by participants in the platform, participants in a blockchain platform are usually known as nodes, nodes support the platform through validation and relaying transactions. Without nodes’ participation, no consensus can be achieved. This also means that the more nodes join to participate in the consensus, the stronger the network begins. Let’s make it easier to understand; in a centralized system, there is an administrator that is in charge of updating a set of data. But in a decentralized blockchain platform, since there is no administrator, the updating of the data is done by nodes that work on authenticating and authorizing the transaction done on the platform. However, remember that blockchain technology is so borderless, thus the features, functions or methods in a blockchain platform can be customized to fit the needs of its author or user. As mentioned earlier, Series 3 will cover on Blockchain Use Cases, so we feel like it’s important to recap briefly how blockchain works below. Firstly, a transaction is requested. The transaction can be either to transfer information or anything of financial value. Then, a block is created to represent the transaction. However, the transaction is not validated yet, so the block with the transaction is now sent to the network nodes. If it is a public blockchain, it is sent to each node. Each block consists of the data, the previous block hash, and the current block hash. The nodes now start validating according to the consensus method used. Once it is successfully validated, the transaction is now complete and the node now receives a reward based on their effort. Don’t forget to follow our page for Series 3, till then, stay safe! The post BLOCKCHAIN FOR BEGINNERS: FAQS (Series 2) Transactions and Consensus appeared first on DDK BLOGS. View the full article
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  5. Hi, blockchain enthusiasts! Did you know that just a few weeks ago, Kuala Lumpur-based artist/illustrator Katun or his real name, Abdul Hafiz Abdul Rahman sold his NFT collections for a total of over RM1.6mil in 24 hours? That is about USD 380,000 or around 8 BTC. You can read more about it here, Digital technology is just growing so rapidly and transforming societies. We must try our best to catch up or we would be left in the unknown, unable to adopt and affecting efficiency. Even if you have no interest in adopting the forever-changing digital technology, it is always best to be in the best knowledge of every available update so that the educational gap in digital technology can be lessened. Anyway, lets us look at NFT, it is just another BTC? What is NFT? NFT is a non-fungible token. An NFT is a unit of data with a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, replaced, or partitioned, that is recorded in a blockchain, and that is used to certify authenticity and ownership as of a specific digital asset and specific rights relating to it. It is definitely not just another BTC, the similarity between these two is only the fact that they both are created on the blockchain. Essentially, NFT are like physical collector’s items, only digital. An easy example would be where a seller owned a one-of-a-kind, Digimon Card, if he ever trades the card, he would have something completely different; because his Digimon Card cannot be copied or replaced. NFT also granted the owner or buyer exclusive ownership rights, only one owner can have own a specific NFT. We think that’s what is so appealing about NFT, you get to get ownership. Is NFT Widely Utilized? So far, we have read that NFTs are more widely used for art as blockchain technology and NFTs provide artists or creators a unique opportunity to monetize their products. As expected, blockchain allows artists or creators to dismiss the need for intermediaries like galleries or auction houses to sell their products. As artists and creators usually create arts, it is very sensible for them to list their arts or products on NFTs platforms as it also grants the buyer; ownership, like how you would get a certificate to an original painting or sculpture. NFT is in fact already very widely used, as you can see from these platforms;, Rarible, and Foundation. Should you consider buying NFT? Essentially, NFT is another type of investment. As with other forms of investments, please do your research and understand the risks attached to them. As NFT’s value is based entirely on a very specific demand, you have to expect that an NFT you own may be an acquired taste, and thus you may not be able to resell it at all or if you are lucky, it may be sold but for less than you paid for it. If you have money to spare and feel like collecting NFTs, you may do so, it is after all investment, just do your research and hope for the best. Till then, stay safe! Don’t forget to follow our page for more news on blockchain, digital technologies, and cryptocurrencies! The post NON FUNGIBLE TOKEN (NFT), DIGITAL DREAM? appeared first on DDK BLOGS. View the full article
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  8. Hi crypto enthusiast! Hope you are staying safe! Do you know that even before Bitcoin, there was cryptocurrency? Do you know that in the late 1980s (an attempt of) cryptocurrency happened in Netherlands, where petrol stations operators were reluctant to operate their stations in the more remote areas because these stations were being raided for cash, so they were no happy to have employees working as it would put them at risks, but trucks need refuelling and they need the business. So, smartcards were loaded with money, introducing electronic cash. Trucks’ drivers were given these smartcards to avoid cash being used, promising safer surroundings of the petrol stations. This eventually became known as Point of Sale or POS. Just like that, the world has changed with cryptocurrency! Let’s look at how cryptocurrency has impacted our society, economy and environment. I know, you must be surprised when you read that ‘environment’, but yes, cryptocurrencies do have environmental impacts, read to know more! Cryptocurrencies biggest effect on society is definitely providing possibilities to decrease developmental barriers. Cryptocurrencies are overcoming the lack of social trust and increasing the access to financial services. Financial fraud, corruption and malpractice is easily avoidable allowing growth as it ensures financial inclusion by providing traceability, authenticity and tamper proof procedure. In addition, since cryptocurrency eliminates the need for third parties like intermediaries, society has realised how transactions conducted should take lesser time and costs lesser. Intermediaries have significantly caused transactions to be delayed and costly. There are also issues of how small amounts are hard to be transferred with fiat especially areas with geographic challenges. Cryptocurrencies offer borderless independent transactions. Do you still carry cash? With the pandemic, it is just safer to opt for cashless transactions. The biggest cryptocurrency has on the economy is definitely providing alternative (and easy) payment methods. Also, cryptocurrencies allow businesses to receive payments in more currencies. Businesses everywhere get better financial coverage and a liberated financial connection with the rest of the world. Now, cryptocurrency platforms are also providing merchants with features where consumers or even business options to easily redirect their needs for purchases or payments for different currencies AND cryptocurrencies in the same platform. The processes are so seamless, you might not even opt for cash for your business anymore! Are you familiar with cryptocurrency mining? Mining in the cryptocurrency industry is the process of verifying the blockchain, it involves hard math called hashing (commonly done by computers) and results in a slow accumulation of resources. Why do people mine cryptocurrency? If done correctly, with a lot of luck, you’ll receive rewards. Do you know that cryptocurrency mining consumes a lot of energy that causes increased carbon emissions and climate change. Bitcoin mining for example, due to the needed computations for mining, uses as much energy in one year as the country of Argentina! For context, Argentina’s estimated population in 2019 is 44,938,712 … GASPS! Fortunately, more cryptocurrencies are now understanding the importance of environmental sustainability, like developing a cryptocurrency with proof-of-stake mechanism as it requires lesser computing power and energy. As usual, with developments, there are always issues and not long after, these issues can be solved and if not, much better alternatives are created. That’s the beauty of technology, almost every time, a new technology is created to overcome issues at hand, providing solutions to the world. Is it not amazing that we are now economically better because someone in a petrol station in the Netherlands thinks of cryptocurrencies? How different would you think if cashless payments were never invented? Comment down below! The post HOW CRYPTOCURRENCY IMPACTED THE WORLD? appeared first on DDK BLOGS. View the full article
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  10. Most blockchain platforms have mainly two networks which are for Testnet and Mainnet stages. Both have their own significance as to why it should be performed. Let’s see what the real function of Testnet and Mainnet is towards the development of a blockchain platform. A Testnet known as Test Network, is an experimental network where developers will use it to test, create, or modify functionalities and monitor the blockchain network performance. Testnets can show a sort of working prototype for blockchain projects and it is used by developers for testing. Through Testnet, developers are able to fix bugs and trace other kinds of network failures. The test files are used to ensure the accurate comparison between test runs. This sandbox environment enables the developers to take risks, experiment, and find out the best possible model, a stable version, to be implemented in the Mainnet network. There are also coins used in the testnet network, but they are not taken into account in the general issue because they are different from real coins and have no value. This allows application developers or testers to experiment without using the real crypto/token and no need to worry about core network security. All these testing activities happen at scale in a controlled manner. Contrary with Testnet, Mainnet is the main network wherein actual transactions take place on a blockchain distributed ledger. A Mainnet known as Main Network, is the final, most stable, and fully functional version of the blockchain. Launching of Mainnet is the sign of making the blockchain platform open to the public. Mainnet has a greater integral aspect compared to Testnet as it was valuing a cryptocurrency in real-world implementation. The mainnet carries out the functionality of executing real transactions within the network which is stored on the blockchain and open for the public to use. In Mainnet, the native cryptocurrency is possessing real economic value. Users can see an increased number of validators who are incentivized by tokens with real value. All transactions occur live on the mainnet and will be recorded on the distributed ledger. What is the Difference Between a Testnet and a Mainnet? Purpose: The testnet is the testing “Sandbox”, whereas the mainnet is the released functional blockchain. Cost of Operations: In the testnet, the tokens do not hold any value. The cost of operations on the mainnet is higher. Every operation performed on the blockchain requires a fee in the form of tokens that hold a certain value. Examples of these operations include transfers of value, staking rewards, or deployments of Smart Contracts. Network ID: The network ID helps developers identify the network. Mainnets and testnets have different Network IDs. For example, the Ethereum mainnet network ID is 1, while the other most commonly used testnets have network IDs of 3, 4, and 42 for Ropsten, Rinkeby, and Kovan, respectively. Genesis Block: A genesis block is the first block of every blockchain. Both testnets and mainnets have their own independent genesis blocks. Nodes: A testnet has fewer nodes than a mainnet. Transaction Frequency: Transaction frequency is low for a testnet. To conclude, Testnet is the network used before launching the real project to test all the functionality which are very helpful in ensuring that Mainnet deployments happen faster. While the main network is updated after thorough testing, so as not to violate the security of the product. Projects that go through Testnet and Mainnet stages are always considered more stable. It gives users the confidence that the project has put lots of effort and resources into the blockchain. This is because users believe that the Mainnet that was officially open to the public has gone through rigorous evaluation processes before launching. References: 1. 2. The post Testnet vs Mainnet: What is the difference and function? appeared first on DDK BLOGS. View the full article
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  23. It’s already August! Where did the 7 months go? It flew by so fast! Anyway, we feel like with the pandemic, more and more people are hearing and interested to learn and understand what is blockchain. Often, when people discuss blockchain, they think you want to know about bitcoin. Unfortunately, that is not the case, as blockchain is not bitcoin and vice versa. If you are a beginner to blockchain, let’s go through some of its frequently asked questions, we’ll make this a series, so follow our page to know more. What is blockchain? Firstly, you need to understand that blockchain is a technology. It is a distributed ledger, which stores details in the form of immutable records or non-modifiable records which are secured using cryptography. Let’s give you a situation, for example, consider a blockchain as a folder of digital work reports. Each block contains details of date and time of work done by an employee at any time and from anywhere, the employer owns a private password (or commonly known as key in blockchain) to record the tasks for his employee, while the employee owns a public password to access and view the tasks given. These digital work reports are non-modifiable by either of the employees or employer. This situation demonstrates how blockchain ensures the highest level of records verifications as it is non-modifiable, it cannot be altered or falsified and it is very secure, only they holder of the private and public keys can access to these records. What are blocks and how can you identify them? A block is like a record of the transaction. Each time a block is verified, it gets recorded in chronological order in the main blockchain. Once the data is recorded, it cannot be modified. Consider a block as the digital work report while a blockchain as a folder for all the employees’ digital work reports, from this you’ll understand that blockchain is a database of records. What are public and private keys? Cryptography is a method of protecting information and communications through the use of codes, to ensure that only the individuals for whom the transaction or data is intended can obtain, read and process the transaction or data and verify the authenticity of participants and the transaction. Cryptography uses public and private keys in order to encrypt and decrypt data. In the blockchain, a public key can be shared with all the users but a private key is kept secret with the users. In blockchain, public and private keys, which is a part of the Public Key Cryptography (PKC) framework allow you to send and receive cryptocurrency without requiring a third party to verify the transactions. You can use these keys to send your cryptocurrency to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Remember that the public and private keys fit together as a key pair. While anyone can send transactions to the public key, you’d need the private key to unlock and access to the transacted assets. While your public keys can be shared in order to receive transactions, your private keys must be kept secret as it provides you with the ability to prove ownership or spend the funds associated with your public address. If anyone has access to the private key, they will also have access to any cryptocurrency associated with those keys. So, at any time or anywhere, NEVER share your private key with anyone. For this first series, we can conclude that blockchain is not just a database of digital records. All blockchains are databases but not all databases are blockchains. Data on blockchain is structured into blocks that are chained together (block + chain, shocking?) Due to this structure, when a block is filled, it is no longer modifiable and becomes a part of the chain. Each block in the chain is given an exact timestamp when it is added to the chain. Every transaction is authorized by the public and private key of the owner, which authenticates the transaction and safeguards it from tampering. So when people say blockchain is secure, it is in fact very secure. We shall see you in the next series where we try to answer your FAQs on blockchain, stay tuned! The post BLOCKCHAIN FOR BEGINNERS: FAQS (Series 1) appeared first on DDK BLOGS. View the full article
  24. FinTech stands for financial technology that mainly concerns remittance, payments, equity crowdfunding, and peer-to-peer lending sectors. Over the years it has shown increased activity in capital markets and has started providing technological solutions in the front, middle and back office problems. The said solutions concern the usage of advanced tech such as distributed ledgers and cloud technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The distributed ledger technology has evolved into Blockchain Technology, the main power behind cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are commonly regarded as encrypted digital assets for extreme security. Cryptos are used to trade goods and services, along with investments and currency trading. Cryptocurrencies today are largely limited to the early buyers. For example, of the 10 million Bitcoin owners worldwide, 50% of these people are just holding Bitcoin purely for the purpose of investment. There are cryptos other than Bitcoin and some of them are in the project stage. This is why when you are investing in a crypto project, or buying any crypto token, you need to consider the market capital or the market cap of the cryptocurrency. What does Market Capital tell you for a company/organization/project? The market cap of a crypto project essentially represents the demand and worth for the crypto project. If more people buy the concerned cryptos or bidding higher prices for it, the market cap for the crypto increases. The dominance of a crypto in the market is dependent on its market cap and this is the prime reason why market cap is considered as the most important factor for ranking cryptocurrencies. If the market cap is high, it shows there is a strong company or organization behind a crypto project. Initially, investors are always attracted towards cryptos with high market cap. Therefore, what really determines the market cap of a cryptocurrency? There is a simple formula that financial experts use to calculate the market cap of a cryptocurrency. You need to multiply the current price by the circulating supply as per below: Market Cap = Price (X times) Circulating Supply The equation above shows the important factors highlighting the importance of market capital. There are websites such as Coinmarketcap that calculate prices considering the volume-weighted average of crypto prices featured on different exchanges. You must also remember the importance of monitoring the circulating supply of a cryptocurrency – not the total supply. After all, it is only the circulating supply that is really available on the market right now. Market capitalization effects on the price and utilization. Market cap affects the price and utilization of cryptos but does not determine you much about the future. People will consider the market cap and will expect the value to go up. This is the main factor investors consider before buying or investing in a cryptocurrency. All in all, without a good market cap, people would never even consider buying a certain cryptocurrency. You must also consider that prices of certain cryptocurrencies could be bullish in the short term. This is due to certain schemes which are very popular in the crypto market. There are also markets named ‘pumps’ and ‘dumps’ that affect the prices of cryptos. In actuality, this will not concretely affect the future utility of the cryptocurrency. This is just a mere attempt to make short to medium-term gains. In conclusion, market capitalization is used to measure the strength of a crypto asset and a high market cap leads other investors to buy the crypto because such projects have less risk of failing. The market cap can also show how stable a crypto project is and how much interest that people are drawn to it. Although these facts might be true, we cannot solely rely on the market cap to evaluate the future potential of any crypto assets. References: The post What Market Capital Tells You About Cryptos in Fintech Industry appeared first on DDK BLOGS. View the full article
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